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Paul's Finer Flooring Kitchen and Bath

I hired Paul to pull permit and build our company two concrete pads for our ATM Company. We fronted him thousands of dollars. He promised to deliver the Concrete pads within 30 days. 12 months later, we don’t have any concrete pads, we are out 1000s of dollars in construction cost, and leasing fees, termination fees and more...For 12 months he lied, lied and lied about everything. He kept saying he is pulling permits, he is working on it and he will soon build the pads. We had to cancel two long term leases and pull out of Texas thanks to this fraud. He finally came clean and said, he used all of our money for his back child support. He finally came clean and said for the past 12 months he has been lying to us and making us pay for leases that we didnt have to pay. he has cost us over 40,000 is damages. He is a liar, not to be trusted. Every word out of this man's mouth is a lie. Dont trust him with a sigle dollar. He burned us. He burned our business in the State of Texas. We have filled with BBB and planning to sue him in the court. He promises to pay us back but we already know that is also another lie. Do not give this "General Contractor" any work. He will steal your money, will not do any work and disappoint you.
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