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At this point The Art History Revel online book is 100% unusable. I'd get more information by bashing a brick through my skull and then subsequently running over my computer with my truck. I feel like my pocket has been picked. EFF Pearson. I've tried several times to...
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I purchased an item online for my Computer Science class my card was charged on Jan 24 and it was charged again on Jan 26 despite only purchasing it once.I tried to call customer service but she wasn't able to help me and asked me to email to pearson. Emailed pearson...
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REVEL PEARSON IS HORRIBLE!! There is constant maintenance on the site and program and after every "update" something goes wrong. I can no longer use the search function, which was the only redeemable quality. Now what I have is a digital mess that cost $100.00. It's...
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REVEL claims to be a textbook replacement with supplemental activities to aid in learning. Problem is, you cannot view the text alone without multiple "interactives" on every page which inevitably get skipped, and there is no way to prevent the quizzes from popping up...
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