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702 Autocare - Crooks

Please do not take your car to 702 Auto care, spare yourself the hassle. My boyfriend took his truck to them to get it to pass smog. He didn't want anything else done to it just get it to pass smog! Harold and him agreed on the price of $500 and had promised to have it done in 2 days. Two days go by he calls them and they still aren't done Apparently they had found something else wrong with it and told us he was fixing no extra cost he promises to have it ready the following day, fine whatever. Another day goes by we call them and he acually tells us he has to go to the junk yard to find a part. I want new parts not junk yard parts... Couple days go by we hear nothing! Harold doesn't answer his phone gives the complete run around! Finally we get the truck back go take it to get slogged and it doe not pass! We took the truck back to have him fix it his time which was a big mistake. He gave us the run around for another week. Same story oh we need to do this and that It will be done tomorrow. Finally we look up their buisness on the Internet and find all these complaints! So my boyfriend called Harold about a hundred times demanding the truck back asap ! Got the truck back ad he didn't do a *** thing to it. Never again ! We wasted $500 for it still not to pass smog. I'm just glad we got it back and didn't lose a thousand or two like the stories I have read. What a bunch of theifs!!! Please don't wate your time and money!!
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Henderson, Nevada