Corruption, nepotism overpaid London Ontario City Hall

You can't fight city hall, and it's especially true in London, Ontario, Canada. So many issues with a bloated staff, arrogant department managers, quarter million dollar salaries; family members getting hired, city councils voting for their own raises; wasting time in council meetings over trivia and spending taxpayer money like drunken sailors while devising schemes to lure new tax revenue units - that is people who fall for the propaganda and buy the spiel about living in London Ontario is great. NO. It is not great. City services are foul. City hall is bloated while taxes rise each year and incompetent councillors get elected because the city has not real news reporters that aren't propaganda dupes of city hall itself. It's so bad I had to move away but I still have relatives living there, so I'm afraid to use my real name. Just consider yourself warned. If you value your money and want to be treated with not move to London, Ontario. If you're already stuck there...try to escape!

User's recommendation: Don't go there. If you're there, find a way out.

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London, Ontario

No transparency or communication

I had a terrible experience with this company. After a flooding incident it took nine months to complete the restoration of my home. They are not transparent about the work they are doing, they don’t provide invoices and after I paid the final bill tried to get more out of me after quoting me an amount. They work when they feel like it and give a lot of lip service about why things take a long time or why their guys can’t come finish or even start jobs. Don’t use this company! Very frustrating and they hold your house hostage leaving you with little to no choice but to put up with their unprofessionalism.
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Paul Davis Restoration Canada Water Damage Restoration
Reason of review
Bad quality

Don't sign the PDS contract / don't trust PDS

BEWARE: 5:30 pm Friday night, we were told by our insurance co. (INTACT) we had to use Paul Davis (PD) to arrange: removal of a huge old tree that uprooted and was leaning on ours and the house next door. Upon immediately contacting PD, the first thing they said was "we can't do anything until we sign their contract". On Monday PD phoned and said they would "never send guys up trees with ropes and chain saws". That is the way it's done though. Tuesday PD rep came to evaluate the situation, saying a crane was needed costing $100 (impossibly cheap) to get it here and they'd have to get a crew to take away the uprooted mound of earth 'in 5 pound bags!' I HAD to laugh. Again PD rep said they couldn't do anything before their contact was signed. Same night I received the contract by email. The contract requested the name of our mortgage company and that we sign it without any cost estimate. it was like asking us to sign a blank cheque which I refused to do as not all costs were covered by insurance. I agreed with INTACT to fire PD for the tree removal portion. I was able to get tree cut down and removed in days as opposed to PD estimate of weeks and at half the price ($5000) verses $9500 for the tree removal company PD said they only worked with. VERY slow, poor customer service from Paul Davis and asking any one to sign a contract without cost estimates is like putting a gun to your head when you need urgent help. They left me feeling they are untrustworthy. DONE SIGN ANY BLANK CONTRACT
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Paul Davis Restoration Canada Customer Care
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Avoid at all costs, go with nearly anyone else.

While the person that was immediately on site to respond to our flood was polite, it became very clear in the weeks following that the aim of Paul Davis was to make the emergency response claim as bloated as possible without making the insurance company ask too many questions. What should have taken a few days to address water damage from a flood in our house (and was originally told to us by the 1st response person as such- having dehumidifiers in place for 3-5 days) turned into over two weeks simply to dry out material. The initial person on the scene the night of our flood indicated that everything would need to be removed due to the extent of the water damage as it was obviously damaged beyond repair and the warranty of flooring voided, however they continued to attempt to dry the material out "in place" for weeks. They seemed to be ok with having displaced my family with young children into a hotel for weeks only to have the material removed in the end anyways. This was also the same for the water damage in our basement. Then when it came to rebuilding, getting in touch with or receiving a response from the staff was nearly impossible. The team from Paul Davis never even asked it we wanted to have them complete the work for us - originally we were planning to use them, but it became clear that they could not be trusted and were only committed to inflating their bottom line through the emergency response. I can honestly say that I wanted to use their rebuild services for ease of not having to use another contractor, but I could never recommend them based on the experience that our family had. In the future, I would do everything possible to avoid having to use their services. In the end, for a relatively simple flood in our house, it took over 2 1/2 months to simply receive a quote for the rebuild...and that was after our forcing it to be moved along. This left our family without a kitchen and common area in our house for over 5 months total. Paul Davis is completely to blame for this timeline. I have worked with various contractors on numerous projects, but never have I had such a frustrating experience as a customer. I have suggested to our insurance company never to utilize their services as an emergency response in the future. After talking with other contractors regarding our experience, I was informed that emergency response companies often inflate the emergency response as this is very lucrative - this fits with our experience with Paul Davis. Unfortunately for me, this confirms that they don't really care about my experience, but only their bottom line. Suggested improvements: -listen to your clients concerns. -Think logically. If it is clear that materials are damaged, remove them for the process to be finished more quickly and to lower costs. -Stick to your word, don't lie or make false promises. -return calls. -initiate progress...don't make the clients push to move things along every step. -be ethical.
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What city was this company located in ?


