Full-time Parrotlet Breeder, Part-time Scam Artist!!!

Matthew Miller of ParrotletBirds.com has been breeding Parrotlets for 10 years, adopting out birds to some (making satisfied customers, to seem legit) while exploiting his "Non Refundable" $25 Deposit Scams to other hopeful out-of-state adopters. He sends pictures of a Parrotlet and promises a great pet at an affordable price with added discounts, to get your depo$it. Sounds so fantastic until you hear his excuses for where your pet is week after month, stringing you along. He ignores emails, texts, and phone calls only to occasionanally reply making you think you will finally get your pet, when something else happens and you dont get it yet again. He even gives you the flight number for your shipment, and what time it will arrive. You get to the airport, wait around only to find out "the airway bill was never tendered" and Matt never dropped the bird off. You call wondering if he's okay, what happened? No reply, until its conveniently been "past the 60s days his Credit Card Company allows him for refunds." Matt leads people on long enough to scam them for $25, which seems small enough to just forget~ but think about ALL the people being Scammed over the years and how that add$ up for this crook! Please AVOID ParrotletBirds at all costs! BE AWARE, there are numerous business transgressions against Matt Miller's malpractice.
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Parrotletbirds www.parrotletbirds.com does not honor 10-day guarantee, buyer beware!

We contacted Mathew Miller of Parrotlet Birds on March 18th requesting a blue female parrotlet. We had a pleasant, in-depth conversation and were told we could place a deposit for $25 that would be non-refundable after 48 hours, and that that very evening he would post photos of all of his available blue parrotlets, as well as advertising a 50% off discount to our airport should anyone local want to order to save us some money. In fact, those changes to the website were not done for five days. However, we decided we would stick with the initial bird we chose and go forward with the transaction. We were told the bird would be shipped on April 12th and given flight details. My children went to sleep ecstatic to pick up our new little pet the next afternoon. Three hours before the scheduled arrival I received an email that the bird was packaged and taken to the airport but was not shipped because he arrived late to the airport. I had to pick my children up from school and give them this news. But I was assured the bird would be on the same flight 2 days later. Oh, and by the way, he had lost my credit card information and could I pay via paypal? This I now know is was a protection strategy for the seller because paypal will not issue a refund on a live animal. So, we paid via paypal and the flight was rescheduled for April 14th. April 14th I went to the airport, two children in tow, and was told by the cargo office that the ticket had been purchased, but Mr. Miller didn't show up to the airport. I got no explanation, and had never received a call or email, nor could I get a call through to the owner. I went home with two crying children, and eventually got a vague email saying "Long story short, I had stuff stolen from me and ppl are not trustworth when I leaving my personal belongs and property with them" and shipping was rescheduled and confirmed for April 16th. This third time the bird arrived successfully, though missing the accompanying health and care info. it should have had. It also had no water source nor water-containing fruit though it had been in transit for at least twelve hours. It had a few seeds scattered on the bottom, but no millet which he later told me was key in de-stressing a bird and he should have included some. In less than 24hrs. the bird died. I contacted Mr. Miller and did a thorough exam of the bird with him on the phone, to which he concluded the cause of death was stress due to the multiple shipping attempts and his failure to include vital care info. He profusely apologized, claimed fault, and promised to send another bird because of his guarantee at no cost the next day. It was my daughter's birthday and I let him know of the extreme upset and he promised he would get right on it and send a new bird asap. He let me know he did not have a blue bird available, but would be most confident if we would accept a white which was older and seemingly more adaptable at no additional charge. We took a few hours to discuss and contacted him the next day to say yes we would like the white bird because it was older and we wanted to be certain we had the healthiest bird to prevent the same outcome. This day Mr. Miller completely changed his story and told me I would owe $142 for shipping and a difference in price due to bird color although the day previous he promised the substitution at no cost. He also said he would not guarantee it's health although his website guarantees the health of each parrotlet for 10 days. Interestingly, his health guarantee and customer service guarantee pages have since been removed from his website, although he does still claim their health for 10-days. We were uncomfortable with the fact that he was no longer guaranteeing the bird and wanted another $90 in shipping, so we asked for a refund. It has now been 8 weeks, and we are yet to get a refund. We believe we are entitled to the cost of the bird plus shipping ($226) because it was the terrible shipping (the bird was packaged for transport and handled three separate times and was not provided millet nor a water source) that lead to it's death. We would never have paid for what was done to that animal. However, we have told Mr. Miller we would settle for a refund minus the shipping and that we wished it to be issued immediately. He has since gotten very hostile, telling us we could try paypal but would get refused and we'd be getting nowhere. We have issued both paypal claims and a claim with the Better Business Bureau and he has refused to respond to either. And Mr. Miller now claims that is it because I filed the BBB complaint that I won't be receiving the refund?!? I would urge others considering ordering through www.parrotletbirds.com to reconsider. Although he has a beautiful website, seems very knowledgeable and was pleasant through out initial dealings, our experience was a disaster. The customer service has been beyond awful, and the shipping was done so poorly it resulted in the death of the bird. And 8 weeks later we are still here waiting for the refund that was promised and has never been issued.
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Matt, the owner clearly has problems. What he says over the phone, and what he actually does are two completely different things. I started a transaction with him over his website. After a day and a half he had not responded so I called him on the phone. By the way, his phone message is just a guy saying "leave a message...". When I asked him why it does not say Parrotlet Aviary, he said he would not want his friends and family to hear that when they call the number. Right then I should have known this was not a person with a professional level business.

