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| map-marker Summerville, South Carolina

I cancelled this policy last week

I have cancelled the policy as of last week on the phone app because I have found another agency in which is cheaper, although you have still taken out the payment.Shocked. I would like my refund back because I need to pay on the other agency tomorrow
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Preferred solution: Full refund

John B Qle
map-marker Valley Stream, New York

Very shady characters

Do not go here. Moses Crawford and his son will rip you off like they are trying to rip me off. I was given a money back guarantee from Moses and now he won't return my phone calls because he doesn't want to honor the money back guarantee he gave me. I am in the process of taking him to court to get my money back. If you dig a little deeper on google, you will find that Moses and his son have been fined numerous times by the courts. In my opinion, these are two shady characters. Stay away from this business!
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  • Bunch of shady characters
Reason of review:
Poor customer service
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Thank you!


Payment reduction services

This man took my money supposing to do a loan modification the only time he calls u is to bring him money he does not send u letters no notification my mail calls u to say u have a court date no attorney shows up yet u have to pay separate for so call attorney fees uses the lords name have his con staff just like himself who he puts upfront to lie for him also he took my money after i was doing a short sale went behind the brokers back collected my money then called me to say the broker is now responsible for my mortgage. This money that he took is towards my downpayment which he claimed i would not need anymore money . he refuses to return my money gave me a check and told me he would call me and tell me when to cash this check this man has not called me and when i do reach him he claims he is waiting on a closing this man cashed my check the next day he took my money. He has changed the name of the company and has remove from his original location and is now in elmont i will be filing a complaint with the nassau county district attirneys office i will loose my home if i dont get back my money i will not cease until this man goes to prison for a very long time he advertises on the west indian radio station calling gods name while he his stealing from poor working class people a lowlife in the worst form
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Wrong just wrong.


This is horrible. The fact a person is losing their home you misled them and you never hear from them after getting your money.

You suppose to pay after you are approved for the modification. That's the way I do modifications.

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Payment Reduction Services - Review in Loans and Mortgages category

I Paulette Freeburn was referred to Mr. Moses Crawford and Payment Reduction Services at the end of 2014. He made 1 initial phone call in front of me in my presence just to impress me to my bank in reference to my modification. Over a period of 4 months i made payments of $3,900 in checks and cash without getting a receipt because I trusted him. After hearing from his son Marlon telling me all sort of garbage everyday my curiosity got the best of me and I called my bank just to hear that no other phone calls was made on my behalf. I then asked Mr Crawford for my money back, he got so hostile calling me crazy woman and that I'm a *** and that I most take him to court which I did. Unfortunately I was only awarded $ 1,500 of my hard earned money.IF ANYONE WANTS ME TO BE A CHARACTER WITNESS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA ..
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Reason of review:
Problems with payment

This man is a crook. I am going to put him behind bars.


Yes in 2015 I was listening to a Jamaican radio station and the add came on and I call Moses he said he could reduce my mortgage I give him $9000 he did nothing for me I call him for my money he said take him to court he is a scam the Feds need to steep in and shot his company down he reaping off poor people how the artority could let this *** bag reap off tax payers

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map-marker West Islip, New York

Took cash payment from me for Mortgage Reduction and after payment no service was delivered.

I was referred to him as a Loan Modfication officer in 2013. Sat with him , had a discussion about the approach. He stated that it is going to take about six months. Thank God I didn't stop paying my monthly mortgage. After several weeks went by with no result, I was told that his son Marlon is going to be my processor. We went over all document submitted to his father( The Big Bull) after several weeks went by , I called the office to get the status and was told not to worry things are looking good and they got an answer from the bank and that is good news. I waited several weeks nothing possitive happen. Except the Big keep asking for more money. I ended up paying over $3,000 in cash some check some cash and always promise to give a receipt. I you can't make it to the office to pay when they want more money, they arrange other ways to give it to them. Several months went by , then coming close to a year nothing gets done. I requested to have my money back . I haven't heard from them since. Thank God I didn't stop paying for my house. Something needs to be done with him and his crew. The government needs to investigate him . I am sorry for those out there who have lost there homes through this Thief. STAY A WAY. Don't do anything that is not LEGAL. His approach sounds legal but it's not.
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

This is so correct, Moses Crawford and his team also let my house foreclose this is a very bad person who don't know what he is doing, he doesn't take any interest in your property once he gets his $3000. Please beware of him. Dam scam artist...


I also paid him close to $3000.00 for help with loan modification and nothing was done for me. He also referred me to a legal company ' The Green Law Group' in Valley stream, I paid the another $6000.00 for legal help which I never received.

They later file for bankruptcy.

Long story short, they have now been arrested and charged and have plead guilty in federal court and is being sentenced this October. Karma is a ***


I had similar experience

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Mislead h
map-marker Rochester, New York

Payment Reduction Services , Inc has cost me my home

I paid Moses Crawford owner of Payment Reduction Service Inc $3000 to assist me with getting a loan Modification on my Mortgage but after receiving payment in full he stop working on my file. I didn't get a modification and my house will be sold at a public auction in less than a month. I demanded a refund from him and he his words were "go pay your *** mortgage" and called the police to escort me out of his office because he didn't want to pay the refund. He was sued for fraud a couple of years ago do a google search on his name and hopefully you will find the story.
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I heard a lot about this fraudulent preacher who prey on the most vulnerable people. He should be LOCKED UP by the Federal government and the Nassau County District Attorney's office.


Don't waste time with this disrectful man and his company he should not be on the radio . Thumbs down

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