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Lasagna House Houston on FM 1960 is Terrible!

I will never patronize this business again because of a horrifying experience that occured today at the FM 1960 location. I have been dining at this location for over 11 yrs. I am appalled about the way that I was treated. My 10 year old son had just had minor ear surgery, and was hungry so we stopped in for lunch on 07/02/08 @ 11:30 am. Halfway through the meal my son without warning started throwing up and could not make it to the bathroom, so he just kneeled down by the table and vomited. The waitress Kelly was aware and brought me several napkins. I apologized to her and she said "no problem". I noticed her telling everyone who worked in the place, and they would point to the table and stare. Okay, that was humiliating. My mother arrived and took her food and drink to go. I got the check, and went up to the desk to pay, Susan and a woman named Rebecca were at the cashier desk. I smiled and said "Hi". Neither of them said a word, they just glared, then Rebecca said very rudely, "Huh, no apology, no explanation! Unbelievable!" I was appalled, and said, you mean that my son threw up. He could not help it, I said if he could have helped it, it would not have happened, and if he would have started off to the bathroom, it would have been worse because he would have vomited all the way there, you should apologize to me because he got sick!" She said, "Me apologize to you? Hah, I have to CLEAN UP YOUR SONS PUKE! Unbelievable!". I replied that he could not help it and it would have been worse if he would have tried to make it to the bathroom, she said, Well, he should have PUKED in the bathroom! I was horrified, and had a few choice words to say to her including, ***! You B, I will never patronize this restaurant ever again! She said, "Good I am glad, and Back at you! It was a complete unavoidable accident. The "so called manager, Rebecca, is vunprofessional! If they had a real professional in that position, she would have never treated a customer like that especially given the circumstances! It is not like it was intentional! My 10 year old felt so bad about himself on the way home because he heard the whole thing! He was in tears on the way home in the car. I had to explain to him that he did not do anything wrong, and he could not help what happened. Dining out is not a neccisity! It is a luxory, and they should value each customer! I hope that they can send Rebecca to Hospitality and Customer Service Classes because her behavior is completely unprofessional and absurd!
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To the OP, you should apologize for your horrible spelling!


I agree a responsible parent would not take their child anywhere but home.


Right on!!!! Did you not read your discharge instructions?

They are given to you for a reason!!! Lasagna House is one of the best restraunts in the North Houston Area! I have never had poor service or bad food in the 15 years I have been eating at this fabulous establishment. Have a little more class!

Miss Trashy mouth. What a great example you set for your son and it was your fault! Maybe if you had followed your discharge instructions as given to you by your son's physician, you would have avoided your son's preventable vomitting episode.

Not to mention you made an absolute fool out of yourself!!! Your inappropriate language listed on this website just proves your lack of character!


It was totally avoidable!!! Any surgery requires some kind of medication and anyone with any sense knows to avoid spicy or heavy food usually until the next day.

It is your responsibility as a parent to follow instructions.

As far as your "trashy" mouth, clean it up.

This is the problem with kids today. They are what they live!!!!!


She had no right to tell you to apologize, but you should not have sworn at her. What a good example to set for your son. Perhaps your son was crying because he was scared of you losing your temper.


I suggest you write to their corporate office and try to have that *** guzzling thunder *** fired. No employee has the right to demand apologies from their customers in that kind of situation. I mean, really, how would they stay in business if they treated everyone like that.

You should've let your son throw up all over the place and then walked out.


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