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PDLNOW - Loan Review

My complaint is like many I have read on had a 200$ loan.First I wanted to pay more than the 5$ plus 50$ that they didn't explain that is the only amount you can pay unless you want to pay entire loan off .All you have to do is call 3days prior to the payment day (Friday for me). What they don't tell you is if you call to pay in full they're not going to answer the phone. If you e-mail them, no response, so another week goes by and another 55$.This went on for 3 weeks. I advise anyone with the same problem to close your bank account and STOP PAYING! !! I only wish I did it sooner. It's been a year and 8 mos.and haven't heard from them since.I tried to do the right thing and can only assume they think can get by with preying on people. Stop paying if you cannot get them to do what they said when you applied for loan.
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Jackie s Zuj
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PDL loans

Do not use pdl. They will steal ur $$ and they know you cant do anything about it. They lie and customer service is the worst. I had a 200$ loan and wanted to pay it back un a few installments, I was told I could pay minimum(5$ week) or contact 3 days in advance to change my payment. They dont tell you that you have to pay in full or just 5$ plus a 50$ a weekly interest charge. I called to make arrangemnts to pay moremore than min,since it would take 10 months to pay a 200$ loan but they never answer the phine. I finally got thry but they still got me for 550$ +200$ that I borrowed. That is STEALING!!!!!
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THE Supervisor is ignorant , unprofessional , rude and a street thug. Sent me a email to pay immediately or suffer the reprocussion of collection agency and bad credit, THE FACT is I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH THIS COMPANY AND NEVER HAVE.




I beg everyone to please stay away from! I got a $200 loan and as of yet, I have paid exactly $869!!!!! Stay away!!

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Chayden Xsw
map-marker Charleston, West Virginia

I'm getting out not too screwed but still don't use them

I was applying for a lone and got the PDLNOW.COM company. When the first rep calls you, they claim to know nothing about the contract and can't/won't answer any questions about the contract terms. They say they are just in tech support, and they are only suppose to just walk you through the steps to finish agreeing to the terms. Ok, here is when it gets tricky: When the money post's to your account, you do have until 5pm eastern time that day to cancel the loan with no consequences. If you do not call them to set up a final pay off (of the entire balance) they will AUTOMATICALLY take $79 out of your checking account the next time you get paid and extend your loan. Remind you, that $79 you just paid GOES NOWHERE into the amount that you initially borrowed. It's just extending it. So there are no payment plans, or partial pay. It's either ALL OF THE BALANCE DUE or the $79 to extend the loan. Ok another tricky thing is if you want to pay it off early. YOU MUST CALL THEM AT LEAST 3 BUSINESS DAYS before you want the payment made like I did. For example. I wanted to pay off my loan of $200 on Friday. I had to call them and set up the payment no later than Wednesday by 5pm eastern time for that transaction to be completed on Friday. So yes, if you do want to pay it off early, you have to call at least 3 business days prior to the day you want the money to come out. Oh another thing is that you can't make a payment by a debit card or prepaid debit card. The only good thing is (and that's if you want to call it good) is that they pro-rate the interest based on when you pay it off. Usually the interest is $79 but because I was paying it off early, it was pro-rated at $39.50. The only other thing I don't like is when the final payment is taken out of the account it will still show payment pending. I called them this morning asking about that, and they said it takes 5 business days to clear on their end. I was like "even though I KNOW YOU TOOK THE PAYMENT OUT OF MY ACCOUNT" they said yes. They said as long as the payment doesn't return, you should be in the clear. So that is where I am now. I guess I will see within a week if this is true. I still DON'T RECOMMEND THIS CO TO ANYONE. I know times are hard, but people on hard times should not be treated in such a manner. Don't mess with PDLNOW.COM they all sound like they have attitudes anyway. I've always stayed professional with them, I can just hear it in their tone.
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holli M Pgz
map-marker Chambersburg, Pennsylvania rip off got a 200.00 loan total i paid all together was 805.00

I have got several small loans off the internet no problems paying them off, but this place after three months off taking money out of my account what the *** is going on,the biggest rip off ever 605.00 interest on 200.00 dollars. then you cannot get ahold of them i emailed last week no response. called and called today till i got someone after going through my account i was in shock. JUST STAY AWAY THIS PLACE IS A RIP OFF REMEMBER IF U BORROW 200.00 YOU PAY A TOTAL OF 805.00 DOLLARS BACK. COMPANY AGAIN IS PDLNOW.COM
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This place is a rip off.. i am STILL paying money for a 200 dollar loan i got LAST YEAR!

I want rid of this and they refuse to settle. i guess closing my account is the only option.

i fear if i repay the whole amount they will still take the money out. I would strongly suggest staying away from this place.


I took out a $200 loan. Now my account at my back is being closed.

I asked Pdlnow if there was an alternate way I could pay them back, and they said no. What the ****


Hmm.. reading these doesn't make me very happy.

I guess that's partly my fault. I should have looked into it more. I have just recently applied and approved a $200.00 loan from this company. I'm a bit skeptical, almost more worried now that I've read some of the reviews.

There a way to cancel my loan and all? I have not actually received the money yet


How do you contact them?

do you know how


My husband stays in florida now and he tried to apply on said its not a scam just paid back your loan..

#464117 is legit..they are not SCAM!


We received a $200 loan a month ago and the next week they started takeing $55 out of my account. So the following week they took another $55 out of my check and the same day I received a phone call from an attorney stating that we have not been paying on our loan.

I advised them that PDLNOW has been taking money out for two weeks now. They were suppose to send me some information via FedEx so I can fill out papers and send a copy of my bank statement to show that money has been taken out of my account, but they said that I can not black out ANY info if I did they wouldn't be able to accept it. Well that was not going to happen I blacked out everything except what PDLNOW has taken. They never sent me any info nor have they called me.

I am just now seeing all these posts about paying GOD AWFUL amounts of interest. So today I will be closing that account!


Does anyone have their mailing address or registered agent info?


On 1/25/12 I reviewed my account and noticed that $200 dollars was placed in my account on 01/17/12 and on 01/20/12 a withdrawal of $79 was taken from my account. I called them on 01/25/12 and told them I did not approve this loan or ask for a loan of $200 from them.

We continued to argue on the so-called loan being approved electronically by me. I went on the website and did not see any agrement from me at all. I told them that I wanted to pay the $200 back and they said I had to pay $279. My account was closed on 01/25/12 and I told them that I wanted to send a check in for the balance and was told no!

They wanted my account info and I did not feel safe with giving them this information. They improperly advise people, are rude and misleading. What I did no is that once you log until this site and they ask for basic information such as banking info, email, what type of work your in they automatically approve you for these fraudulent loans with out your approval and agreement. When I kept asking questions about this so-called loan they hung up on me.

Can any one help me with this matter right now.

Please. Thanks.


I know all about these loan rip offs. My husband got a loan online without my knowledge and it was a huge rip off.

We got 500.00 and the repayment total is 2000.00. I make him quit paying the payments. The loan company will not report you because they know they are ripping people off.

So just quit paying the payments. They won't report it.

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