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Inland Empire Health Plan - Stalling me over on my test results!

I was sent to go have a muse test and nerve conduction test to find out why I'm having paralysis in my left hand. I had the test done on June 4, 2019...I went to get my test results with my primary care doctor about 2 weeks later and she told me that she did not get my test results yet so I was told after that when she would received them she would call me and let me know to come in again and discuss the results. So...she did call me but it was not about my test results instead it was about my blood test results instead so I made an appointment to come in hoping I would be getting the test results of my blood along with my nerve test. She again explained that she did not get my nerve test results yet mind you this has been almost a whole month. I basically busted her in a lie because I called the place that gave me the nerve test and they said they faxed my test results to this woman twice and it was logged that she received the fax twice. Looks like somebody is a damn liar! All that I was told by her is that my vitamin D is low so she precribed me some vitamin D pills and told me to come back in 3 months. WHERE THE *** IS MY TEST RESULTS! THAT IS THE MAIN AND ONLY REASON WHY I CAME TO HER....THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN STALLING ME OVER, EVADING MY HEALTH ISSUES AND GIVING ME TO RUN AROUND AND BRUSH OFF FOR THE LONGEST...OVER A 16 YEAR PERIOD TO BE EXACT! I'VE FILED SEVERAL GRIEVANCE COMPLAINTS, AND NOTHING HAS BEEN RESOLVED. THIS IS UNREAL! THIS IS THE SAME THING THEY DID WITH A BRAIN SCAN THAT THEY GAVE ME TOO...NO TEST RESULTS GIVEN TO ME!!!! I HAD TO GO GET A COPY OF MY TEST RESULTS PERSONALLY FOR MY BRAIN SCAN AND IT READ THAT IF HAVE A LESION ON MY RIGHT FRONTAL LOBE, I GUESS IF I HAD TO HOLD MY BREATH ON GETTING SOME UNDERSTANDING ON WHAT THIS MEANS I'D BE DEAD RIGHT NOW! BECAUSE NOT ONE DOCTOR HAS TOLD ME! YES I'M PISSED AND THIS IS JUST HALF OF THE STORY! SMH
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To whom it may concern who sent me an email asking have IEHP helped me at, *** no. I filed a grievance complaint against them they haven't done one damn thing to help me yet and are not going too....which seems to be the norm.


I need an attorney!


This website is just lame who is alert enough to give a care or concern of what people are pissed about? I'd probably get more of a response if I made a pocket sign and protested the main office building. smh

@Sonja M

Typo...picket sign

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Inland Empire Health Plan Customer Care
Reason of review
failure to give me my health test results
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Molina Healthcare - Lies and Cover ups

This medical group as well as the system in general is full of damn liars! I've been lied to dating all the way back to my work injury that occurred in 2002. At the time I did not know that I had multiple sclerosis, but I damn did ! and it was a part of my work injury. I had to get an attorney just to get my workers compensation because they didn't believe that me pulling heavy food carts on a daily in repetitive motion could further wreak havoc on my spine. Anyway I was lied to back then after being examined and still to this day all they are doing is covering up and lying to me. Failing to properly diagnose a person is a form a malpractice I gathered but these jokers seem to be able to get away with bloody murder in regards to trying to sue them on it. If I were told that I had MS instead of degenerative spine disease if would have changed the game on a lot of decisions made in my case. They got me to sign a compromise and release after determining that I did qualify for workers comp. And this was a County job that I had....I should have reported the very first work injury at that job before my second which was me slipping and falling directly on my knees very hard in some grease that one of my co-workers fail clean up after spilling. At the time I didn't want to lose my job and thought I'd be ok from there so I didn't report it. But ugggg!!! I should have reported it!!! I covered up to keep working for slave drivers and liars! While an unknown disease was upon me too. smh
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We are truly sorry to hear you are not happy with your experience with Molina Healthcare and we want to do everything we can to help you. In order to expedite your service, please e-mail your concern, name, state in which you live and phone number to and we will contact you as soon as possible.


I'm not emailing no concern....I've sent in about 5 complaints and not a damn thing has been done to help me. After having an MRI on my brain is not the doctor suppose to verbally give me the results of it?

Because if so I got nothing from a doctor Sanyasi R. Ganta...he did not explain to me at all that I had a lesion on my right frontal lobe of my brain let alone help me to understand what it meant. Is it not his duty as a doctor to give me the results of my MRI? Because if so....he absolutely did not...he failed!!!!

My MRI was taken at the beginning of 2017. I have the results given to me by San Jacinto Imaging on paper.


You peoples complaint service is useless....I've filed more than one complaint and nothing...absolutely nothing has been done regarding my issues.

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Molina Healthcare Customer Care
  • Just an overall seemingly lack of concern about my health issues
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Bad quality