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SERIOUSLY, DON'T.I got one for christmas and have had nothing but trouble. The website is absolute garbage, as it will not allow me to register so that I can check my balance and get a PIN and it doesn't work online for purchases, it says "zip code does not match billing address" on every website. I'M FROM CANADA, WE DON'T HAVE ZIP CODES!!! These cards are an absolutely ridiculous waste of money. I guess that is $75 that will go to literally...
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Anonymous Did you get a PayPower Visa or Mastercard? Paypower Visa will be discontinued and PayPower Mastercard will now be in place (now based in Canada).
I get your frustration. I ...

I didn't like
  • Broken website
  • Inability of customer service to help
  • How they steal money from you

I purchased this card at a grocery store as a gift.I was going to put $200 on it from my debit card, but store said I had to pay cash for it in a separate transaction. Good thing because I only had $30 cash on me. The card instructions say to activate it online and they ask me for my ss #, my name, address, email, phone number and a picture of my driver's license! Why? I already put cash on it! Found this site on the web and saw all the...
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Paypower Reloadable Prepaid Card Review

My 12 year old son received a $25 reload pack for his b-day. Had to go out and by a pre paid visa to use it. Paid $27 for a $20 card to put on the $25 reload. After 3 weeks of *** on the phone with these idiots we or they still could not get our money on to the card. They finally agreed to send us our money back in 30 days. This is a legal scam that our government allows with no watch dog.