Big Warning to deal with Paul

Very,very big warning to deal with Paul. See attached letter.With little jobs he was very good.On top he owes me some money.The final bill was at least 3 times too high and a never got the bills from the subcontractors to check the amount!! Never let him start a job without an offer.He will find a way to go around it.I could give you more examples.Finally he did not assemble the pieces correcly together!!! Hi Paul, I did not get an email with pictures yet. what are you doing ?I only gave you the order to do the engine bay and not the whole car.For this amount of money I get a whole exchange engine! If you had told me ,(that’s why I paid you to have a look) before I bought the car that I have to spent this amount I would not have bought it and would have looked for a one in a very good condition. Than I would not to go with you through this kind of argumentations,especially not hearing all the time that you need some more money in advance and even threatening me stopping the work if the money does not come in time.!!!! I just can not hear this any more!!! the way how you are running after and demanding money.In Germany you get paid when you did the job!!!!!!!!I know USA is different but you are British!!! Finish your job and sent me a bill but not that I get the feeling that I have to support you financially in a kind of way. Again If you had mentioned this amount I would have told you –forget about it- and send the car to Germany where I could this kind of work have done by my man for the half price!!!! He had worked 15 years for Jaguar!!!! I thought I do you a favour working on that car because we know each other for many years now.I brought some good customers and bought not a very pricy car.I had endless face in you!!!!!Now you are stepping on it!!!!! So I send you the check and hope it will be the last one for a car finally in an extraordinay looking (engine bay)and running condition . You do not have to send me all kind of picture as an allibi what you did I believe you (send them with the car).I know all this kind of work,because I did quite a few cars in my garage. Tell me when the as new looking car is ready and I will organize a transportation to Germany. Thank you Paul
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I am afraid I can confirm this gentlemans side of the story. I spoke with the guy who did the trim and parts at the warehouse where I had my car whilst having carpets fitted by him and was called "a cheap chiseler" by the owner Paul because I dared to ask how much it would be before he ran my credit card!

Paul and "Jeremy" are one and the same as are the other fictitious people he says work for him in the office. I had my car painted by Pauls Jaguar(actually by a really nice guy in his paint shop nothing to do with Paul) and had to wait over a month before Paul would allow me to bring my car in to try and open the hood which after coming back from paint would not open! The Story about the German Gentleman was confirmed as being correct by the guy fitting my carpets as was the whole Paul /Jeremy massive company that he tells people exists.

I believe from what I have been told no one now works in the warehouse and all trim stuff is supplied by GAHH and since I drive by quite frequently there does not seem to be anyone there when normally there were cars outside and the doors open . The letter is by no means fake and can be verified-----Norman


Although I'm from Maryland as a winter Florida resident I am a frequent repeat customer of Paul's Jag. What you say is completely different from what I have learned by speaking directly to the company over many years, compared to making conclusions by "driving by" as you did.

I understand they have 2 warehouses or shops in Fort Lauderdale and their main office is in Boca Raton, all in Florida. When I was there just after Thanksgiving, they were doing 2 beautiful restorations on a XKE and a Series 3 XJ Daimler Double Six. I've been told that the volume of their interior trim work and repaints means that much of this work is now locally sub-contracted out, but all still personally under the watchful eyes of Paul. In all their many years in business, there's nothing to suggest they have made claims to be a "massive" company, quite the opposite!

If you just ASK as I did [instead of reaching conclusions from whether doors were open or closed], they willingly confirm that the number of staff has NEVER been more than five, and sometimes as few as three. If we are to believe you, the stuff supposed to have come from some German guy years ago was confirmed by one of their employees. All this is hearsay, completely unsubstantiated and all you are doing is creating gossip. I'm assuming that you chose to hide behind gossip instead of asking paul or anyone else for their side of this German story or if it even exists.

While being content to pass on your negative bull-***, it seems that you were pleased with all paint and carpet work organized through Paul's on your Jag [?] apart from the scheduling of a hood that wouldn't open. How can Paul's "nice paint guy" be "nothing to do with paul"? Like 'Alex' asked in another reply to you Norman, why would Paul's Jag waste time with ingrates like you?