I was very happy with what they did, and they did it in a very timely manner too.

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Paul Davis Restoration Canada Water Damage Restoration
Reason of review
Bad quality


The crew came in after a flood to clean up and sold us on having this company take care of our restoration. Our requests were quite simple. They took longer than they said, didn't show up when scheduled and left our house looking like no restoration had been done. Our drywall cracked, ceiling is messed up, they broke and didn't fix our master closet door and I've had issues with final finishes and inadequate floor installation by Irvings. I am beyond Dissapointed and feel ripped off. I will never recommend this company to anyone. My claim was $15K and I feel like the work that was done is worth less than half.
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Bradford, Ontario
Paul Davis Restoration Canada Water Damage Restoration
  • Poor quality and service
Reason of review
Bad quality

Terrible Company

This company does very bad work. They don't know what they are doing. They are not contractors who know about houses, and wet cement and mould. Just mopping up water. This company was sent by my insurance company when our sump pump failed during heavy rain storm. The ground water or water table was high and many homes were reporting water damage. The first day, two young people showed up and started work on the basement. We were confused why the extraction process was not on going as they have a large capacity shop vac to remove water. The carpet was very soaked even after they extracted the water. They basically used it for a 1/2 hour then brought in and set up seven fans and one large dehumidifier and then left. The next day they came and moved some furniture around and moved more small things around but the carpet was still soaked. At this point we asked workers 'Why would you try and dry a soaked carpet with fans?" but they said "Oh it might take five weeks but it can dry out." We were concerned with the smell, mould, the discolouration and of course the carpet was very rippled from the under pad being soaked. On day five the carpet was crunchy when you waked on it and it smelled very bad Now this is a new house with new carpet that had very little use when the flood happened. The dry part of the carpet wicked up the inches of water right to the end of the room after 1 Day. Even after they extracted the water. More than 20 feet x12 of berber was completely flooded. It was a Friday night and these young people did not want to be doing this job at all. We wanted the carpet and under pad removed but they said they had to dry it. What a terrible company. They were going to dry the carpet with fans and dehumidifiers, take the floor trim off , spray some mould chemicals along the floor then replace the trim and walk away. Then bill our insurance for maximum claims due to the way they write up the " detailed process" for emergency clean up. Well they took their sweet time doing what little work that they did. We will never understand how they could get away with this and their intention to get their money from our insurance company for "complete restoration" is such a scam. Our premiums will go up after this claim, we can be sure of that so it is our money that is paying for these electricians, and plumbers, and furnace inspection on top of appliance replacement and the restoration. This turned into a complete nightmare. Do not let this company into your house, you will regret it!
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Woodstock, Ontario
Paul Davis Restoration Canada Water Damage Restoration
  • Scam
  • Ignorant manager
  • Terrible work unknowledgeable
Reason of review
Bad quality

London Ontario Canada!

This company is a bunch of crooks, the London, Ontario office doesn't do any training for its employees but gets grants from the government for training of which the employees never received.The owner of that franchise is a sexist pig who treats all women as if they know nothing and can't do anything for themselves. My experience with them has been brutal from the start, I decided to go elsewhere after the owner made several advances at me in my home. Completely unprofessional! After complaining to emoyees about the treatment they said they see it all the time. And the females at work get the same treatment. I couldn't find a way to contact the ceo or someone in charge of these franchises so I decided I'd write it here! Stay away from the London Ontario Canada franchise and it's owner!
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London, Ontario
Paul Davis Restoration Canada Owner
  • Being belittled
  • Willingness to cheat on his wife
  • Sexual advances
Reason of review
Sexist perverted owner

Unprofessional Service Review

Buyer beware! Do no hire these guys as they work strictly to limit the losses for the insurance company and not for the home owner at all. I tend to wonder who owns Paul Davis systems? I wouldn't be surprised if it's an insurance company.
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Barrie, Ontario
New Reviewer