I told him which bird I was interested in on his website and he said he would send me pictures of the actual bird he was planning to ship. He never sent me any pictures. It was a Tuesday, and he said that it was possible to ship the bird that Thursday, he would check availability. He sent me a request for information Wednesday morning to authorize the $25 deposit, which I sent him back right away, by mid Wednesday. I was very excited about getting a new bird soon. Thursday morning I was hoping to hear that the bird had shipped, but I had not heard anything new. I left a voice mail on his phone... no answer.... I sent him an e-mail.... no response.... I waited until 2:00 pm before I started to get upset. I was concerned that he was not professional, and now he had my credit card information and was not responding to my inquiries and had not shipped the bird or had the PROFESSIONAL COURTESY to let me know he was not going to make the Thursday ship date.

I continued to call and e-mail him into the night, but to no avail. Mid morning on Friday I called his number and he answered the phone. He gave me a 20 lecture on why he did not keep me up to date with what was going on. He said "My birds are the most important thing to me, not the customer". I was busy with my birds. Then he came up with a "story" saying that BOTH his telephone and internet were down for a day... hmmm.... at this point I was not sure what to think.

He said that he would ask me to pay by Paypal now, but that have banned him. Then he went into a LONG dialog about that dispute with them and a friend. At this point I figured I'm dealing with a partially mental person, and told him I no longer wanted to do business with him.

If you are considering working with Matt, it is at great risk in my opinion. :upset


Parrotletbirds is the best aviary I have done business with. They really worked with me on what I was looking for and how much I was looking to spend.

They made sure I got what I wanted. As for shipping, awesome. The carrier was setup with a layer of wood chips for the babies and made sure they had enough millet and veggies for the trip. The baby's are doing wonderful and they are nice and healthy.

Thank you so very much.

I will definitely be doing more business with them and I highly recommend them to everyone that you should check them out. Thanks again guys!


I have had no problems in fact my birds from Matt are the only ones to have babies. :)


Our family purchased from Parrotlet birds. We couldn't be any happier with the quality and friendliness of the parrotlet we received, whom we have named Nishiki.

:) We picked up the little new addition to our family at his house in Los Angeles.

Everything seemed clean, organize, and well maintained. Overall experience: A+ :)


This Parrotlet breeder is a LIAR & a CROOK! He sells sick unbanded birds that were never hand fed and a person cannot even use or sell them as breeders because they either die or are too old to breed! BUYER BEWARE!


Parrotletbirds is a very good Parrotlet breeder to buy from. I brought a Parrotlet a Dominant Blue Split Fallow Pied from him a few weeks ago.

I named her "Mylie" I wouldnt have anything negative to say about him.

He answers all your questions and the proccess was nice and simple. I would recommend him to someone interested in purchasing a Parrotlet.


PARROTLET BIRDS provided me and my family with several birds not only was the owner helpful and very educated on his birds but he was willing to answer all of my questions i highly recommend this breeder if you are looking to buy a parrotlet his facility is clean and he loves his birds.. for the people who complained all i can say is you cant please everyone and have you nothing better to do with your life or time?

i mean seriously a 6 dollar wheel ??? get over yourself woman was that even worth the effort?? you are trying to harm someones business when all of your facts and claims are unproven, untrue, and FALSE.. he has hundreds of POSITIVE feedback !!!

to those who are unsure the owner will happily supply any feedback you would like to see.. his birds are beautiful, very friendly, and very healthy..

i have no idea why these people would make up lies to hurt someone like that.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PARROTLETBIRDS !!!


waiting to get a pair have't got them yet been waiting for a while hope I have good luck


These are all laughable


His aviary was 153 degrees when we visited it. For that reason alone we decided to purchase all available hand babies. It added hotness to each baby!

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