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LendingTree - Horrific and now stalking me on phone

They call multiple times a day i got fed up with and totally wasted like 30 minutes of guys time prodanity ensued j became unworthy person was told other horrible things i in rurn returned the comments in kind hung up on each other phone calls increased i cant get my hone to record quick enough i couldnt even get him name lender offering this til today i actually stayed polite insisting i don't want what hes selling he says f off hangs up not as bad as last time but we insulted heritage color culture sex preferences he asked what i do when o got hot i think i said turn on fan take tylenol he tells me he {{Redacted}} in coarser termsthis is out of hand and im taking legal action
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Never again. I had to turn my phone off with the ridiculous amounts of calls.

Someone even left a message. Hey, call me. Well, hey, I will not.

I just have to figure out how to block all these calls. Just horrible.


Anonymous....obviously you are affiliated with Lending Tree..Because, if you were a customer, you would not be saying that. You would be totally disgusted with them throwing your name in their lending pool.

I didn't know I would be set up with Lending tree. My dentist asked me if I needed to finance a large bill, and I said yes. They said they would secure financing for me. Fine...not fine.

After that, I received countless calls, and emails telling me I was already approved. This means, they havae most likely inquired about my income, etc. That also means, that some people won't get loans from other avenues, due to too many inquiries. Long time ago, I was turned down for a loan.

My credit was excellent, and my scores were very high. The problem was there were too many inquiries, and automatic approvals, which meant that my ability to attain these loans were already approved, and therefore, if I went thru with them, I would not be able to afford their loan.

Trust me, it happens. Unbeknownest to me, I was approved for over 25,000 in different loans - on top of loans I had already secured and was paying for a log time.


You've lost your mind. There is no reason for any exchanges of the type you have described.

Obviously you are enjoying yourself because your message is rambling and poorly written with numerous spelling, grammar, and syntax errors.

You're telling us that someone trying to lend you money speaks in a coarse vulgar obscene manner to a potential customer ? I can understand your coarse vulgar obscene replies if you're a low life dirtball, but otherwise ignore the calls, block them, or issue a formal cease and desist letter served via Certified Mail return receipt requested.


Anonymous - perhaps you need to look at the poor ratings Lending Tree has been given, and stop worrying about someone's grammar.

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