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No communication

As a customer, I have sent Pat several inquiries on my order. he was happy to take my money but he does not respond to the status of my order. Ordered in February and still have no idea if the order is on its way. I have a USPS tracking label # that was created in May but the package has still not been shipped. I am in customer service and I wouldn't have any customers if i ignored them the way he has. The "I'm to busy" excuse is not acceptable and a poor excuse. if you want referrals, poor way to attract new customers.
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Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

User's recommendation: Don't tie your $ up. Look elsewhere for similar product.

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Don't buy from Pat Marlins

The first time I ordered he said his machine was down and was going to take a little longer. Fine no problem, but I did have to contact him to find out what was going on. This order took about a month to get here. Second order, same BS sorry my machine was down for 3 weeks just trying to get caught up with orders. Sorry his customer service sucks ***, you have to contact him to find your product, he gives excuse after excuse after excuse. "WARNING DO NOT BUY FROM PAT MARLINS UNLESS YOU WANT TO WAIT AT LEAST A MONTH FOR YOUR PRODUCT AND GET NOTHING BUT EXCUSES FROM THIS BUSINESS"
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  • To many excuse on a regular basis
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Poor customer service doesn't even come close
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I’m still waiting for my order which unplaced with him on 8/20/2021 and it’s a constant excuse with him.

Cast S
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Pat Green DBA PatMarlins CheckMaker scam

PatMarlins, West Coast Engineering, and ROCKDock are all companies run by Pat Green in Northern California. Pat Green produces reloading equipment and accessories for the shooting and reloading hobbyist. Mr. Green's order fulfillment process is a joke. Some members of the web site have placed prepaid orders that are now approaching a year. I'm now starting to think Mr. Green was also involved with the Gpal fraud that was also operated in / from California. Mr Green also sells on eBay and seems to have no problems fulfilling orders on that site, althow at a higher cost to the consumer. If you question Pat Green about the delays in shipping the items that you have prepaid, he gets very butthurt and says that he will refund your money. Unless yoy have proof of payment Pat will be unable to find your order. After providing proof of payment by USPS money order he was able to find order. I have yet to receive my refund from this scammer. Here are some great excuses from Pat Green, they include everything but the dog ate my homework. 7/4/11 "Dear friends and customers, This is the first message I've been able to get out since our power went down. For those who don't know, we are located in the Northern California mountains of the Shasta Trinity National Forest. Our home and machine shop is completely off grid and primarily solar powered, and we possibly may be the only manufacturing outfit in the country that is. Certainly for our shooting industry. A few weeks ago we were hit with thunderstorms and a lightening strike took out our main power inverter. This powers our home and parts of the machine shop. To ad to the problem if that wasn't enough, in an effort to power up my computer and get back online, a portable inverter took out my computer. So we've been dead in the water without online communications- (of which our business is completely email based), and without normal power. Think of all the things that happen when your neighborhood power utility goes down and thankfully, my wife has been gone during this whole ordeal caring for her mother who is recovering from surgery. While owning your own power company has it's benefits, it also has it's hazards on a practical level. We've been off grid for 13 years without a hiccup. The inverter that went out has been a top of the line performer in the solar industry for over 20 years, but parts and repair options for these units have all but disappeared. So I'm having to upgrade and install a different manufacturer who's modular design and modular circuit boards makes emergency repairs and replacement a snap. This modular design is currently the main power source we use in the machine shop." 7/28/11 "I just destroyed a boring bar from a programming error. Destroyed a 5C collet and stock as well. I just learned I do not have a back up bar. That was the backup bar, and I forgot to reorder." 9/1/11 "I'm working as fast as possible, and orders are being filled daily. Not as fast as I would like, and I'm not caught up as fast as I thought I would be from being behind with our power system down here the past weeks, but I will be caught up soon." 9/21/11 "I've had my main CNC machine down for almost 3 weeks now, and I think I have it repaired finally this evening. I had been running 45 caliber parts- all but one part of the dies finished when the breakdown happened. So the hold up. The part- a Z axis encoder had to be made to order. Had no time to get this final die part programmed for my new machine, but hope to have the second machine programmed for all 45 cal die parts as well soon." "I've had my share of electronic CNC component issues due to the age of one of my machines this year. It was the last of the original old stock items that had not been retrofitted as well as a Z axis encoder going out a few weeks ago. Used equipment will test your resolve, and normally I'm up to the task as long as I get some decent mileage in between, but lately it can make a guy wish for something new." This man is nothing but one excuse after another. If he can't provide what he is selling in a timely fashion he should just throw in the towel and stop stringing along his customers. All you are doing when ordering form Pat is providing him with interest fee loans. Avoid this scammer at all costs!
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Poor businessman. To many excuses for not delivering product.

Latest excuse is having the flu.

Next it will be that the dog ate his homework. Go figure.


