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Recent upgrade my website

Absolutely wonderful service and very talented people. They went out of their way to work with me on upgrades for security and changes to the website. I have been with them 12+ years. They are easy to work with, answer emails or phone calls the same day. I am not the least bit tech savvy so really appreciate their patience. Thank you again pavenet for all you do.

User's recommendation: Highly recommend.

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I just have to wonder if the 5 star comment from Peggy for Dave Victorino is actually Jeri Plummer giving himself a five star rating while dressed in drag?


Jeremiah is still doing business under this name Pavenet? This business was suspended from doing business in California California due to them owing one Employee over $90,000.last I looked, this business has been suspended from doing business in California, per the California Secratery of State business look up web site.

That might, or not be illegal? Who Knows?

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Pavenet Internet Services - AVOID
AVOID!! Total lying scammer. Jeremiah will make promises he has no intention of keeping. Operating his business under numerous aliases as well.
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He has been sued numerous times as well. He owes me 12k!!!! Heard he has a mail order bride from russia!

@Weslynn Fnn

Look him up in civil cases LA courts!

@Weslynn Fnn

Yeah, he is a liar and a cheater. He owes me about $13,000 now in back wages.

Looks like he's trying to sell his bicycle shop right now for $125,000. Just reading the business ad listing, it's so full of lies it's pathetic. Anyone who buys that losing bike shop from him is a moron.

Some of his workers at the bike shop look like homeless tweakers. Probably the only people he can take advantage of.


Kimmylee411 and it is a gmaail account. Feel free to contact me.

Im gonna try to get back the money he owes. Maybe we can exchange honest info to better our chances of collecting on what he owes us.


That's because Jeremiah will only hire people that will work under the table and off the books. Hopefully the IRS will one day find him. Christian Rose


The reason the owner Jeremiah Plummer employees the homeless and tweakers is because when he abuses and exploits them, then doesn't pay them, they most likely will not go to the Labor Commissioner. He also buys bicycles and bicycle parts from the homeless and tweakers that he then sells in his shop.

Hopefully a few of his employees that he has abused file with the Labor Commissioner for back wages. Being owed even a couple hundred dollars can turn into a few thousand dollars real fast.

@Weslynn Fnn

He was married to a mail order Filippino bride who left him after she found out what a lowlife lying slob he is. I was told the reason why she left him by one of his ex coworkers.

I don't think it would be proper to print put it in print here. I also heard the story about him going to Eastern Europe for a Russian bride, but couldn't find one stupid enough to believe his lies and marry him.

@Weslynn Fnn

Weslyn, mail order bride from Russia? In over 10 years I have never seen Jeremiah with a woman, ever.

I have seen him with numerous young men. He did have a employee who's job title was (Head Technition, and Personal Assistant). He is from Long Beach, not Russia. He is a very weird savant, Somebody that Jeremiah can easily exploit and take advantage of.

If you don't know what a savant is, just think of Forrest Gump. Jeremiah once said the guy could fix a computer, but couldn't dress himself


That should tell you all you need to know. Jeremiah prefers hot dogs over tacos.


When I worked in a shop, he used to keep XXX movie literature of Asian girls that were actually young men(ladyboys) in the file cabinet, and always on the top so it would be the first thing you saw when you opened up the file drawer. Jeremiah also claims he's waving his sales tax if you get his business a good 5 star rating.

Problem is, he is not paying the customers tax. He's just not paying taxes.PERIOD!

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Long Beach, California


Pavenet Internet Services - LAWSUIT
Pavenet is currently being sued by an ex-employree for over $90,000 dollars LOL!!!
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Pavenet is not the only business owned by Jeremiah Plummer being sued by a former employee for not being paid. Bicycle WORKS USA Inc., aka, Bicycle Works, aka, California Cycle Sport, aka Lakewood Cyclery is also facing a pending lawsuit from an unpaid employee by the California Labor Commissioner.