It just cannot be that a company which gets all of its resto and interior work from recommendations could *** off one customer so much - you also are full of it!!!! - Tim.


Far from hiding behind gossip I WAS a customer who actually was in the shop so its first hand not hearsay. He was obnoxious and rude when it came to the payment and how dare I ask how much!

This is fact and not gossip and hearsay, I was there!. The'' massive company" was mentioned because that's what I was told by Paul/Jeremy when I first contacted him ,many employee's,office staff,2 trimmers on staff ,everything done in house.

The guy who fitted my carpets left so it just a part time guy there now and has been for a long time. Jeremy is Paul that's fact not gossip or hearsay and one can only speculate as to why he would try to pass himself off as someone else and the "main office" is actually his GF's house!As for the German gentleman I actually KNOW him and was privy to e mails and conversations between the parties So Tim you are correct one should never jump to conclusions one should state facts


They are a pain to deal with no question about that


If this guy in Germany communicated with Pauls Jaguar in the same way as he claims to have done in this [fake?]letter, it's not surprising he got confused. With this company's excellent reputation all over jaguar chatrooms on the net, you have to ask why Pauls even bother with clowns like this guy as they sure don't need the work. Alex.

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map-marker Stone Mountain, Georgia

Represented Part Tested Before Shipment

Represented in email and invoice that seat memory unit tested before shipment and no warranty on electrical parts. Ordered part, received part installed part, NO setting worked; conclusion no test was run before part was shipped as represented. Installed old unit all settings worked except one which was the reason for ordering replacement; logical conclusion part sent from Pauls NO GOOD AND OBVIOUSLY NOT TESTED. Protested charge with credit card! Assessment: arrogant, bogus business taking advantage of consumers! Telling customers that all parts are tested at the same time telling customers that they acknowledge that there is no warranty, and therefore, no return on these parts. The catch the agreement by the customer is predicated on the representation that the product had been tested before shipment, an obvious lie!
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Paul's straighten out misunderstanding

Now a satisfied customer


I purchased parts from these guys and they were A1 with there service.

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Ken R Qzv
map-marker Lake Forest, California

Paul's Jaguar XJS Center Console SPLICE Job

Pauls Jaguar - Paul's Jaguar XJS Center Console SPLICE Job
Paul's Jaguar confirms their POOR WORKMANSHIP by Splicing a piece of leather to repair their Modification to a Jaguar XJS Center Console. Paul's Jaguar blames their POOR WORKMANSHIP on their customers inability to install their Modified console so it hides their Modification which exposes the raw leather edge. Paul;s Jaguar solution is to Splice a piece of leather instead of doing a professional job and recovering the item. According to Paul's Jaguar, "... the alteration may be noticeable only under a magnifying glass." As one can see in the picture, you don't need a magnifying glass to see the POOR WORKMANSHIP of Paul's Jaguar. I would not recommend Paul's Jaguar to anyone wanting quality work, not to mention Paul's Jaguar customer service is just as poor.
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Hey Buddy: This modification stuff you are complaining about makes no sense at all. Pauls Jaguar have redone 3 consoles over the years for my Jaguars, a 1988 and 1995 XJS + my 1986 Vanden Plas XJ6.

Never had any issues with any of them, all were perfect, an opinion heard here and every place else Jaguar trim work is discussed. If they are all done the same, why would yours need to be different to all the rest?

If you didn't know how to install the console correctly, why take it out yourself? You sound full of it.


:) New rug set, new replacement leather for the driver's seat, a new top and a new lid for the consle - the whole works from Pauls Jaguar! Their work quality and attention to me as a customer was top shelf. These guys ARE all they are cracked up to be and some!!!!!


;) This guy 'necar' sounds full of it - he even tries to distort the comment made by someone else. Sticking one of Pauls jags business cards in a photo don't mean diddley. I've never done business with Pauls, but enough people sing their praises to the rooftops on Jaguar forums so it doesn't seem kosher for one guy to be complaining so badly - what do Pauls Jag have to say about it?


