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Aafes Exchange - Beware the exchange protection plan!

Today, 19Oct18. I have received my laptop back from the claim. It was stated that no repair was conducted because there was no discernable issue. Issue 1) 100% disk issue is a major problem as attempting to do anything in normal background is exceedingly slow. This is still a problem. 2) overheating due to intermittent cooling fan failure. As in large CPU/GPU load and then you can hear the fan blades hitting the case because the bearings are failing. 3) Battery power is below expected level. While this is not critical normal wear and tear covers one battery replacement. Now it gets interesting, the customer service was abysmal. When I explained my issue the first time it was sent in the notification stated it was received for diagnostic and was repaired in 43 minutes. It was returned with the original issues. The second time it was sent in, it took 2 days to find no issues. The original issues are still there. I have taken it to a third party computer repair shop and they CONFIRMED the above issues. As far as I can tell this is a scam. I have documents to support my argument and yet the customer service reps said that they can’t speak for their techs nor can they contact them directly. Beware.
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At Camp Bondsteel Kosovo they allow local national employees to shop (ransack) the PX for items they sell off base on the black market, pretty obvious when you go down town and see items for sale in stores and on table's with AAFES stickers on them. They also allow local families on base and they buy everything in sight leaving nothing for us Americans who live on base.

I thought this was an American PX and the item's are for us. All this makes AAFES a contributor to the local black market.

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Aafes Exchange Exchange Protection Plan