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My Notebook would not allow me to access my Emails and Skype [ which was extremely annoying] when in NZ May 2014. A friend [ who was very happy with work/repairs on his computer] suggested PCMedic - so not knowing where to go, decided to give them a try, because we were going o/seas for 4 months Aug-Nov 2014. I can only say that the computer worked perfectly the whole time, even in Africa, Morocco, Spain. So i can only say that I am 100% happy with whatever they did to get it working properly again :-). I think it was $120. Finally - I should add that I have no connection whatsoever with this company nor its Staff. Graeme N.
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Fair pricing
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I worked with the owners of PC Medic, as employees, and those men are ethically challenged. They stole from that company, and I have no doubt that they take those same types behaviours with them.

I would never do business with them, and I make a point of telling people my stories, and always providing firsthand examples...all great life lessons.

Anyone seeking my information, please send me a message.

- @WhiteStephenK

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I'm pissed

I spent $239.00 for a tablet, docking station, sd card and mouse, plus 49.95 shipping it's been almost 10 days and I haven't received my things plus they won't answer the phone I have called them and left messages, I am on a fixed income and can't afford to lose $239.00 I needed it for school. I should have known after they charged me 49,95 shipping and it wasn't even next day delivery. I hope some one can help me. I am extremly upset and angry this loss is a hardship for me not only financially but for school.
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cassie l Qmi
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PC MEDICS- ISH, MI. Poor Customer Service, False Quotes

My husband had called PC Medic in Ishpeming, Michigan when our playstation3 broke. They told him that they'd diagnose and get our game out of the system that was stuck in there for $25/$30 price range. After they had our ps3 console in their possession for over 2 weeks, I called and asked for a status on it. They said it was currently being looked at and would call us when they found out what was wrong with it. After 3.5 weeks being at their office, they called us today and said that it was fixed, and it'd be $75.00. I thanked them for fixing our ps3, but told them that I was mad because they fixed it without our consent, in fact I didn't know what was even wrong with it. He said that when we were quoted the $25/$30 price, the guy who quoted us was probabaly thinking this, this, and that (and proceeded to ramble off some possible problems) and they only way to figure out what WAS wrong with it, was to actucally fix it, and see if it worked. When I asked him why they didn't call me for permission then, to proceed with the fixing of our console, he stated "because that isn't how we work here". I told him I thought it was ***, and that his customer service was poor. He told me that I could have my game that was stuck in the console back if I paid $30.00, but I cannot have my actual console back until I pay the full $75.00. I told him that I knew someone that could have POSSIBLE fixed the problem after it was diagnosed and he said "no you dont, no one would have the equiptment we have here" Then when I asked again why they couldn't have called me, he started to interupt me and said he didn't want to listen as he's already heard what I had to say, and then hung up on me. I now have to wait until our next pay date to pick our item up because it costs more then I expected. It's pathetic that my own item is being held "hostage" so to speak. I would've hoped they'd a treated us a bit better since I was giving them business, it was the owner I was speaking with at that. I guess not!
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First I saw the add on tv, and the software is a scam, you can use free software to do everything they charge money to fix. next if you have a brain you can diagnose a computer. and last the cost of repair may be cheaper than sending it in, but not cheaper than doing it your self and getting the parts online.

If you want a faster computer go to

if you want anti virus, malware removes and just a pc cleaner all you need one site..

IT support scams are a dime a dozen don't get caught by "***" deals..


PC Medic is run by Chad Martin. He is a convicted felon and is very difficult to feal with. Use caution when doing business there.


I own this business and have never once, in ten years of doing this, had to go online to defend my credibility.

This post was made, after I spoke with her husband, and had reached an accord with him on this matter. I was under the impression that the matter was closed. The only thing wrong with her comment is that it lacks truth.

