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Patriot Air In Columbus OH, Is The Most Dishonest Company I Have Ever Dealt With!

Do not use Patriot Air, stay as far away from them as you can! The owner Bill is the most dishonest person with absolutely no integrity at all that I have ever met or dealt with! He may be very nice while selling you something, but he will not back it up, ever! Patriot Air installed all most of the AC/Furnace units on our street and everyone that I know of has fired him, and has had absolutely horrible experiences with him, all based on the same issue the owner Bill is extremely dishonest and lacks any integrity at all! They do terrible work and make lots of money fixing their terrible work every single year. I have had 4 long difficult years dealing with him and have learned firsthand what the saying means that a "leopard doesn't change its spots". This guy is bad news stay away! His company Patriot Air originally installed the AC/Furnace unit in my new home in Oct 2007. From the very first time I turned on my AC system the first spring of 2008, so about 4-5 months after I moved into my new home my AC system did not work. His company came out to fix it, said there was a leak but could not find it so they had to go through the steps of putting die in etc. which is a multi visit and Very Expensive Process. Bill then tried to charge me for this repair (Several Hundreds of dollars) even though the system was brand new and did not work since day one when he installed the system only a few months earlier. It also obviously fully under my 2 year warranty with the builder, that Bill obviously knew about for crying out loud he is the owner of the company he had to be involved in making this deal with the builder! Believe it or not we had to fight with Bill over and over again about this being under warranty. Finally had to get the builder involved to end his lying scamming escapade! I have learned that everything I do with Bill needs to be very well documented because he is so dishonest and without any integrity at all! The system made it through the summer, and then the following spring (spring of 2009) I go to turn on my AC and it doesn't work again! Keep in mind this is a one year old system that he installed and repaired a few months later and now a one year old system I have to go through major repairs again. Called Patriot Air up tell them that the system they installed and repaired less than one year ago is not working, and make sure I state it is fully under warranty by the home builder and further more that the repairs that they did the previous year also carry a one year warranty. And I could not believe what happened next, Bill calls me back and says that there is no home warranty the home warranty was for only 1 year and that his company has never been to my home and never did any work here so therefore there is no warranty on that either. I could not believe what I was hearing, what a crazy psycho liar!!! So I tell him lets worry about that latter I need his company to come out and fix my AC. Which they do and discover that there is a leak again and go through the exact same exercise die etc.. and give me another several hundred dollar bill. So I call my home builder up who told me not to worry that of course there is a full 2 year warranty on the AC/Furnace and that besides that Patriot Air just made these repairs less than a year ago and that they should be covered under that warranty as well. So then I call Bill up and tell him and he explodes and goes absolutely crazy, yelling and screaming there is no home warranty and we have never did any repairs at your home, ever! Which now has pushed me over the top, I say to him I cannot believe you are saying this we talked at great length, even argued about the new home warranty last year, and his response really told volumes about is character, "If you can't find the paper work that we were there last year then it didn't happen". So I called my home builder and Thank God my home builder had everything recorded and documented, they were very sick of Patriot Air and Bill as well! They sent Patriot Air everything, and finally shut him up, at least for that year. I have learned that everything I do with Bill needs to be very well documented because he is so dishonest and without any integrity at all! So now it's Spring of 2011 and for the 4th consecutive year I turn on my AC and it doesn't work again, and it's the same exact same story. Every spring for the last 4 years I turn on my AC and it doesn't work, I have to call Patriot Air out to fix it and they charge me hundreds of dollars to fix it every time. Bill has never one time taking any ownership of the fact that his company is the original installers of this brand new unit that has never worked since day one, Bill has never backed up his work from the previous year's several hundred dollar repair, every year he charges me several hundred dollars and again claims it is a new leak etc.., Bill has persistently tried to charge me directly the first two years even though the new unit was fully under warranty from the builder and Bill knew it! Bill has even stooped to the low (Every Single Year) of claiming that his company has never been to our home and has never did any repairs, in an attempt to not have to stand behind and back up the work he did the previous year! He said if we couldn't find the paper work that he would not back up the repairs that his company did. I have had to get our builder involved every single year to shut him up and make him back up the work he did the previous year! I have learned that everything I do with Bill needs to be very well documented because he is so dishonest and without any integrity at all! Stay away from Patriot Air it will no doubt *** you at some point down the road! Bill is by far the most dishonest person I have ever worked with or even meet for that matter; he has absolutely no integrity and will stoop to any low to save him some money! And you know what they say a tiger does not change his spots! Sure he may be very nice while selling you something or doing the first service but he will not back it up and will go to any low to not have to back it up!
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I too have a very similar story about Patriot Air. When replacing my heat pump I got three quotes from different vendors.

I was told by Bill at Patriot Air that he had a XP21 Heat Pump. A Lennox Residential unit that had been ordered for a customer that no longer needed it. Therefore, he was able to charge me the same price for this unit as the next size down. Sounded pretty good, so I agreed.

It started to get a little weird when I asked for the paperwork, bill of sale, prior to installation and he said that the installer would have it for me. Once the unit was on the pad and being installed I noticed that it was in fact a XP19 Lennox heat pump. I asked for the work to stop while I called Bill. He said I must be mistaken and that the proper unit was being installed.

Unfortunately for me I doubted myself a little and gave the okay for the install to continue. What continued was our problems. It was the winter time and we noticed that cold air was pumping out of the unit while we were programming the thermostat for warm air. I called Patriot Air and they had a technician come to the house.

What had happened was that the emergency heat strip was working in conjunction with the cold air, heat and cold battling it out at my expense. Yes, an $1130 dollar electric bill. I called and wrote a letter stating that I believed it was reasonable that they pay a share of the bill. This was the last I ever heard from Patriot Air.

I have had problems with the unit ever since. I can't understand why Lennox would allow this company to sell and install their products.

I know in my heart I got a complete screwing, however, I believe what goes around comes around. Do not use this company.


This customer obviously has an axe to grind. We at Patriot Air strive to satisfy our customers in every way.

That is why Patriot Air has an A rating with Angies List in spite of this review. I won't dignify any of this garbage with a response, other than to say this is a Beazer Homes issue,not a Patriot Air Issue. He is out of warranty and we would have still taken care of it if not for his rudeness and inability to reason.

I see where this site says "personal attacks will be deleted".

If that isn't a personal attack what is? Further more,what is an Angie's List review doing on this site?

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