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Vision Marketing is a Complete Scam!!!

Ok, if you live in the Chicago area, you'll probably see these postings on about a job that will pay you a salary of $600+ per week at some point if you're looking. Here's the deal. This total Douch Bag "CEO and Founder" that likes to pretend he's so important will lecture you about how he's opened 3 offices and is going to open 10 more in the next year. It's a lie - there are no offices out there and he's never going to open more. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME GOING OUT TO DES PLAINES TO TAKE AN INTERVIEW. Their address is 2720 River Road, and they're in this building with Pillars in the front. It's really *** in their office... It's down in the basement, about a city block away from the restrooms and water fountains and they have this really terrible music playing way too loud... it's awful. From what I gathered after attending one of their "interviews' is that they basically want you to go door to door and sell a bunch of *** *** to people that they get for "free". They really try and hide the fact that they are door to door salesmen, so watch out. The CEO (who's a fat angry looking slob) will feed you all this *** about becoming a manager and director, and how they want you to open up new's so ridiculous. Just flag them if they post on craigslist again... The best part is that they want you to fill out and sign a form when you start working that says you're not an employee and that you're essentially running your own company as a part of their pyramid scheme. Don't go here. It is most definitely a scam.. you'll just go door to door selling ***. It's a pyramid scheme and not a real job.
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I dont know your experience but I see that it was about 7 years ago. I started working for vision marketing 9 months ago in Pennsylvania.

It is the 12th office to be opened by that "liar". I will be opening my office in Colorado under vision marketing in 3 weeks. Guess you just could do the job which is pretty pitiful because the only thing you have to do is ask broke people if they want a free phone. Sucks for you!

Im enjoying the fact that Ive mad an average of 1000 a week for the past 29 weeks which is about 1/3 more then they told me I would make when I was in the interview and now my pay is about to skyrocket! Hope this reply finds you in a more positive environment and mood then when you originally made this post.


I worked here for just over a year. I never made more money then working in this industry.

It was the fun and a great learning experience. Everything you said about how they lied is not true. If you were hired as you say. The company policy was for all people on a 2nd interview to spend the entire day with a manager observing the person going business to business making sales calls.

Everything was shown to you and the job postings said Entry Level. Obviously you weren't successful and weren't capable of being successful so you blame them.

I have life long friends from working here and all of them have moved on to successful careers.


You do understand that multiple businesses that are extremely successful follow this structure?? Your entire post was basically your opinion on how you felt throughout the process.


I did an interview and everything said here is true. Place is bogus.

did one day of work for them 8am-8pm. made 30 bucks, They are salesmen who try to sell it off to be amazing, but its ***.

Lies, and ***. Even Saw them on facebook making inappropriate comments about a female interviee in my "Recruiting Class"

Please save yourself the time


I agree - total waste of time. They lie about everything and promise the world. It's a terrible company.

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