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I purchased some glasses for my daughter and I.I was encouraged to get the insurance. I purchased it for my daughter because she always break her glasses. To make a long story short, I took the glasses to be repaired (the arm was broke). I was advised it would be twenty five dollars to fix that. What was the purpose of me purchasing the insurance? This was my first time at this company and my last. I will continue to go to Americas Best. I will...
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mos t places i visited did not have a clue as to what my glasses even needed and some even tried to sell me new glasses as mine were not repairable. i was visiting world market on hwy 280 and saw a pearle vision next door so i decided to take glasses in there to see if they could help me. i was greeted by what turned out to be the manager of the store. He explained to me what had happened to glasses and even though i did not buy them from him...
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  • Knowledgeable staff
I had a very badly damaged frame, in particular the right arm, thought it might have to be replaced.Karen used several sets of small pliers, slowly and carefully manipulating and adjusting the frame, even cautioning me that if it were to break, then it would need replacing, and there is no guarantee, the frame is aged and weak, but saving me from paying another $150 or so. This is very much above and beyond what was expected, and takes a great...
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Anonymous The review says Carrollton, TX.
I typed in Richardson, TX, and Richardson is the proper location.

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