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A/C went bad, Took car to dealership for repairs, Problem was covered under contract.Pennwarranty would not get back to service dept. $800.00 dollar repair $100.00 deductible, and pay difference in labor cost $200.00 out of my pocket. NO Problem I will pay that. When I finally reached Pennwarranty they said they found a used A/C compressor for $35.00 and would pay $90.00 toward labor. After $100.00 deductible. They will pay out $25.00 toward...
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I bought a policy with Penn Warranty Corporation for my used F150 truck when I bought it. The dealer made it sound like this was a great company. My truck recently broke down and had to be repaired so that I could get to work. However, I could not find their policy card so I did not have their phone number or the policy number to contact them the day it happened. Because I had to have transportation for work, I paid out of pocket for the...
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Anonymous This company is a piece of ***. I bought a policy on a used car also. I recently needed work on it. The failed part caused other damage but Penn would only cover $70 of a $170...

Penn Warranty Corporation Auto Claim Review

Every claim we tried to make was denied, I was forced to purchase this warranty through the dealer for 2500.00 I can not cancel and get a refund.