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It's cool, I don't need to turn in my calculus homework said NO ONE EVER. Pissed? Ya, their whole my math lab site went down (didn't work after clearing cache and history on 3 separate browsers, and rebooted) and kicked me out of my homework. I launched their...
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Worst company I have ever had the misfortune of being taken advantage by. I am currently in college and am forced by my school to use their online labs as a portion of my on campus grades. I have failed two online classes, French and Trigonometry, because the answers...
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Anonymous Pearson is money hungry thieves, us college students have enough people digging into our pockets. We are forced to be in debt by this corrupt system even before we get a real ...


laurellev87 Rob W. at Pearson,Pass along this:You're all a bunch of vultures.

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