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Rc Willey Home Furnishings - What so called extended warranty?

Our new GE Profile front loading washing machine just spun itself into oblivion. It's only a few weeks past it's original factory warranty of one year. It spun so hard that the internal drum came off it's track, the cement counterweight fell into the drum and it destroyed the front gasket between the door and the drum. Upon coming to a stop the door flew open. RC Willey's had previously sent a repair man to service it due to some noises it was making. The repairs never did a thing to alleviate the problem. Repair man claims that our floor is not stable. It is new construction, subfloor, then cement board. All perfectly level. We purchased an extended warranty so that we would have peace of mind. RC Willey is not concerned with our dilemma. We have five boys and not doing laundry for an undetermined length of time does not seem to bother anyone at RC Willey's. Shouldn't they take care of their customer instead of looking for loopholes? I've been shopping there for 30 years. I have no more incentive to shop there. There are many places that sell appliances.
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The complaint seems to leave out a lot of the details. Is the retailer suggesting that the unit isn't covered under warranty?

According to the complaint, a full refund is preferred. This doesn't seem very reasonable on a washer that's been used so much during the past year. Is it possible the unit is getting serviced as opposed to being replaced? As far as floor issues, one should not confuse the terms of "stable" and "level." Level is the state of the floor not being "tilted" to one side or another.

Although this can be checked using the proper tools, the simplest solution is to place a marble around the area and track its movement. If it stays stationary at all points, then the floor can be presumed level. Stable suggests that portions of the floor can change angles and, thus, not maintain a consistent position.

It isn't unusual for a builder to cut corners, thus creating such a problem. That previously spoken of marble may be stationary at one time but, at other times, have a tendency to move.


I'm sorry about the issue with your washing machine. I would be happy to follow up on your complaint with our management to review your concerns but would need more information to do so.

Can you provide the name and phone number on the order, or even the order number or account number itself? Anything you can provide will help.

Please send me an email to my email address listed below. RC Willey Corporate Offices

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