Recently I ordered a replacement new console/cupholder lid from Paul's Jaguar for my '01 XK8. Not only was their workmanship 100% perfect, but I received the lid within 2 days, which is unbelievable service.

Also Paul's Jaguar gave it to me for less than half the price I was quoted at the dealer.

These guys really are as good as they are made out to be, so buy with confidence! Zak, Potomac, MD.


Good evening - my own jag is a 1993 XJS convertible without rear seats. A previous owner must have removed one of those early mobile phones from the center section {console?} between the seats which left several ugly holes.

On recommendations from net chatrooms, I sent the whole console to Pauls Jaguar in Florida for recovering in fresh Jaguar barley leather. Just had it returned and put it back in the car today - it looks a million dollars of perfection.

For 400-odd bucks I couldn't be happier - Pauls gave me quality workmanship at it's best right down to the lines of stitches along the top edges. Best, Brian.


javascript:ac_smilie(':?') It’s refreshing to know that other people have had positive experiences with Paul’s Jaguar. Unfortunately, this was not the case for me.

I, like many Jaguar enthusiasts, am restoring my Jaguar to compete in Concours and want to purchase the highest quality replacement parts. I was assured by Paul’s Jaguar, they had purchased all of the remaining original Jaguar leather and their work was second to none. I must agree with one of the comments describing it as basically “ a chunk of leather”. The splice in the console does not resemble anything close to Concours quality.

To date I have not received a replacement console, nor any type of apology. If and when I do, I will be sure to post it.


:)Not my experience at all! Known these guys at Paul's Jaguar for almost as long as they have been in business, at least going back to when they called themselves Pauls Discount Jaguar Parts or something like that.

Great service, honest as the day is long, very knowledgable and simply the best for Jag parts. Thank you Paul's Jaguar!


I offered my 2 cents on a similar posting from you elsewhere on this same subject. In looking at my 1996 XJS, the top edge of the console in my car is completely hidden by the clock panel above, so you may not have a problem at all.

I haven't had personal dealings with Paul's Jaguar, but they seem to be one-stop shopping for all things XJS with many of their clients becoming raving fans; this judging by number of Jag owners offering the highest praise for their handiwork on the internet. Regards, Chuck


The guy who handles the trim work within Pauls Jaguar is sought after by seemingly every classic car owner in Florida. He continually turns out work of the highest order, which is why so many of the best Jaguars for sale on ebay and locally proudly state 'interior by Paul's Jaguar'.

They did a wonderful job redoing the interior on my 99.9-point XJ6C some years ago, and since then I've recommended their work to many Jag owners who have all been as happy as I was.

Same goes for all work turned out by Paul's Jaguar - heck, their main technician was the Project Engineer for the Williams Formula 1 race team. Tom.


:) Taking a photograph of a business card alongside achunk of leather or other material doesn't really prove much does it? I have 2 show-winning Jaguar XJS cars, both of which have been renovated to the highest standard by Pauls Jaguar.

I've been a very happy customer for approx 8 years, and have to say I've witnessed first hand how they are truly obsessive about doing right by their customers. As well as seats and carpets, both of my cars needed the center consoles recovered, which was carried out to perfection. I was able to install both consoles without any problems at all. I've spent many hours watching their skilled employees at work, and also know that even now, no interior part is fitted on site or shipped without being personally checked by the company's owner.

In business, it's generally unrealistic to expect to please every single customer, so maybe unfortunately you may be the exception. In view of their fabulous reputation, I'd be curious to hear their side of the story!

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Ken R Qzv
map-marker Lake Forest, California

Pauls Jaguar - Worst Customer Service

Pauls Jaguar - Worst Customer Service
Pauls Jaguar - Worst Customer Service
Pauls Jaguar - Worst Customer Service
Paul's Jaguar took it upon themselves to Modify a Jaguar center console that I had ordered. When I returned it to be corrected, Paul's Jaguar Spliced a piece of leather on it instead of providing a Professionally recovered console. Paul's Jaguar customer service is the worst I have experienced in a long time. They offer no apologies and make you feel like you did something wrong. Paul's Jaguar was given an opportunity to address the issue and Paul's Jaguar decided to minimize their costs and take short cuts. The result was a very dissatisfied customer. Paul's Jaguar needs to rethink their customer service attitude and treat every customer like they were their best customer. Paul's Jaguar needs to remember... Customer Service is everything! I would think twice before buying from Paul's Jaguar!
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I have no idea why this guy is complaining, I have delt with a Pauls and those guys are A1 in there service.


