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Boycott PARTY TREE at 2160 East 116th Street Carmel, IN 46032-****.

NEVER SHOP at PARTY TREE at 2160 East 116th Street Carmel, IN 46032-****. I Bought a costume for my husband to wear to a party. It is too large. We tried to return it to find something else. --No return and no exchanges allowed. I told them I had no idea and was not told before purchasing it. They said it's on the receipt. I said: "If I have a receipt it is because I have already purchased it and can't return it. Why didn't the store clerk tell me all sales are final prior to ringing me up?" I will find out who it is and discipline them but I am not taking the item back. I asked for the district managers name so I could take the complaint to the next level and was told that would do me no good because it is family owned business. In other words she was letting me know there was not a darn thing I could do about it. Wow! This kind of customer service will keep this store open during times when all other stores are doing their very best to keep customers happy. My business will go to a more reputable party store and I will spread the word as far and wide as I can about boycotting Party Tree.
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Get over it! You are the reason that small business goes out of business and corporations take over.

So you lost $50 bucks.

Grow up.


The store is going out of business and will be closing soon. Possibly due to their customer service, but I stopped shopping there because they are sorely overpriced.

Ordering online and evening adding shipping costs is cheaper than Party Tree. Don't know, but it's moot now to argue about it right?


It's a *** Halloween Costume. Make it work.

Those stores have 'ALL SALES FINAL' signs posted all over the store. *** people *** me off.


I just happened across this. I don't work for Party Tree, but I've shopped there a couple of times - at your particular stated location.

I don't know of anywhere that will accept costume returns, honestly. If that were the case, everyone would be running back the day after Halloween (or whatever occasion) to get their money refunded. So perhaps you plan to boycott all costume stores, but if that's the case, singling out one isn't fair. Especially since your particular store has 'no refunds on costumes' signs posted frequently throughout the store and at the checkout the last time I was there, which was prior to Dec 2011.

It sucks, and I've been in a hurry and missed signs too, but it's a little unfounded to single out this one location. If there was something missing, a call to the manager as soon as you find out would be appropriate, but it really sounds like you thought of that only after they wouldn't accept your return.


Wow - Looking at this stream it appears that the store employees are trying to respond to Heather with different alias IDs one including "Heatherd11". This in itself is reason for me to never enter this "Party" store. Shame on you people.


I did not make this statement "I know it said it on the receipt and I now realize that was my mistake. I should never have posted this complaint now that I realize I made the mistake." and have reported it to the authorities.


I would think that "A person who has never shopped in a store with a no return policy would not know to look for signs mixed the very "busy" items all over the walls," would ask about the return policy prior to completing their transaction, I also wonder about someone who complains about a piece being missing only after they are denied a return. Perhaps if you had told them about the missing piece to begin with they would have been more sympathetic.


I don't work for the company. Unlike you I am not a *** useless dumb@***s who is not going to argue with a company about something that is clearly explained on your receipt. Don't breed because the world can't afford to support anymore more ***


I know it said it on the receipt and I now realize that was my mistake. I should never have posted this complaint now that I realize I made the mistake.


Dear So Sad, I know that stores which have negative publicity placed online about them will try to counter the complaints by pretending to be a customer such as you are doing now. So counter all you like.

It does not change the fact that my message will not stop here. Word of mouth spreads like wild fire. The message of what poor customer service and poor quality of items will be spread far and wide among the surrounding community. This Family owned store must not have taken any marketing classes otherwise they would know that customer service is first and foremost.

It can make or break a small business. Even giving the customer an apology and a discount is seen as attempting to try to make a wrong right and would appease most customers. I have never felt it worth my time to complain about any poor service before. This time the utter disrespect gave me enough fuel to take time out of my day to move forward with this complaint.

The Store policy, as stated by the woman on the phone, is for the cashier to notify the customer before the purchase is made.

This did not happen. A person who has never shopped in a store with a no return policy would not know to look for signs mixed the very "busy" items all over the walls. A notice on the bottom of a receipt is a bit late in the game.

To top it off, a major part of the costume is missing.

Now I suppose you are going to tell me that I should have opened the package in the store and checked off each item that should have been in the package before purchasing it? That is not how it works. People expect quality.

If we don't get it from your store, we will get it from your competitor. I suggest you take marketing 101 as well as a class on couth.

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