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Sebl Group - Super angry! They won’t refund!

Sebl Group - Super angry! They won’t refund!
Sebl Group - Super angry! They won’t refund!
I am so upset you have no idea! On September 16th 2018 I ordered classic upper veneers, I received my kit get the impression passed the impression. On October 12, 2018 I received the finished product. Upon opening the box I noticed the box was damaged creased and sunken in, I just thought it was because of hurricane Michael, and was very understanding of that. Once I got the compact out and opened it, there was even more damage, some kind of brown liquid inside the bag with my veneers and it just looked so unsanitary. Upon inspecting the brown liquid I noticed that the veneers were indeed bent on the right side. I took them out for a closer look and honestly these things look so silly, big, bulky, and plastic. Looks like I went to a Halloween costume store and picked out some veneers for a bargain. I am mediately called customer service, they gave me the runaround for 3 1/2 hours, I heard everything from : “Liquid in the bag is for sanitation reasons and for your protection “ To “ your veneers shouldn’t be broken and less you did it yourself” To “We run through extensive testing before we ship it out there should have been no reason why they’re broken” To Absolute no refunds and we’re not going to change the policy just for you” And my favorite “Since you want to refund so then you must’ve broken them your self.” After Being ridiculed and looked at like a criminal. I finally got to talk to somebody who called her self the manager, she accuse me of the exact same things only and a stronger dialect, made me feel like that I was a criminal and the only thing that she would ever do for me was put in another order to have them remade... So she had a remake order put in for me even though I had told her I do not want the remake the product is a joke. She kept saying that she can have them Made smaller and more realistic, I don’t believe her at all I do not want this product I want this on record I don’t want the product! But she placed the order anyway disregarding anything I said. I don’t want them remade, I want a refund this product is 100% a joke, I couldn’t even try them on because of the nasty liquid they were sitting in, I wouldn’t even want to because of how they looked in my hand. Judging on the looks and size of these veneers if you can even call them that, They would make you look equivalent to a cartoon character, I ordered these because they were supposed to be realistic they were supposed to be concealed that’s the only reason why I paid the amount of money that I did, Instasmile is out here making people look silly and praying on people that have self-esteem issues with their natural teeth then revoking a refund when you realize their product is 100% a lie and an illusion. If they don’t issue me a refund, and the Better Business Bureau doesn’t help I’m going to have to go higher, maybe the media or something, I know that sounds terribly silly but they are scamming people so hard and it’s not right.
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Oh yea, you definitely broke them and are lying to try and get them fixed. LIAR!


Sue them in small claims court.

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According to the Instasmile refund policy, the terms for eligibility for a refund are as follows:
  • If you have not opened your self-impression kit, you can return it in its original packaging for a full refund.
  • If you have used the impression kit and had the one-on-one coaching call you are eligible for a refund of the paid amount less $100 admin fee.
  • If you have used the impression kit but you have not had your one-on-one call, you are eligible for a refund of the paid amount less $150 admin fee.
  • If you are deemed unsuitable for the veneers after your smile assessment, you are eligible for a 75% refund on your order value.
  • If you receive a defective or faulty product, inform within the warranty period and provide video and photo evidence of the defect.

    The company will assess the defect and if indeed the veneers are faulty, they will remake the product. Allow up to two remakes before considering a refund. If it is determined that the veneers have a manufacturing fault, you will be refunded the order value less $150 admin fee.

You may check out full details regarding this issue given in the article “Top 6 Consumer Questions to Instasmile Customer Support”.

Please note that you may try to reach out to the Instasmile top management team by writing a letter to the company corporate office to Sebl Group Inc 1367 West Chicago Ave, 1st Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60642 United States. You may also share your experience via their social media networks to get a faster response from the company.

@Gabrielle Barley

What's the point of referencing company policy when they obviously don' t honor that policy? They can SAY whatever they want but unless someone has the money to take them to court there's no way to make them do what they guarantee.


Ya'll a bunch of jokers lol and dude you probably got them on credit couldn't afford and didn't like so you broke them on arrival to "hopefully" claim a refund / end the credit agreement lol


Damn .that's all I can say.


You obviously work for Instasmile in some capacity. I'm already disappointed.

I ordered my item yesterday and paid an extra $100 for expedited shipping....they didnt ship out today despite having all day to ship.

Now, they wont ship for a minimum of 4 days after I placed my order, yet they have the extra $100 I paid for the expedited shipping. Youre the joke man, its obvious that you have a vested interest in Instasmile.


I had the experience here except never received product! I’m filing class action law suit, and also pursuing criminal charges, if interested contact me here at Instasmilevictim@***.com If you check their bbb so many have also gone through same thing! Protect others post your experience on FB where the heavily market My e mail instasmilevictim@***.com

@Wendy S Mir

I had the same issue. I completed the initial impression kit then never received the finished product.

They refused to refund saying that I was outside the 14 day window. Their own terms and conditions state they have 60 days to send the fished product or reach out and state why there is a delay. They never did. I initiated ALL contact - when they would respond to my emails that is.Long story short they lost my impressions kit.

First it was lost in transit according to them. I called DHL and confirmed it was delivered and signed for. Then it was some other nonsense reason. So I disputed the charges with Paypal and to make maters worse they sent paypal false tracking information showing i did receive it, so I called them out and also filed a complaint with the bbb - they agreed to a refund the same day.

This has been going on for MONTHS.

The next stop is the FTC if they don't live up to their end of the deal and give me my refund. If you want the communication they sent agreeing to the refund, reply to this and I will email it to you as a sort of precedent if you feel that would help.


Same here, I’ve been dealing with them since August 2018, they can’t seem to make them right, absolutely ridiculous

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