How to get your money back!

File a Dispute with your bank after you make a complaint to the Company that runs the Penny Auction and make your claim(s) to the bank and tell the bank about all of the Rip Off Scam write-ups that you viewed online after they got to you and the bank will listen and give you your money back. It is just that easy but you still have to do this as the bank will not do anything without your complaint but they are listening and the person that you are telling this too will already know of these Scams and help you out!

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map-marker Palm Springs, California

Price Shuffle charged $149.75 without properly stateing it.

Penny Auctions are a sting invented by grifters. Here's how they work.

You go to their auction and lets say you see an HD TV valued at $500.00 being auctioned and the current bid is $23.00. The time remaining to bid is shown along with the current bid. Lets say that the remaining time is 3 minutes. So you bid.

You cannot bid any amount you want to as each bid increases the bid by 1 penny only. Now the bid is $23.01, but the time remaining is 3 minutes and 10 seconds as each bid increases the time remaining by 10 seconds. No problem! You easily see that its best to wait until the last few seconds to bid.

The clock ticks down, 2 minutes, 1 minute. 30 seconds, 20 seconds, 10 seconds, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 seconds bid...15 seconds left. Someone else bids..25 seconds left..another bid...35 seconds left. You can wait all you want but any item of value gets bid like crazy in the last 10 seconds.

So you think all you need is patience. But what you really need is lots of money because everytime you bid they charge you $.50. That's right...Fifty Cents. I've watched as this HD TV remained with less than 30 seconds left for over 4 hours.

The bid went from $23.00 to over $50.00 and it still wasn't sold. Now lets figure that out. 50 minus 23 is 27 or better still 2700 bids. At $.50 a bid they made $1,350 and its still not sold yet.

Nice hah. Adding insult to injury on your next credit card statement you find that they have charged you $150.00 for 300 bids that come with signing up. They refuse to refund your money saying that it was stated on the enrollment page and in the terms and conditions that you agreed to when signing up. Please pass this information to others.


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I have contacted the BBB and attorney general. No luck in getting a refund.

Company gives the standard "you agreed to the terms" line.

Do a google for "price shuffle" and all that comes up are complaints. They should be shut down!!


Price Shuffle is using a trick deck of cards in their shuffle!!!!!!!! Been trying to get my money back since 12/5/10.

I have been writing emails and calling for days now.

I'll go with this as far as necessary. The TV station that highly rated this outfit needs to be beaten with barbed wire!!!!


Same story here, though after contacting them and telling them that they will issue me a full refund, they did so. I did "nicely" threaten to file complaints with the credit card company and BBB.

While waiting for a response from them on my refund, I found that has a "F" rating with the BBB, and all filed complaints ended in a refund of at least partial payment (most were full refund).

Anyone who got taken by this site, don't give up, keep after them and get your money back!!!


Signed up for what I thought was free to access the items they we selling. little box to check (are you 18 years of age) is followed by terms and conditions....but those are after ur cc info.


These guys should be put in jail......nothing but scam artists


I have had the exact thing just happen to me that everyone is saying and they will not refund my money. They are not customer friendly and are a joke! Very unsatisfied customer.


I agree with all of the negative comments. I just received a notice that a credit card payment is due, one I had paid off, and guess what?

Price Shuffle charged me $149.75 too. I did not realize that I was going to be charged this amount. I joined and several times did bid trying to win an I-pad and to win a big ticket item is impossible. Since you cannot see who won the item I wonder if it is the same item that they are putting up for auction over and over again.

The person (employee or person who runs the auction) who wins is the bidder and can control when the auction ends so they win and the same item goes up for auction again. Anyone who is thinking about signing up.. DON'T.

It is not worth your time, money or effort. I too was influenced to try the penny auction by the TV report that I read.


I was doing some research on penny auctions, saw a report from nbc, rated them good. signed up for the 100 free bids, wham, when I looked I had 400 bids and was charged 150.00.

The didn't even show that i was being charged, or did I have a choice in the amount of bids I wanted....And to boot they don't even have any large ticket items.

Will request refund... or go to better BBB.


Yea they scammed me out of 149.75 to. Saw a news story about 100 free bids to try their site out.

Then I looked @ my bank account the next day and they charged me $149.75.

Called and complained about it the guy told me to send a email, and they would responed in 24 hrs. From what I have read on here I will not get my money.



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map-marker Rochester, New York

Took 60.00dallers without permission

i maid no bid and 60.00 dallars was taken out ok my account i want to cancle and please return my money asap from what i understand when a bid is placed 60cenc is taken not 60.00 dallars i am disabled and every penney counts if this is the way you treat people i want no part ok it thank you for your time i hope you *** get this problem taken care of as i said i gave no permision fo your company to take the money i am sure the atterney general office would like to hear about this.

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Jerry K Bdl
map-marker San Diego, California

Charged 149.50 without my authorization

Company charge me for 300 bids, which I never purchased. I don't know where they got my info.

I never bought these things and never gave them permission to charge my credit card. It is a pure and outright scam.

I tried to contest this and the vendor They probably got this from the internet.

I don't know but someone should investigate and see how they can still be allowed to do business, when there are so many complaints filed against them. I guess the only way to stop them is to file a lawsuit, which I'M about to do.

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Mike M Uie
map-marker Fort Mill, South Carolina

PriceShuffle unauthorized charge

I found this site through a bogus "news" article on the internet and was lured in by the offer of 100 free bids. I signed up for the account and was directed to a page to enter my credit card information.

