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Rude service

Counter person I was talking to on the phone spoke very poor english. This happened at the Oshawa North partsource store on Simcoe St. N After repeatedly saying I couldn't understand him, he said he would give the phone to someone else. He came back on twice asking the same question; to which I again replied;" I'm sorry, but I just don't understand you". His thick Indian or Pakistani accent made it very difficult to comprehend what he was saying. Another counter person came on the phone with a snippy attitude saying he can understand him just fine, it's basically my problem. So you hire someone with a poor grasp of the English language and the customer is too blame?? I said thankyou, but I will deal with someone else. Took my business to NAPA, parts in stock, took a whole minute to solve the problem. Nice work Partsource, way to insult the customer for doing nothing wrong.
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User's recommendation: PartSource didn't even respond to my complaint. Its no wonder people hate big business.