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I am posting this to warn everyone I can to avoid USAA Mortgage Services. Time Line: 1. USAA 3 weeks ago told me that they needed nothing else from me. 2. 4 Days out from closing, I found out my Mortgage Processor changed, USAA did not notify me. I found out by calling the old processor and listening to her voicemail (because they do not answer their phones until after 5pm EST), voicemail states that she is no longer processing loans. 3. Next day, USAA contacts me saying they need more information, I reply to them with what they need within the hour. 4. Day before closing, USAA started working on my putting together my loan by a new processor 5. Day of closing (Fri), can not get in contact USAA, I have no idea what is going on. Lawyers/Sellers/Agent contacting me, asking if I have heard from USAA, because USAA will not return their calls. Closing does not happen, I am homeless for the weekend. 6. Sat, USAA calls me and says the loan is approved and closing docs sent. 7. Arrive at Lawyers office at 3pm Monday, Lawyer sent HUD at 10am still has not received approval, money-wire is no where in sight. Loan numbers do not match what I signed, USAA incorrectly puts the loan amount 1,100 dollars less then what it should be, causing more out of pocket costs for me. I again, find a hotel, homeless. 8. Tomorrow? Who knows what USAA has planned, everyone has done their job on this purchase except for them. I will do my VERY best to deter anyone I come in contact with from ever doing a mortgage through USAA, they do a great job at every other service they provide but they have lost my business on any future Mortgages.
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4th Closing date, getting no where. Sellers about to back out, USAA knows it, but still moving like slugs.

If you are reading this. Trust me, Do not use USAA Mortgage. My realtor told me to go with this bank in town. I said, I would go with USAA, they are good with stuff like this..HAAHAHA..Little did I know, that the mortgage dept.

is totally worthless. A waste of time. I speak from experience. You will regret it when you are weeks past the original closing date.

You need to go somewhere that you can walk into. There are alot of banks that are VA approved lenders. They will have you done in no time. I am on my 4th closing date, sellers want to back out.

Faxes are lost, emails are buried. You know, the email that has the important info they requested one day before closing, and now your closing date has been pushed back, again. You will not be able to get your processor on the phone. You need to use extension 78466, and they will instant message your processor, who will message them back.

HOW??, so, the processor doesn't answer the phone when you just called,even though they are right there. NOPE! Also, they will call at the end of the work day, to give you some info, so that it will have to wait till the next day, so that you can send them the bank statements they lost, for the 3rd time. Hello, check your email.

Its still in your *** email...duhhh! I have chosen to go with a different bank now. The one my realtor told me to use from day one. One that I can walk into, right down the road.

My paperwork, all of it, is currently sitting on the underwriters desk.

All they are waiting for is USAA for the appraisal documents. And its a done deal.


I am curious to what happened in the end game, did they make good and was it resolved? I am asking because I am in a similar situation with a refinance.

VA Steamline, easiest loan out there. Did one a year and a half ago and it took a couple weeks, no problem, proactive loan processor that kept me in the loop. This time, the processor doesn't answer the phone, doesn't let me know what's going on, doesn't call me about cancellations, not even the notary knew and they were thankful I called them.


No call from USAA, I find out from the title company. Then I have to call back and find out what is going on. It's ridiculous.

I have always had excellent customer service with USAA, but this time, this is the worst, I definitely feel betrayed. Even the supervisor didn't make good on his promise to keep me in the loop.


To all of those that are trapped with using USAA for your mortgage, continuing griping to them long after your closing. I eventually got high enough in the corporation for them to compensate me financially for their screw ups.


To the original poster...exactly! Their mortgage loan process is a complete and total mess.

Didn't close yesterday on our "guaranteed" closing date after an entire day of sending in loads of last minute requests. Bought a NEW plane ticket today so that we could stay and close. It's two hours until my husband needs to leave for his flight...still no closing. They are a complete mess there.

If you plan on getting a mortgage through USAA don't plan on closing on time. Even at that, call them EVERYDAY and harass them!!! I mean this literally.

What do you need, have you received my paperwork, could you open my attachments (yes this was an issue at last minute), has the appraisal been ordered, has the appraisal appointment been made, etc......You have to do their work for them, because they WON'T do it. Use them for banking if you like, but look else where for a mortgage loan.


Yes! AMEN to the Lisa lady who talked about the Mortgage Services being a scam.

I mean WTF do they hire illegals to staff their flimsy operation? I think they will do this: They will charge you $350 up front, then they will turn your loan down and not return the money....this is a criminal enterprise, in my book


USAA has not planned accordingly in respect to allowing ALL military members, past and present, to open new lines of business. They try and bring in contractors and temporary staff to help ease the burden but there are still more than twice as many loans in each processor's *** than what should be.

The simple solution would be to hire at least 400 more processors so that each processor has no more than 40 loans instead of 60-80. Customer service would increase and pissed-off military members would decrease; of course that would cut into USAA's bottom line and god forbid that ever happens!!!!

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