The web page is so fractured in appearance, that many portions of the site appear to be ads. I reviewed the box requesting my credit card information multiple times before submission to make sure I would not be charged a fee. The next morning, I discovered a charge for $149.75 on my bank statement. I immediately contacted the company via email, as instructed by the company's voicemail system, and requested a refund.

I received a prompt email stating that the terms and conditions were "clearly stated" on their web page and that bids are nonrefundable. Since there have been so many complaints listed against them on websites such as this one, I sent a follow-up email contesting that their website was "clearly" labeled and, again, asked for a refund.

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map-marker Denver, Colorado

Same thing..different day

I too did the free bid thing. I called and of course was referred to the email address.

I flooded their email with requests. I was hoping that by getting tough and telling them that my bank suggested a fraud report, the many emails on the net about them, the writer that wants to do a class action suit, and threats of wire fraud would get their attention. I would not have bought any bids because it has now brought my account down to 73 cents.

I got an email with a receipt stating that they did indeed initiate a refund. I will let you all know if it really happens.

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map-marker Birmingham, Alabama

Rip Offs

Took $150. No canceling allowed.

Cheap products. Can get the same or better at flea market.

Lets start a boycott of this auction site!

I haven't seen one thing that was worth bidding on.

Price Shuffle--You stink!! I would not buy from you for any amount of money.

All you do is rip people off. I did not order 400 bids-the ad said $29.00.

So where do you have the right to charge me $150.? I will tell everyone I know and post everywhere on web NOT to use your auction site.


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1 comment

Penny auctions are a rip off, it cost you to bid that one penny. You think it looks good so they have you sign up and charge you $150.00 to join, that 100 bids in some cases. Bid 100 times against some one and if the items is worth $100.00 they get 1500.00 or more, and you still may not win.

map-marker Boca Raton, Florida

Penny Auction Watch Owned by Penny Auction Owner

who say they are penny auction watcher mean they are penny auction watchdog is helping them to cheat us. provide "˜watchdog' service who keeps an eye on the penny auction world.

Penny auction watch .com is scam which organized by ZOOZLE.COM – BIDRODEO.COM – BIDCACTUS.COM and ROCKYBID.COM this is I am saying how becoz you can see on all the advertisements are related to them.

They organize jointly and they defame other penny auction sites and destroy their market value and reputation with using bad way promotion on this site.

And you want know why I am saying this because I am regular customer of form around six month but I don't won any products because they using robot system or manual bidder who bidding on their products.

I am bidding many times on many products but after hard work of two or three days I don't won any thing because whenever I close to win the product, any user who I don't saw in whole two or three days bidding, suddenly came there and win thousand dollars products in just one bid.

This isn't happened with me single time it happen many time so I think to investigation of this site I found that there is not only single site there is many who cheated their customers with his helping site and giving wrong reviews of other auction site for making user blind, He think that when user read this he or she don't go on other site witch are their competitors and will go on their own sites.

Oh.. how shameless is that.

So people please be aware form and most importantly from becoz they are really cheater and they cheat us using this shameless promotion.

Now time to come when people get aware form them and stand against and their owners and I want to tell you all if you was or now facing problem like me then please give you reviews there about them.

And want to tell you also all the auction sites owners you also welcome there to give your reviews about becoz this is site which using wrong way to promotion their site.

Thanks and be aware form

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I would ask Arrow Outlet. They are a penny auction who has never cheated me, but strangely, they have been vilified on the Penny Watcher site -accused of using bits.

I have long suspected that the Penny Watcher Site is a scam.

Right now the say HappyBidday is number 1.

Happy Bidday themselves are the most unscrupulous site I know. :(


Mr Charles Moor i am hunting you down until i finally get what you owe me , oft and trading standards are on board , ofetta is the biggest cheat of them all


Sorry, not from Michigan, she is from Minnesota.


My site is no different from pissedconsumer, i dont sell amy products or scam people but expose those that do. T


I never once emailed you requesting a fee and you know it, all of you are liars.


Amanda Lee is a scam!


I am the owner of an up and coming Penny Auction website. A woman named Amanda who claims to be the owner of recently contacted me offering to write a favorable article for a fee on their homepage.

Needless to say i declined the offer. This scam website needs to be shut down immediately.


I am the owner of an up and coming Penny Auction website. The owner of a woman named Amanda who claims to be the owner of recently contacted me offering to write a favorable article for a fee on their homepage.

Needless to say i declined the offer. This scam website needs to be shut down immediately.


Penny Auction Watch is a website used to promote certain Penny Auctions in exchange for money. What kind of objective website accepts advertising money from the websites they are supposedly monitoring for fraud.

Talk about a huge conflict of interest They slander legitimate auction websites with zero proof to protect their paycheck from other scam auctions. There also is a ton of collusion there among bidders to rig auctions and their outcomes and Penny Auction watch and its crook of an owner Amanda Lee of Massachusetts does nothing to stop it.


It looks like many business owners are more than upset with Penny Auction Watch aka Amanda Lee.

I have been reviewing complaints and her site for about a month now, and I have come to a conclusion that she is not only a review site, she uses her site as a front to her other sites and as an owner or paid by others to slander, libel and use copyrighted material and images with out consent. To purposely harm and cause bad press about other sites that are not related, owned, or paid advertisers on her site.

I am looking for any information anyone may have regarding the owners and proof or complaints about this site and how it has harmed your business. Obviously BidCactus has advertorials all over her site, and they have over 300 complaints from what I have found. And she doesn't have one bad thing about them on here site.

Please send me an affidavit of your complaint or any information you may have to beckygoldstein@***.com

Your information is confidential and please let me know if your complaint may be used in official use or public use.

B. Goldstein

"Law is not evenly weighed when one sits on both sides"

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