Paul Davis Systems

We had a basement flooding. We removed the carpeting and under padding ourselves then called the insurance company. Paul Davis Systems is located in Essex Ontario Canada. Our insurance company referred sent them to us. The so called project manager appeared friendly and promised everything under the sun. Told us everything would be back in order in a couple days, then we never saw him again and couldn't reach him by phone. The next day 5 workers came in and started ripping up flooring in one other room, cutting out drywall and damaging things tossing them about. No water damage was found behind the drywall, they left the baseboard lying on the floor. They brought in several fans and dehumidifiers to circulate the air and dry the floor. Actually for the size of the they used too many fans. They spent less than three hours and left. Then only two people came back a couple days later to pretend there monitors found moisture, of course it was the wall where the plumbing exsist. So they didn't come back again till a couple more days past, this time everything was dry, but of course they wanted to say the water affected even more. Getting caught in an absolute lie... they took there fans and dehumidifiers out. We contacted our insurance company about them. The insurance companies should really look into the companies they recommend cause it seems they are out to scam the homeowners insurance.
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I WOULD NOT RECOMEND this company to my worst enemy.... I had a fire August 5, 2014,,, Paul Davis Systems franchisee owner Marcel Richard from Dieppe New Brunswick got the bid.....

out of three other companies,, I guess because he had a really nice web site, I thought by looking at all of his pictures and how he spoke he would be the best choice... one of the worst mistakes in my life.... he started production in September.... confirming that he would be done by the end of October, middle of November....

there was a delay, which was not his falt... but that only aloud for 1 may 2 weeks... today is May 12,2015 and my house is still not completed.... he received $121,000.00 to do my house....

that was not a total tear down,,, just to the studs..... so he had to re plum, re wire, sheet rock, trim, paint, and he still wants me to pay him $10,000.00..... what a rip off... he talks a smooth talk, but beware, that is just it he is smooth....

I too would call him, many many times without a call back, I called my adjuster and he would call him,,, I might get a call back,,, I sent many many messages on his phone,,, no answer, I called the company Paul Davis Systems Head Office and spoke to a girl named Brenda.... with my complaint.... Marcel did then call me back, indicating that most customers always have complaints and are not happy,,, what a thing to say.... DON'T GET THIS COMPANY, you will be sorry if you do...

trust me....


Paul Davis Systems in Windsor/Essex was recommend by the insurance company to clean up our home. They would not itemize the cost and wouldn't tell us the price quote of the job ahead of time.

They kept saying that the insurance company would pay for it. Now, I tend to agree with the frustration and lack of trust that people are having with this company. I also find that they are dishonest and bilking insurance companies out of thousands $.

Insurance companies don't check on them so they get away with it. Homeowners have a right to know what's going on that making their insurance cost rise dramatically.

#351047 is ripping off homeowners insurance by claiming outrageous bills for work they never did. I spoke with my insurance representative who told me they claimed over $3000.00 for the clean up alone.

I mentioned that my husband and I did most of the cleaning up ourselves prior to them showing up.

Trust me never again would I use or recommend anyone using their service. I will be writing the BBB in my area to investigate them thoroughly.


This company tried it's sale pitch on us but we said no thanks. Felt like they were imposing themselves on us, like the door to door vacuum sales person of years ago.

They try shoving a contract in your face and make you think you need them. Homeowners should beware of companies on to take advantage of them.


We got stuck using the same Paul Davis Systems. They broke our drywall and did a lousy patch job to cover the hole. They charged our insurance, HST for carpet removal that we did ourselves.

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Reston, Virginia
New Reviewer


