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Restoration Hardware Takes Pleasure in Frustrating Customers

Restoration Hardware #20454
I've had an almost identical experience with Restoration Hardware. It is an absolute joke of a retail establishment and the incompetence of its employees must run from the lowest of customer service representatives to the Chief Executive Officer - who probably sleeps on a Pottery Barn bed because he couldn't get his order right from RH. Well, I hope CEO Gary Friedman sleeps warm at night all cuddled up on his undamaged timely delivered bed...while the rest of us poor suckers sleep on a $3000 mattress sitting on the floor! Someone needs to bring the RH Management back to reality - the quality of their furniture is NOT WORTH THE PRICE!!! Consumers are willing to pay the price in order to GET WHAT THEY WANT - this requires SERVICE!!! I will NEVER shop at RH again. However, I have decided to set up my new bedroom in my nearest RH showroom. Since I have now owned a paid-for RH bed for two months (apparently) without yet even seeing it, I am convinced that it must have been mistakenly delivered to the showroom. I've paid for it...and I will sleep on it until RH is able to convince me otherwise - perhaps by delivering a bed directly to my place of residence. What a novel thought! If the in-store employees are as incompetent and as unobservant as the warehouse workers, I will enjoy many sleep filled nights on my new in-store bed! Thanks RH!
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