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Cerritos Nissan - Two week long nightmare.

I went to buy a red Nissan Frontier that I saw on the website. (Good deal at 25000, fully loaded with low miles.) When I showed up at the dealer and asked to see the truck, the salesman immediately wanted to show me other trucks that were available. (All of them 30,000 plus) I told him that I wanted to see the truck I saw on line. e talked to his manager. He then stated that he had another truck that he wanted to show me- a black 2018. I reminded him that I didnt want a black truck and I was really interested in seeing the red one. He then proceeded to take me off of the lot to show me a white Frontier that wasn't there- I literally sat in the car for 10 minutes waiting for the salesman to open a gate. When he came, he back, he said the truck wasn't there. When I asked him why I couldn't see the red truck, he said that he didn't think it was on the lot anymore- but that he could show me some more options. After this I indicated I would go elsewhere, and then he told me to wait a minute while he talked to his manager again. Miraculously, they "found" the truck, literally 50 feet from where I was standing. After taking it for a drive I said I liked it and the dealer said that this was out of my price range. I had been preapproved for a loan for 30000. I took out my pencil and paper, did the math and showed him I was about 2000 under my loan amount. He looked confused and said- yeah that's right- looks ok. I then asked him why they didn't want to sell me the truck and he said "You're stealing this from us-this truck is fully loaded. This is the car deal that gets people on the lot" I apologized (?) I came prepared to the dealership with a pre approved loan from my credit union. It was pretty obvious from the get go that they didn't like that. Their finance guy Dennie Mun essentially tried every trick in the book to get me off of my loan and on to theirs. In the end, he tried adding $4000 dollars on my loan for "gap" insurance. He said not to worry that he would negotiate it with my credit union and never mentioned it would run $4000. I would have laughed in his face if he told me how much it cost. He also tried to sign me up with credit from Nissan at a higher rate without telling me. I emphasized to him multiple times that I already had a pre- approved loan and that I wanted to stick with it. To end this long story, Dennie the Snake tried to sign me up with their financing at 5.3% instead of 4.6%. The negotiation with my credit union about GAP insurance resulted in a $4000 increase to my finalized version. When I called my credit union about it, they said that no one had called them to negotiate anything, and that it was the original contract that was sent to them from Nissan. It took me over two weeks to get this resolved, and they made every justification and excuse in the book. P.S I don't blame my salesperson Aaron- he was a nice kid and more honest with me than he was trained to be. It was the management and financing people who couldn't accept the fact that I did my homework, came prepared, and found the best deal. Watch yourselves.
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Paramount, California
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Stick to original price agreed upon (28,000) with the original credit carrier that I chose. Fire dishonest financial officers that rip off customers. It makes you guys look really bad.