When you bring a console in for repair, you fill out a waiver in which you give us the ok to work on your console, but not to exceed a cost of $150.00. You actually are asked to read and sign it every time you bring an item in for repair. He signed this form, and described the problem with his console as "yellow light of death". A common Console issue which I'll explain in a bit.

Ok, so after signing the check in form and agreeing to pay repair costs up to $150.00, the client leaves us his console.

The client's wife contacts us two weeks later to ask the status of the console. I told her I had no information on it.

She stated her displeasure with not getting a status update, and I apologized to her. I said I would diagnose her console immediately, and call her with a cost of repair. We agreed that if we diagnosed that it was unrepeatable, that we would retrieve a game that was still inside the console,,m and we would charge a $30.00 diagnostic fee. We ended our call

Here's where I explain how we diagnose a console:

Disassemble the unit to test power, and make sure that the power supply is functioning properly.

If the power supply is good, Test the hard drive.

If the hard drive is good test all the cables and solder "welds" on the circuit board.

To do this effectively, you should disconnect all cables and wires from the main circuit board, or motherboard for a more familiar term, and heat the solder points up so the the solder melts again, while pressing very specific "chips" back into the connection points.

we then reattach the cabling and test the unit in a "semi-assembled" state.

If it works, then it had bad solder, if it doesn't, the "motherboard" is bad and the unit cannot be repaired.

On this particular console, the re-soldering fixed it. SO we reassembled the unit and charged 1 1/2 hours for the repair. Which in our shop is $75.00 and left a msg for the client that his console was ready for pickup and told him the cost of the repair.

Remember, he signed it in, and put his signature on the "I authorize charges up to $150.00" waiver.

The entire process takes from 2-5 hours depending on the hard drive tests. We worked on this console for 3 hours total, but only billed the hour and a half.

His wife, who wrote this review called and inquired about the cost. Stating that we agreed to a thirty dollar diagnostic, I explained to her, what I explained to you pretty much verbatim. I said that I was firm at $75.00. I understood that she wanted to know if it was repairable, we tested it, and you know what, it was repairable, and for less than $150.00.

We ended our call agreeing to disagree. Quite civil. Her next phone call was an aggressive, obscenity laced tirade. I Informed her that we already discussed the topic, and that I din't wish to listening to her scream f bombs in my ear any longer when she launched into a second tirade, and I merely hung up.

I said not one word. I just hung up.

Those are the facts as I perceive them.

Here we thought that charging less than half of what sony would charge for the same repair, and not having another local option for under 150, that the $75 dollar charge was a bargain.

In conclusion, this is my version of events. I just thought I'd give you a second side of the story do that you can come to your own conclusion.

She posted this more than three hours after I talked with her husband and put this deal to bed.

cassie l Qmi

Company worked out deal with my husband after the issue wasn't aware he had signed a contract with the owner. Thanked him and told him id fix my bad reviews of his company I wrote on the Internet. Since I was in the wrong as well with my " bad attitude"

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PCMedics ofNJ Poor service after sale

I had PC Medics for an in home service call on my six year old desktop Apple emac . The tech worked on my frozen up computer, but was unable to fix it. He said he could take it back to the shop to work on it but it would be very expensive and his opinion was that it wasn't worth it. He had a reconditioned apple lap top in the van for sale. He brought it in and assured me several times that the lap top did everything my emac did including burning dvds, because I had told him that was the main feature I wanted because my emac had that capability. So I bought it and everything was fine until two months later when I got around to burning a dvd and discovered that the laptop did not have a superdrive. I went to the shop and spoke to the tech, he tried to say he never said there was dvd on the lap top. We went back and forth. He said my 30 day warranty was over and all he could do was find an external super drive. They called me at home later and said they found one for $80.00 and wanted me to pay half. They want me to pay because their tech made a mistake. Bottom line : Their expertise is mediocre and they do not know what being a professional means.
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You say that burning dvd's is the main feature you wanted but it took you TWO MONTHS to even try burning one? Something isn't right with this story.

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