We live about an hour outside Toronto, Ontario Canada. We had a house fire in July 2010. Paul Davis Systems were the preferred contractor as recommended by our insurance company. Having absolutely no knowledge in the restoration game, we signed with them off the bat...With our insurance company behind us, what could possibly go wrong...RIGHT???? Well, its 7 months later, Paul Davis Systems has half the restoration money, for a job less than half completed...Due to failed confidence in the project management, I have since put a stop work order into the owner of the company. The original on-site project manager was fired approx 2 weeks ago for reasons unknown. The new project manager is the same guy that we originally signed the emergency house board-up and secure contract with. Since that date, 7 months ago, we have not seen this particular individual...Interesting yes? We did not receive an estimate of the build until last week - 7 months after the fire. Who knew that a booklet like this existed! We've been making decisions here and there, when they actually come and ask based on a moderate lifestyle...Who knew that there was an actual guideline! PDS would always say 'just choose something...' Here are some items that anyone currently having Paul Davis Systems should look into: - No deck lighting or switch for the lighting installed. Lighting did exist prior to the fire. Why we were not consulted for this??? PDS Crews would have been on site, and seen/removed the old fixtures. - The pot lights in the kitchen on the back-yard wall are not in the correct location for the cupboards. How did the location for the lights occur? We were not asked for location, nor did we approve the current locations. Who made this decision? Who designed or approved or designed the kitchen layout? - Are the plugs in the kitchen in the right locations considering there was no kitchen design approved or discussed? Who made this decision? Not us - Are the plugs in the kitchen in accordance with current electrical code? Separate circuits are required and proper gauges of wire used??? - Has the plumbing in the island been installed correctly, in accordance with an approved kitchen design diagram? Who made this decision? Not us. - The kitchen exhaust hood venting has not been roughed in. Did someone forget to guestimate this installation when they were guesstimating the rest of the kitchen peripherals??? - *** Are the fire alarms interconnected? Because only having one wire in the rough-in box would suggest not…This is against the electrical code as well… Would you be able to sleep at night knowing that the bloody fire alarms are incorrectly installed after going through what we have?????? - There is a plug missing in the back wall of the living room…presumably covered in by the drywall? I know the plug was there last week! - The drywall under the missing plug has been installed directly on a concrete wall, sans vapour barrier or insulation…This wall is backed by an un-insulated space – the garage. This piece of drywall has also been wedged into position and held by two other pieces without screws. What happens if someone bumps into this drywall in the future??? - The stairs leading to the second level are chipped on the top step. - The hot air register at the front door is in a poor location. The center of the register is at the hinge point of the door. who would do this?! Poor decision... - The front window, on the left side requires a crank out, as discussed time and time again with multiple persons - The patio door has been installed incorrectly. We were never consulted with this decision. The original patio door opened from left to right, not right to left. - The drywall going down the stairs into the basement, strip on the ceiling is completely crooked. Literally measuring 2" on the left side, to 3.5" on the right side. Would you be happy walking into your house and seeing this??? Every time you walk in??? - The bulkhead in the basement, going into the bedroom. How is this to be finished??? What kind of decision is to be made for us in this area??? How is one supposed to "˜close the door' and isolate yourself from the main area??? There is literally a 6"x6" opening above the door space into the bedroom in the basement where the bulkhead is and the bedroom wall begins. - Why is the drywall in the basement shower there???? We were charged for cement board in the quote! Plus, why is there regular drywall used on the ceiling??? Should this not be green or blue mouldproof as per building code? Is regular drywall actually Mould resistant? - The dryer vent is missing!!! How much drywall will have to come down now to install this item??? Amateur mistakes!! What were we supposed to do in the future upon occupancy???!!?! - The ductwork in the garage will have to be insulated as it passes through an unconditioned space and will sweat in the summer and lose heat in the winter. Does efficiency not matter to PDS? - The plumbing in the garage is incorrect. The garage area is unconditioned. Plumbing in an unconditioned area is a code violation, no? Would you allow this in your own home? Knowing full well that the chance of a pipe bursting due to the cold space is immenant… - The ductwork run for the front room actually runs outside!!! This also will sweat and rot out in the summer, and be a major inefficiency in the winter. Personally, as an HVAC Journeyman, this practice is unacceptable. - The garage door coming into the house, hinge side, has some holes in the frame showing the lack of insulation and vapour barrier on the wall. Once again, the garage is an unconditioned space. Should this wall not be insulated all the way across????? Does it not feel cold to you when you put your hand in the hole? - Basement bathroom. Should this window not be frosted for privacy reasons??? For a $15000 charge in windows alone (Home Depot cost is approx half), we should have at least been consulted for something like this! Once again, someone made this decision for us... - There are 2 soft spots in the floor area between the kitchen and the living room. These spots are unacceptable considering the hardwood will make a noise and/or shift over time. The repair would consist of removing the drywall ceiling in the basement. - Who chose the front door? Not us. We were never consulted on any door decisions. - Ensuite closet - why no pot lights? Typical fixture going to hang low and someone could get injured no? Why were we never consulted on this decision??? Something else decided for us. - Garage Door opener brand new? We have been charged for one yet we still have the existing previous opener?? These are just a few of the things that will be on the table when I meet with the owner of PDS tmrw. Who is going to pay for the repairs of the inadequate or absent items throughout the build???? I am not even a little bit happy with this build. This company inflates the trades quotes, and then, when it comes to the final tally, they add 20% for profit and then 20% for overhead...This equates to approximately a 60% margin!!! Good luck to all whom have the misfortune of working with this comapny! Pay close attention in all aspects of the job! Respectfully, Unlucky Near Toronto
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my recent experience with Paul Davis leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Only an unscrupulous company would try to pressure you into signing their contract which didn't provide any scope of work, nor estimate of costs. Plus they wanted to know who our mortgage company was (presumably to be able to put a lean on our mortgage if we didn't pay their unstated costs).