This is very similar to the experience of other purchasers of Gas Check tooling from this person. Pat is great at his communication BEFORE the purchase.

He has a listed 5-6 week turn-around time on orders. After the purchase he does not return emails in anything resembling a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes there are no replies of emails returned at all. When finally an email gets replied to it is similar to the same excuses endured by other customers since 2008 as to why an order has not been filled.

Same B.S. as what most others have experienced. When confronted by his failure to deliver, Pat Green engages in rants, pretends that the order was to going to go out that day, then he willfully refuses to fulfill the order.

Beware of this guy. Also beware that the CastBoolits forum has this guy's back no matter what he does, so don't expect to get anything resembling a fair airing of any grievances with regard to how this guy conducts business.


As I wrote on another one of these PatMarlin CheckMaker Pissed Customer reviews:

I have a 45 PB check maker on order and I've been on a waiting list probably longer than anyone. Is this a problem for me???

NO, NOT AT ALL!!! Pat has been open on the forum he deals regarding production and hang ups along the way. He has enough customers who provide positive feedback regarding his products and his personnel integrity. Will it take some time to get one of Pats custom check making tools?

Well at the current time, yes it could and should a person not be willing to be patient then it is as simple as not buying from Pat. I'm sure that once he irons out all his CNC issues and has both his machines running he will be turning out products on a regular schedule.

Pat is not a cheat or a scammer and running a person’s name through the muck on the web shows the true integrity of a person. Should a person not be happy then simply ask for a refund and be done with it.


This guy is a lying piece of ***. He wouldn't accept the refund that was offered several times.

Now he is making stuff up.

I do know who he is, and will be letting people on the forums know his identity. He needs ran off of the internet.


This guy is a lying piece of ***. He wouldn't accept the refund that was offered several times.

Now he is making stuff up.

I do know who he is, and will be letting people on the forums know his identity. He needs ran off of the internet.


I haven't found this to be true at all in my dealings with PatMarlin. I ordered two CheckMaker Dies and received them both. They are good products.

No where have I seen Pat claim to ship in 15 business days in any of his offers. He clearly states that some of his products are in the development stage and that if a person chooses to pay in advance and receive a place in line, he/she may do so, and that when the product is developed to Pat's satisfaction, he'll make and ship them.

I ordered a third die set from Pat sometime back, with the full understanding that it hasn't been refined yet. When Pat gets it designed to his satisfaction, he'll ship it to me. That's fine with me, since I ordered this particular die set knowing that in advance. He offers tools that nobody else offers, and being a one man shop, it takes time.

The bottom line is, Pat is getting a *** rap from this posting. I know for a fact that a refund was offered immediately, but refused by the poster. Pat even offered 10% back over the original amount the poster paid, but again was refused.

Hope this helps.


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map-marker Los Angeles, California

PatMarlins CheckMaker scam

Pat Green owner of West Coast Engineering, Patmarlins CheckMaker and RockDock is a manufacturer of reloading equipment for the firearm enthusiast is a scam. When you place a order for one their products you are told that your item will ship in 15 business days. Here is a list of the excuses received from Pat Green with in the last six months. "I accidentally destroyed my CNC machine and will be delayed two weeks" or "the power went down to my shop for 3 weeks" or "My controller for my CNC machine is down, but I think I got it fixed today." When asked about a refund, "it will take me 30 days to issue one" Bottom line if your a shooter and reloader and looking at making your own gas checks avoid this inept pile of excuses. Your just basically providing this ***, Pat Green with interest free loans.
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Quit whiningQuality work to tight tolerences takes timeIf you can't do it faster and better than what are you talking aboutIf you want instant service to to McDonaldsEvery product I have gotten from Pat is top notch and works great.if it takes a few days longer to get that quality and support greatGo to Target or K-Mart to get junk fast


Pat is a very interesting man to deal with. He not only explains what his equipment does he works with you to make sure that the equipment you are ordering will produce the exact product you are after.

He also goes as far as to query about your existing equipment so that the gear he ships you will be compatible. Sure as far a shipping is concerned a one man shop can only go so fast. I had a request in for a custom built Dulcimer that took almost a full two years to get. It was worth the wait as are all quality pieces of products.

Turned out my dulcimer creator had never once made the specific description of instrument I was asking for so we spent around a whole year with back and forth questions. He'd say that he couldn't make a certain part if I was wanting a certain wood for that part, and would suggest either another way around that or a different type of wood that would work.

I too got a little disgruntled with how long it was taking until he gave me a link to a page I'd already read and checked off that I had read it called "Terms and Conditions of Sale" which clearly indicated just how much of a wait I'd be in for even if everything worked like clock work. Some things are unforeseeable and will definitely extend the wait time on an order. The guy could not be in business if all he did was to sell lies and not high quality equipment as he does.

