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Chevrolet - No help with Lemon Chevy Cobalt Under Warranty

I bought the car new from dealer. I also paid for the extended 100,000 warranty. At the moment - 20K miles are on it. After a few months the "E" brake light (in the dash) came on and wouldn't go off. Dealership couldn't duplicate and that has happened lately. Now for the last 4-5 months it doesn't always start. It just clicks and the radio and all that comes on so I knew it wasn't my battery. I called my fiance at work and he told me to jiggle the shifter (automatic tranny) - I did this and tried it - again and again - after a few minutes it started. This goes on to happen on and off sporadically - I call the dealership - describe the problem and they suggest I take it in. I do and they can't replicate the problem and refuse to look into it any further. I did a little research and discovered this is a common problem several cobalt owners are experiencing - and meeting the same brick wall I am when they attempt to resolve it. I want Chevy to recall the cobalts for what I think is the Neutral Safety Switch inside the shifter - the car doesn't sense that it is in Park and will not start. Obviously it will cost the dealer $$$ to fix the car and I feel they are not holding up their end of the bargain - I am paying for the car, the routine maintenance and insurance and I am paying for the extended warranty. Fix my car GM!!!!
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As far as the reply from Mike, dealers are paid for less hours for warranty repairs than the time the repairs usually take to complete, and often at a reduced hourly rate, service contracts pay the same hours and rate as a customer would pay.


your car probably needs a new shifter assembly and ignition lock cylinder. what might be happening is the sensor in the lock cylinder isn't recognizing the key, and maybe the shifter cable isn't positioning the shift interlock correctly.


Dealers actually make some money on warranty repairs (and sometimes even more with extended warranty companies), so cost really isn't an issue for them. The only problem is GM requires complaints to be replicated, which isn't always easy.

The best thing you can do is try to maybe keep notes about the conditions when it occurs, like after the car was running for a while and turned of, or after sitting over night, even something like temperature.

And if Heart Chevrolet really seems like they don't care, take it to a different Chevy dealership, you would be amazed at the differences in service from one dealer to another.

As long as it is under the factory warranty (3 years, 36k miles), they will have no problem working on it. (Unless you purchased GMPP, some aftermarket extended warranty companies don't play well with other dealerships)

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