A real site should like mike Holmes not your looser site.


id like to hear from anyone who knows of other stites about negitive pds experiences

I am having one right now

I need to learn more about stratigies in dealing with them


I hear only one side of the story.Who ever the adjuster was probably was in formed on what was going on.You sound like the home owner from ***.You complain like *** and never allow the people to do there job.You probably never return calls or show up to pick out what is going in for flooring or fixtures.I never seen a job go perfect and I don't think this company is the first to have employees fired when they are busy.I would put you on the no go to list.


I understand your complaints and agree with most. I am a journeyman hvac contractor as well as hvac company owner and we regularly run ducting outside when there is no attic or subfloor.

If you or the sheet metal company that you purchase your ducting from properly insulates it there will be no condensate or sweating.

Good luck with your endeavors 8)



'M.CONDIE' ......







I would seriously consider legal action.

Time and time again I've seen the homeowner become the innocent victim in dealings with certain restoration companies. Workmanship without pride, and shortcuts that most don't catch.

That Guy, you appear to have just cause and sufficient evidence to pursue legal action that would ensure you receive proper reparations in this matter. I will PM you my legal advisor's name and number. Just say the word. He is well versed in these particular matters.

Fireguy obviously works for PDS. He should consider a new occupation if that's how he conducts his business affairs.

Good luck guy...


I agree in whole with R.Stilgreen. Not knowing the business of restoration it is why people like unlucky near Toronto entrust companies like PDS to help them get their lives back on track.

As for comments like who cares if they make money or what the percentage is, was not what he was questioning but mearly a statement of facts.

Fireguy maybe someone needs to shake your head and maybe you should watch Holmes you might learn something for yourself, like respect, honesty and a sense of caring after all how would you like to be on the other end having your life disrupted, loosing your possesions only to be lead down a road of poor workmanship, work that would not pass code. To me this is unacceptable and should be persued by a lawyer so to keep people like PDS & Fireguy away from restoration jobs.


I just finished reading both of these comments and as someone who is also in the construction industry, i have to say that fireguy or whatever your name is, is not only being overly harsh but i also have to completely disagree with you.

When you are in this situation and lose everything to a fire, you expect the people coming in to be trustworthy and stick to their word. Clearly this company did not from what i'm reading here.

If i didnt know better from reading your reply, i have a funny feeling that you must work for PDS. Otherwise why would you seem to sound like you are taking it personally. Either that or you are on of the contractors who were responsible for the whole debacle.

Either way i feel for the home owner and hope it gets sorted out for you, there really is nothing else that could be had for you other than sympathy. Oh and, perhaps you should call Mike Holmes or the news about it, that part of the repliers message was a good idea.

Good luck


That's too bad, when I had my fire it was sprinkled with pixie dust and the whole thing was fixed. Oh, no, wait a minute, its called RESTORATION and things do tend to go wrong! As a General Contractor myself, I have made mistakes along the way, but I have always rectified them, at my own cost. Most of the issues you have mentioned sound very minor or unfinished work at the very most.

If you didn't ask the contractor for a scope of work, or a kitchen layout, who's fault is that? You, as the homeowner agreed to let these people into your house to do the work, you should take some of the responsibility.

And did you really expect a company to do the work without making any money? Do they not have employees, vehicles and a building? 40% might be a bit extreme, but if the insurance company has accepted their pricing and the job is done to your satisfaction, who cares how much they make?

Stop watching Ty Pennington and Mike Holmes. Go walk around a real construction site and give your head a shake.

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#217991 Review #217991 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Oakville, Ontario

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