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Road Bike Outlet Fails In The Service Department

Update by user May 16, 2012

I thought I deleted this complaint, within days of when I posted it and am very surprised to see it is still here! My issues with Road Bile Outlet were resolved, to my complete satisfaction at that time!

Please remove this complaint! - Michael

Update by user Jul 18, 2011

When Josh, from Road Bike Outlet, beame aware of this problem he contacted me and the matter was quickly resolved! Thank You!

Original review posted by user Jul 14, 2011
I bought a bicycle from Road Bike Outlet (RBO) after finding them on eBay. Upon arrival it had a bad bottom bracket. I had the bike shop that diagnosed the problem repack/rebuild the bottom bracket. When I contacted RBO, regarding warranty service, they were very rude and stated they could not reimburse me and I should have contacted them rather than having the problem fixed. After speaking with several people I finally got them to agree to send me a new bottom bracket. I did not need to use the higher quality bottom bracket they sent right away, since I'd paid to have the lower quality one repacked/rebuilt. Later, when I went to have the new bottom bracket professionally installed it turned out to be the wrong size for my bike. When I contacted RBO, to exchange for the proper size, they were ruder than ever and shifted me around to several people. They finally refused to exchange a properly sized bottom bracket for the wrong sized one they'd sent. Their "Satisfaction Guarantee" is worse than worthless. This is costing me: $25.00 bike shop labor to put in wrong size bottom bracket $25.00 bike shop labor to put in right size bottom bracket $35.00 for new, right size bottom bracket $85.00 total actual cost of non-exchange, not to mention all my time and trouble RBO insists on referring to this as a warranty issue when it is a simple exchange of the right part for the wrong part they sent me.
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How much can I truly praise this company. Honestly I couldn't as for better customer service from Suzanna, Jamison and Phillip. They all helped me order my bike and even a month later replace the back tire that was stolen. They were eve kind enough to help me laugh off the situation after loosing a bit of sleep the night after.

Not only do I appreciate their kindness, but their willingness to help. I was able to ask any questions while my bike was being shipped and it felt like I was talking to an old friend on the phone.

The bikes are you get what you pay for. If you want a reliable bike that looks great and gets you place to place with out spending too much, this is the place to go.

However, if you are a bike guru and are looking for a bike that is the highest quality you can get, but want a discount, I would suggest going straight to a bike store and talking with someone. In my mind the bikes here are great for the price. Just don't expect a $1,000 bike for the $250 price tag.

Thank you for everything! I would order from here again.


I have exactly the same problem with RBO. So far they refuse to correct the problem by sending me the correct bottom bracket.

My bike is three months old and is useless without the correct bottom bracket. It is now almost three months after bringing the problem to RBO and they refuse to send the correct pard

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Downright abusive eBay seller w/100% + feedback

This case illustrates why eBay's feedback system does not work, e.g. if I do not buy from bad seller I cannot give him/her feedback! I bid on a sports watch package that is available in several option package configurations. When I sent seller kingdigi36 - a question about which option package he was either ignorant or cagey about the answer. When asked to supply information from the packaging he responded with "you're a complete *** if you can't go to suunto' and look this up", "please do not bid or contact me again about this". I bid on his auction because he had a 100% feedback rating that he clearly does not deserve. By only taking feedback from actual buyers they misrepresent the character of some sellers, like this one.
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Exactly so..!

See my post under #267294.

When all that happened to me, I left 'EMMA' of (Ebay I.D,) 1959edd a negative comment which reduced her rating from 99.4% to 99.3%, even tho' I had not actually bought the vase. I had not bought the vase because she would not answer 4 emails asking for a correct invoice to take account of the type of delivery that I wanted, viz. SPECIAL DELIVERY - NEXT DAY.

As she is entitled, she responded to my negative comment by lieing, saying that I was a NON-PAYING bidder and that sellers should 'BEWARE' of me.

Quite the contrary; I am not a NON-PAYING bidder; I was waiting for an invoice which she resolutely refused to send.

She is still trading despite my complaint to Ebay about ignorant sellers like her.

Your seller asnd my seller need to be removed from the site.

Even tho' they might very well be 'power-sellers', they should be made to start again.

But of course that will not happen.

As a power-seller these people make a lot of cash for Ebay and that is what talk$$$ always.

However, Ebay should realise but does not seem to, that these people do them no favours since with my cash, I can go anywhere.



G. Manchester.



I just bought an item from him recently, he uses the wrong stocking photo (the actual pdt is inferior to the stocking photo and the caption he defaulted the machine that was previously in the system). I tried to contact him about this but he doesn't respond, I sent him the money already, apparently he doesnt deserve the 100% like you have described.

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