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Restoration Hardware Takes Pleasure in Frustrating Customers

We ordered a bedroom set from Restoration Hardware, to be delivered in 1-2 weeks (shortly after we moved to a new apartment). Our first "delivery" was delayed a week while we awaited an opening in the delivery company's schedule. Then, on the date slated for delivery, we received a phone call from the delivery company about a half hour after the scheduled delivery time informing us that both pieces were damaged and that the products would have to be re-ordered. We had a similar experience with the second delivery: again, we received a call after the scheduled delivery time informing us that again both pieces were damaged and had to be re-ordered. After another week or so, we contacted Restoration Hardware to inquire about the whereabouts of our furniture. At this time, they informed us that the furniture had been packed "with special care", but was on it's way to the billing address, not the shipping address. Because they were unable to re-route the shipment, we placed yet another re-order and proceeded to wait another week and a half for a new shipment. When the fourth shipment was sent, we contacted the delivery company ahead of time to ensure that the furniture was not damaged. Thankfully, this early contact saved us the trouble of once again cleaning out an entire room only to learn that the furniture was not coming. This time, one piece was undamaged and it was delivered. However, the remaining piece was once again damaged. After waiting yet another week, we contacted Restoration Hardware seeking information. They have now informed us that delivery will be 3-4 more weeks as they have got to ship the bed from across the country instead of the closer location from which they had been shipping our furniture to this point. Further, the customer service representative was so casually indifferent to our situation as to suggest that this shipment has a better chance of being damaged because it is travelling further. So now we will spend another month without a bed, without much hope of an undamaged piece of furniture at that point either. We have had to press for discounts, which they have periodically promised but for the most part refuse to grant until we have accepted delivery (and which we expect are empty promises). Overall, the customer service representatives have been incapable of handling our situation, offering "concessions" of 10% off the free delivery we had already secured on our order through a coupon and insisting that they could do nothing for us. We have had to initiate contact with them each time something has gone awry - they have never called us with information. Nor have they ever apologized for their incompetence (aside from those of the "sorry about your luck, nothing we can do" variety). Our experience with the company has been time-consuming, demoralizing and impossibly frustrating. We have survived our share of poor service but this experience with Restoration Hardware has been the absolute worst.
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I ordered an upholstered headboard that took almost 3 months to arrive. The "white glove" delivery guys scratched my walnut floors & improperly installed the headboard so it looks like it is falling over. I called the company who ordered someone to come out & fix it, who proceeded to stand me up 2xs...when I called about getting someone else to come out, I asked about the floors & said I never heard back about them. I was very rudely told that the claim had been closed and there was nothing I could do about it. After asking to speak to a manager, it came out that the guys who scratched the floor said that 1) the scratches were already there 2) I wouldnt allow them to take pictures. These are the same guys who bullied me after it happened saying that I cant tell on them because they would get in trouble as they are not allowed to move furniture...their moving the bench at the end of the bed scratched my floors. They closed the claim based on what the guys said without even contacting me.

In the meantime I ordered a wall shelving unit that arrived crushed & a "silver" lamp that arrived a yellowed color.

My imagine of this company being a respectable & high end company was wrong!!!!

Buyer Beware!!!!!


It amazes me that the company has a bed in a warehouse in California that it has been trying to sell for months, but they will not sell it to me because I live in Georgia. I have to receive products from their Baltimore warehouse, which is sold out of the bed I want.

I've offered to pay whatever extra in shipping it would cost. I've even gotten a quote to have the bed picked up and delivered to me by an outside contractor, but RH will not allow that. I asked if I could pay them to ship to their outlet near me. They said no.

I arranged to have the bed shipped to a friend in Arizona and a shipper to pick up from there, but RH won't honor it's warranty unless they assemble the bed and deliver it. How am I going to get an assembled bed from Arizona to Georgia in a cost effective manner? That's when I stopped trying to buy the bed. Equally as frustrating is that the customer service reps do not have the name, title and address of the most senior person at RH who handles customer service.

Gate keepers I understand, but why all the secrecy? Let me write you a letter even if you aren't going to read it!


I may have to return all my furniture purchased at Restoration Hardware due to poor service. I ordered a dining room table and have been waiting for 8 weeks, they just called and told me it ill be delayed another 12 weeks estimated. They also told me that my bedroom furniture is delayed another 4 weeks too.


I've had an almost identical experience with Restoration Hardware. It is an absolute joke of a retail establishment and the incompetence of its employees must run from the lowest of customer service representatives to the Chief Executive Officer - who probably sleeps on a Pottery Barn bed because he couldn't get his order right from RH.

Well, I hope CEO Gary Friedman sleeps warm at night all cuddled up on his undamaged timely delivered bed...while the rest of us poor suckers sleep on a $3000 mattress sitting on the floor! Someone needs to bring the RH Management back to reality - the quality of their furniture is NOT WORTH THE PRICE!!! Consumers are willing to pay the price in order to GET WHAT THEY WANT - this requires SERVICE!!! I will NEVER shop at RH again.

However, I have decided to set up my new bedroom in my nearest RH showroom. Since I have now owned a paid-for RH bed for two months (apparently) without yet even seeing it, I am convinced that it must have been mistakenly delivered to the showroom. I've paid for it...and I will sleep on it until RH is able to convince me otherwise - perhaps by delivering a bed directly to my place of residence. What a novel thought!

If the in-store employees are as incompetent and as unobservant as the warehouse workers, I will enjoy many sleep filled nights on my new in-store bed! Thanks RH!

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