We had a basement flooding. We removed the carpeting and under padding ourselves then called the insurance company. Paul Davis Systems is located in Essex Ontario Canada. Our insurance company referred sent them to us. The so called project manager appeared friendly...
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Anonymous I WOULD NOT RECOMEND this company to my worst enemy.... I had a fire August 5, 2014,,, Paul Davis Systems franchisee owner Marcel Richard from Dieppe New Brunswick got the bi...


Frank Paul Davis Systems in Windsor/Essex was recommend by the insurance company to clean up our home. They would not itemize the cost and wouldn\'t tell us the price quote of the j...

We live about an hour outside Toronto, Ontario Canada. We had a house fire in July 2010. Paul Davis Systems were the preferred contractor as recommended by our insurance company. Having absolutely no knowledge in the restoration game, we signed with them off the...
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Roger A real site should like mike Holmes not your looser site.


fred id like to hear from anyone who knows of other stites about negitive pds experiences I am having one right now I need to learn more about stratigies in dealing with them

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Buyer beware! Do no hire these guys as they work strictly to limit the losses for the insurance company and not for the home owner at all. I tend to wonder who owns Paul Davis systems? I wouldn't be surprised if it's an insurance company.

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Headquarters Address:
Paul Davis Systems Canada, Ltd
38 Crockford Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1R 3C2
+1 416 299 8890

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