I got my gear in a little bit ago after not having to wait more that about 20 days. This is an extremely short period of time for most things let alone talking about dulcimers which take on average (for factory identical production models) around 4-5 months. My Bowed dulcimers took 18 months a piece now that I think of it. And as the "Terms and conditions of Sale" that you signed (or checked the box that you had read it" clearly states, you'll be in for a wait due to the one man shop deal.

As sales go up (remember he makes a variety of gear) he will be able to acquire additional equipment to automate his operation and possibly hire some shop help to get his orders out. I currently have a die order in with Dave Corbin of Corbin Swaging that will probably take about three months to get, if I'm lucky. Why, he has family health issues with his wife's kidney transplant. When you get the word that a family member just may get to live a little longer, orders kind of take the back burner so to speak.

I fully understood and offered my family's prayers for his wife and him during this time. Again, Dave is the best at what he does and you pay for the best whether it be wait times or money or both. I found that both wait and cost to be quite promising with Pat and the gear he is making so no complaints from me. Take a chill pill and stop bad mouthing a guy that is trying his best to make it in this world.

If he could snap his fingers and send your order out the very next day, I'm sure that he would, but starting out he does not want to send out garbage, but quality gear so that word of mouth will increase his customer base. I'd fully suggest that folks take a look at what he has to offer. A three week wait is fine enough to get some equipment that will outperform the factory stuff and to cost only penny's on the dollar vs. what Hornady is now getting for their checks.

Now try and buy gas checks from someone other than Hornady?

Good luck as they have the monopoly on check making, That is until Pat came along and now I'll be a gas check maker. Sincerely, I have a clue.


I ordered two sets of checkmaker dies from Pat (45 and 30cal). Pat runs a one man shop.I realized this when I ordered my checkmaker dies. They took a while to get to me. Awhile was not an issue. If you are going to take the time to make your own gas checks who care how long it takes to get the dies.

Once I had them one set worked great, the other had a problem. I contacted Pat and in less than two weeks I had a replacement set. I sent thedefective set back to Pat.

Both sets are making gas checks and are working flawlessly. This is a great product and works as stated. Great Job Pat!

Anyone who puts drivel on the internet about the checkmaker

dies and Pat is either to impatient to own a set in the first place,

does not understand the the mail looses stuff all the time or is just *** in general. Stop Crying and grow up.


Just got my checkmaker from Pat. 6 weeks and that's what he told me when I ordered.

Product looks great. It's longer than I'd like to have waited but again, what he told me to expect. From what I read I'll be well pleased with it.

I looked at all the carping on the net about not delivering but I also looked at all the happy customers that wrote in. Now I'm a happy customer too and will order another one for a different caliber.


I too got marks for slamming Pat on castboolits. They are well aware of this puke and do nothing.. TOO bad as the site was informative but I will have nothing to do with a site that lets the fellow forum members get taken while protecting this maggot.


Jake you apparently are a weenie as well. Go get a job or something.

Be productive like Pat is, and stay off sites that you plan on being a turd on.

Thank you! Sincerely, I Have a Clue


I've heard the same old *** myself. I also noticed the E-bay orders go out much, much faster than the rest of us.

I know from workign for a utility that youcan not operate 3 or 4 CNC machines off of solar panels and windmills. Most machine shops with that kind of service needs have 800 to 1000 amp services. Not services measured in watts.

Also, I have yet to see a home unit offer 277/480 volts from a windmill or even an iverter. get real and knock off the off the grid ***.


Having spent a career at a utility I happen to know that you'll get any power you are prepared to pay for. You want 480 to your house?

You got it. Now it may cost some coin, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility in any way what so ever.

You also need much better things to do with your life. Sincerely, Have A Clue


i have the 30. cal checkmaker from pat....

it is an outstanding product. I had to wait about 5 weeks to get mine and at first i began to wonder if i had been scammed, i was dead wrong. pat delivered when he said and it is a product well worth the wait. If you are in need of gas checks that soon, hornady will take your money any day of the week.

At 33 bucks a thousand, i have already paid for my checkmaker in 2 months. This is a long term investment that will last a lifetime. I am planning to order a 22 cal maker if available and i will use some hornady's in the meanwhile if i can't wait.

Give the man a break ... he is honest and he will deliver


Pat Marlin(Green9)(patmarlinscheckmakers) is a scammer living in Northern, Ca.. He manufactures checkmakers & reloading press accessories.

He keeps his nose clean on Ebay but other sales show that customers have waited over a year & still not gotten their goods and with no response via e-mail or phone. He is a man of 1000 excuses as to why there is no delivery of goods.

The latest is that he's had the flu for two weeks.

I was recently banned from the castboolits forum for "insulting" Pat Marlin(Green) & criticizing his business practice.

The owner & moderators of are fully aware of Pat Marlins(Greens) shinanigans but continue to support/defend him and allow him to use castboolits as a platform to hawk his wares & take peoples money. Go figure?

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