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Make A Wish Nightmare

We just got back from my son’s Make A Wish trip to Disney World and it was a disaster. Due to poor planning he never got to fulfill his wish. He spent the majority his 5 days in Orlando at the villa hunting for lizards and blowing bubbles. On the few occasions we did manage to get him out - nobody honored his tee shirt or badge. The worse part was arriving back home and being stranded at the airport with no ride home. We could not just get a cab or call someone to come get us because my son is in a wheelchair. My child is so disappointed and I have never been so stressed out in my life. It was the most horrible distressing experience ever. According to our local Make A Wish chapter in PA, they were sorry his trip was a disaster but explained that most of their wishes are successful and that their track record speaks for itself. This may sound good on paper if you are trying to gain donations or funds, but for my son, who was the one percent they didn't plan properly for, it was heartbreaking. If your child has a wish and is in a wheelchair I recommend that you refine their wish within your geographical area so you do not get stranded.
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I will not be donating to this particular charity again. How dare they dupe their contributers.

But to treat sick and often terminal children like I've read in these reviews it's beyond reprehensible.Shameful. Bet your pockets are lined pretty good huh?

Make a wish should be awesome trips catering to the sick child and their family. You create nightmares.


Everyone wants to say oh you got a free trip,you should be grateful,but if your child isn't sick,or terminally ill,then keep your mouth shut.Because you don't understand what these kids go through and this trip should be amazing.Not just o.k.My daughter has cancer and when were sent to Disney's Give kids the World.Well let me just tell you for 3 days we had to stay in a villa with water bugs everywhere.I was disgusted with the conditions of this room.Here is my daughter with cancer,and they put her in a room with disgusting bugs.So after complaining ,we got moved,but 3 days of our trip was ruined.And our wish granters were ***.They didn't even do a send off party.So Make a Wish isn't as perfect as it seems to be.


I work very close with my local chapter of MAKE-A-WISH Foundation and I am offended by this person's complaint! I think that parents need to understand that this foundation works very hard to make children happy and sometimes they have more then 10 wishes that they are working on daily....

they are human and sometimes mistakes are made. Sometimes the mistakes that are made are out of their control as well!

I think the parents of children who are lucky and fortunate enough to get a wish granted should feel wonderful and lucky that their children are getting their wishes fufilled and concentrate on making lasting memories with your children instead of looking a gift horse in the mouth! I applaud the employees at MAKE-A-WISH for giving all that they can to help make children forget for a short time that they are sick!

@Pa Mom

Wdw is a big wish to fill. I'm grateful to even get to take my daughter because of make a wish.

Perfect or not we would never get the chance to take her without them. If you could do better then you should do it yourself. Just saying!!

Accidents happen! I'm sure they did not mean to leave you stranded.


My son is in a wheelchair but is also terminally ill - that is why he was granted the trip. It isn't enough that they got us to Florida...he was promised his wish would be granted.

If they were unable to do this then they should have said so rather than upset such a critically ill child. I would not have taken him if they let me know up front they could not complete his wish. Once I was out of state, there was nothing I could do to try and correct their errors. I did everything humanly possible.

They said transportation with a wheelchair lift would be provided for him and it wasn't. My complaint is indeed valid, some generous individual paid for my son to receive his wish and the wish never occurred.

Not only were we mislead and lied to, but the donor was lied to as well. His generous donation was mishandled.


That's too bad about your son. But this sounds like an error on the other end.

They provided the trip, payed for everything, commmmonnn that's pretty good.

I would've tried to focuss on the good things out of the trip instead of being so negative. Not everyone that applies can do that program, you should feel blessed.


If my son was in a wheelchair he doesn't automatically get a free trip. This isn't a viable complaint. They got you to Flordia if they did poor planning oh well why didn't you step in and correct their mistake?

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