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Write Touch Consulting - It never stops with this girl

Now this one member band who claims to have an entire company is privately threatening me. Why stay private? Because you are a liar. I wish that you would do what you threatened to do. I have enough money to hire great lawyers to take your pretend business down. You do not want to threaten me. You do not know what you are doing and I left you alone and got a new person to do the job. Since you are harassing me now; it's nothing for me to make sure I let everyone on all social media outlets know about you and your sketchy "business". Things go viral online faster than you can threaten me.
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Write Touch Consulting - Do not use

The so-called owner or ceo of this one person business is named Porsha Shari Stuckey who uses the alias "shine". She is an out of work middle aged woman who advertises many services on her website for which she is not qualified for. She was paid to complete a resume and cover letter for me. I am forever embarrassed that I did not catch the massive amount errors that were on both; the resume and cover letter. A potential employer pointed the errors out and rejected my resume. This person cons people into believing that she is qualified to build websites, when she doesn't know anything about designing a site. She took advantage of a business owner who was unaware that she is not qualified and she used already created templates in If you need anything done beyond the templates she will end up trying to figure it out just to get your money. She is very rude and becomes aggressive and unprofessional when you are not happy with her work.
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I'm not changing my mind no matter how many friends and family members you get to make up lies for you. You've had several unsatisfied customers. Having a few friends to create fake reviews for you isn't going to take away from the fact that you are unprofessional as you've proven here.


How can someone who's self employed be "out of work"? Doesn't self employment make Ms.

Stuckey an entrepreneur?

I'm pretty sure it does unless we looking at different dictionaries. If you gon lie, lie more intelligently because this is bogus.


Haters gon hate!


I've known Porsha a very long time. What you have said about her character couldn't be further from the truth.

She would never treat one of her clients aggressively. And would she never conduct herself unprofessionally because her clients mean a lot to her. She built her company from nothing and is more than qualied to perform all services advertised on her site. She's been completing writing services for nearly 19 years and yours is the first public complaint.

If you really did get your resume done and had an issue, if you told Porsha about it she would have gone above and beyond to fix any problem. I believe you're lying about your experience if you had one at all. And there's nothing inappropriate about building websites on As far as I know Porsha always tell people exactly how they site will be made because they gotta pay wix's fees.

There's nothing to "con" anyone about. "Shootah B"? Na, you sound more like a "Bitter B" wit too much time on yo hands. And by the way she too young to be middle aged fool.

Stop making up lies. Leave that beautiful black woman alone.


This is pure untruth and fabricated fiction. I’ve had my resume completed by write touch and it was amazing.

The business was handled professionally and results landed in me getting the career I was seeking.

I am sure this negative comment is more of a personal attack on the owner and not the business. I would definitely use them again in the future.


I’ve used Write touch several times, me and my two adult kids. We all got great jobs from this company doing our resume.

She’s very professional and took her time on our resume. I always mention Write Touch Consulting when someone needs to give their resume a facelift.

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