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Solstice Sunglasses - Solstice Sunglass Boutique: Do not buy sunglasses here!

Do not buy sunglasses at Solstice Sunglass Boutique. Their shady business practices guarantee that they always win, and you will always lose. They make you initial on the receipt that you understand their return policy (all unworn merchandise can be returned within 30 days). The "unworn" part of this is completely up to their discretion. The these clowns, "Unworn" apparently means completely pristine, no scratches do to ineptitude by salespeople. They will go through the motions of letting you "check" the merchandise, but will never tell you to look careful for miniscule, "hairline" scratches. I bought a pair of Kate Spade sunglasses, took them home, tried them on one time, decided they were too big, and went back to return. The salespeople hemmed and hawed, "cleaned" the glasses multiple times to look for scratches (probably giving the lenses even more scratches) and finally told me they could not issue me a return for used merchandise. I had never worn these glasses, other than to try them on one time. It's fraud! Do not purchase from this company. They carry great products, but their return policy is misleading. I am going back on Monday to talk to the manager. I am so angry!
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If anybody buy shades from you crazy


Gucci is not made in Japan so tell about the knock off they just sent me!


I find this complaint HILARIOUS!! Considering I've work for them for 4 years I can guarantee we don't put more scratches on your glasses when you try to return them it is a micro fiber cleaning cloth that we use to clean the lenses with.

We clean them very well when you try to return them and our return policy is now 90days return the product has to be in re-sellable condition cause if its not our company loses a lot of money. NO ONE would come on our store wanting to buy glasses that someone has decided to be careless with for 30 to 90 days believe me it takes a lot of wear to scratch a lens. We have also worked out a deal that if you scratch the lens and hate the glasses now you can exchange them for something that is the same price or greater!

Shop at Sunglass hut all you want. 8)


Ha ha. SUNGLASS HUT you are funny.

Sadly, I had the same experience at a Solstice... so buyers beware.


I think you need to learn how to spell before you start complaining, how are they shady?.. I do not know about you but when I pay +$300 for my pair of Gucci I make sure they are in perfect condition even if they are from the wall, Just like I did when I bought my brand new Honda.

And here you are complaining about a pair of Kate Spade, how cheap can you get?... I didn't drive my Honda home, crashed it and then went back to get a new one. Next time just check them out better, It's not "FRAUD"... It's just that you were soo cheap you bought a pair of Kate Spade, wore them and then finally regretted spending the money so you went back and tried to get a refund.

And FYI them cleaning the lenses didn't give them more scratches, I am sure they used a micro fiber cleaning cloths which are actually the best for cleaning any lenses. Their return policy is amazing, I've been a loyal customer of them for 3 years, back in the day it was only 7 days and now it's 30 days.

I've never had a problem with them their stylist know everything that you need to know about their merchandise. In the future go shopping in china town I'm sure you will get better customer service, you clown.


You are so unnecessarily rude. Calling her cheap repeatedly, a clown because she purchased Kate Spade shades and not Gucci ones?

You drive a Honda? Good for you. Now do I have a right to call you cheap because you paid what 14k for your car and not 70k for a luxury one? Maybe you should stop buying sunglasses and put that money towards your car payments.

Owning expensive things never gives you the right to look down on other people. In the world of credit cards nothing is unattainable.

So sweetheart, no one is impressed by the cost of you Gucci glasses but you. Just saying.


"I didn't drive my Honda home, crashed it and then went back to get a new one." How about you go back to school before you start criticizing someone else's spelling because your grammar is horrendous. That means really really bad. LOL.

@stop the madness


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