I recently purchased a 1990 XJS and Jeremy from Paul's spent several phone calls with me talking me out of spending money! I have now dealt with numerous Jag parts places, and I can assure ANYONE that Paul's is the BEST!

Hey NECAR, get a clue!

No one gives better service than Paul's! :)


What a crock, this complaining guy must be on drugs! Just like dozens of XJS owners all over the web, I've been going back to Paul's Jaguar since the early 1980's when he was in California - same great cheery service with the finest quality XJS parts not sometimes, but EVERY time.

Try as you will, you'll never please every customer, so maybe this is 'the one' who will never appreciate what you guys do for us. :)


:) For new Jaguar XJS seat covers in real leather, nobody came close to Paul's Jaguar - wonderful quality, attentive, courteous service - just the BEST people to conduct anything Jaguar related with - Thank you Paul's Jaguar, and a Happy New Year!


This guy is sure right when he says customer service is everything, which is something Paul's Jaguar must have picked up on years ago. I understand that Paul himself is now less involved in day to day operations, but whoever you get on the phone down there advises me in a very personal and professional manner, plus their collective Jaguar XJS and XJ6 knowledge is legendary.

Thanks for being there for me so often. Merry Christmas Guys, Geoff Taylor.


;) PLEASE Paul's jaguar, don't listen to this complainer. You have the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I've ever experienced in 40 years of collecting Jags.

Keep up the same great service and don't change anything. Happy Holidays to Jag owners everywhere, Walt.


:) Pauls Jag just recoverd the center console for my 1996 XJS and it is 100% perfect. I contacted them as so many owners praised their leather work in lots of the on-line chatrooms, and their customer service was even better than I expected. THANK YOU PAULS JAGUAR!


:) Had loads of dealings with Pauls Jaguar in Florida for years and years. Same fabulous service, not just sometimes but EVERY TIME!

I've bought seat covers, ball joints, a steering rack and a car wood set this year alone for my Jag, and as ever Pauls Jaguar continue to offer the best service to Jaguar owners bar none - that's my 2 cents, Scott. {1989 XJS Coupe}


We've owned Jaguars for many years and have happy customers of Pauls Jaguar for just as long. They recently recovered our center console section in Connolly leather we had sent them from our 1993 XJS.

Super quality work as always, without modifications! My husband did notice that the new covering was designed in such a way that it prevented the leather from bunching under the clock at the front end - nice touch, which he said made the refitting much easier than it might have been.

The best customer service again from Pauls Jaguar - keep up the great work, Diana and Jeremy. Best, Linda.


You want to hear about customer service from Paul's Jaguar, so try to beat this! A few years back I was getting real frustrated tying to put in new wood in my XJS.

So on Sunday afternoon I leave a message at Pauls Jaguar looking for help, with me hoping to get called back sometime on Monday if I'm lucky. Anyways, within 5 minutes they get back to me on the same Sunday, and spend what must have been at least 30 minutes on the phone trying to guide me through installing the new wood around the shifter before we both give up on it. Unremarkable? Service you'd expect right?

Not at all, because right from the start I told Jeremy at Pauls that I'D BOUGHT THE WOOD FROM SOMEONE ELSE ON EBAY, so it wasn't even wood from Pauls Jaguar! Never forgotten how great they were not just that Sunday, but every time I've called since. As for my shifter wood, of course I got the real deal from Paul's Jaguar that fitted like a glove.

At a time when people are more ready to complain than compliment, I enjoy telling any Jag owner that Pauls Jaguar have the best customer service hands down, even for non-customers as I was. Ed.

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