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I order some Bday balloons 2 weeks in advance for a birthday party. They were out of pretty much any kind of balloon I asked for..... Took almost 30 minutes just to place an order ! The D-Day I arrived, had to pay for another weight (the cashier insisted they gave me one already the day of the order but they didn't), the big balloon blew off after 10 minutes and 1 small balloon was actually missing !!!! By the time I realized it, it was too...
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I didn't like
  • Part of the order was missing and damaged
You have to wait your turn; they are checking people out or filling balloon orders. It such a waste of time for the customer‼️ And the inventory selection on Happy Birthday balloons in this store was low.; This was Not a positive experience ; and to add to this I spoke to a person the night before & he told me of special promotions available but they didn't exist according to the cashiers that were assisting me. Yes there were (3) people that I...
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Anonymous 1. be patient.
2. you have to wait in line because there were people in front of you.
3.Party city doesn't have a specific balloon line.
4. it's just a balloon