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My sister, Peri Gilpin ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-OvWOu6wDg&sns=TW ) and I...via the Sarcoma Foundation of America,

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Parkland pain clinic - My sister, Peri Gilpin ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-OvWOu6wDg&sns=TW ) and I...via the Sarcoma Foundation of America,
Parkland pain clinic - My sister, Peri Gilpin ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-OvWOu6wDg&sns=TW ) and I...via the Sarcoma Foundation of America,
...we have been advocates for the cure of Leiomyosarcoma, via the Sarcoma Foundation of America, since our mother's death from this rare and horrible disease in 1997. Sandra Gilpin valiantly fought her very personal battle for fourteen (14) years and succumbed at the young age of 55 in Los Angeles, California. Our father, Jim O'Brien née Oldham of WPVI/ABC News in Philadelphia, PA had died in a skydiving accident when he was 43. Our step-dad is Wes Gilpin. It was the beginning of my diagnosis, under the care of my mother's and my General Internist, Erika Trapp, MD. As I was leaving a MRI at Clements Imaging at Simmons/Seay Comprehensive Cancer Center in February, 2009, I was stopped by the Radiologist's Tech. I was on my way to my St. Valentines Day lunch. Essentially, they stopped me in my tracks and ambulanced me to Zale-Lipshy. Kevin Morrill, MD became my Attending Neurosurgeon along with his Fellowship Resident, at the time, Bryan McGowan, MD (who now is in Private Practice at Medical City ~ Dallas, Texas). During those three (3) weeks, I had a 10~hour Neurosurgery to re-section my pulverized T-12. My cancer had mestactisized from my Uterus to my T-12 and ate it. Actually, a move like that makes perfect sense, As a patient of Dr. Trapp, I needed an Oncology team. All I knew is that I did not want to do Chemotherapy right away, per se. I went to MD Anderson. That's what they wanted to do. In the meantime, my fabulous Dr. Trapp put together a great team for me here in Dallas. UTSW had yet to have their NCI-CC rating. Long story short...when they did, my Oncologist, Thomas Froehlich, MD was it's Director. In the meantime, I had to have another surgery, the revered Siobhan M. Kehoe, MD is my Onc Surgeon. When I had to have Radiation on my T-12, Dan Garwood took care of me then and again when my "C0" & C1, near my brain, had to be done & analyzed, as I was going out the door to go to Parkland on Disability. So, they arranged a Thanksgiving schedule for me. They said, "So long" to me on New Year's Eve 2011. They all had been so goo to me and my rare little tumors. When Gerald Matchett, MD saw me, at his turn as Head of the Parklard Pain Clinic, he gave me the wrong Test (Expanded 5-Panel), in the unsecured Chain of Custody Urinalysis to discover the synthetic opioids which he, himself, prescribed. Then, he quit and had his minion, John Alexander, MD say to me, "You are kicked out. We know that you are a drug dealer." This was surreal. Never, I can honestly say had I ever been treated like this. It's not for any other reason...the blind helplessness, the total disbelief at the blinding ego, the pure powerless & the UNwillingness of any of his colleagues to "get involved"...talk about the gang in blue or whatever...there is also "a gang in white". I immediately called Information Services and got an appointment with Qwest Diagnostics for a Hair Analysis. I had the lock of hair cut out and the Chain of Custody paperwork filled out to go to the Dean of Anesthesiology and Pain Management at UTSW Medical School, Charles Whitten, MD. Then, I filed a Formal Complaint against: Gerald A. Matchett, MD, John Alexander, MD and the Branch Manager of whose name I am unsure at this time. The Hair Analysis hit Charles Whitten, MD's desk. He contacted who, at the time was my Doctor @ Parkland's Oncology/Hematology GI/GU clinic, a revered Fellowship Resident with a PhD, MD. My PhD, MD and another Fellowship Pharma Resident went over the Qwest Diagnostic test and my Numbers were in Good Order and it went back four (4) months. They took that Test & those Number before the Formal Complaint Roundtable, where GERALD A. MATCHETT et al was PRESENT! The PhD, MD took the Test and those GOOD #s before the CII Board who CLEARED me for for my CII Meds for the Remainder of my DISABILTY under PARKLAND's care. When Gerald A. Matchett, MD went to UTSW, within that period of time, 2012, to get his current job, he told UTSW that I, Patti Oldham Wynne, is a Drug Trafficker. When I got back to UTSW, in 2014 (it was old news) I was told by my Doctors Froehlich, Kehoe et al that I was essentially a pariah, that ALL Doctors had been "Warned" and I had been a reported to Austin. For certain, I was exiled from Pain Management and they, as my Oncology Doctors could NOT prescribe for me. My experiences, for instance in UTSW Radiation where I had been told "one false move and we could sever your spine" when I was treated with kid gloves in my first ($83,000.00) sessions... To where the Attending doctor would no longer look at me and I was left to be dragged into position for SABR Radiation by two (2) Techs and snickered at by a Station full of the remainder of the Techs...as an example. As a result of GERALD A. MATCHETT, MD straight up and consciously LIED to UTSW NCI-CC about a Stage IV Cancer Patient who, at the time, had all of her hair, took FEMARA for "CHEMO", had the extra poundage, accordingly; enjoyed being happy, and had a re-sectioned T-12 vertabrae; Thusly, she required Pain Management at the Parkland Pain Clinic, for whom he gave the wrong test for her URINALYSIS and KNEW it yet, DID NOT have the courage to tell UTSW NCI-CC the TRUTH. So, he RUINED her REPUTATION; the Reputation of a STAGE IV LEIOMYOSARCOMA patient (MAYBE as far~reaching as with the State of Texas) and her DOCTORS ability to Effectively TREAT her. And EVERYBODY knew IT. UTSW NCI-CC sold out right along with him. UTSW NCI-CC required NO substantiation to DISSEMINATE and SUPPORT this FABRICATION everyday...it only takes a password. Erika Trapp, MD (Her mother's and Patti's (advocate) & General Internist who had been so pro~Active in her Diagnosis and Care) retired the very day before the PET Scan that imaged the end of Remission for Patti Oldham Wynne, a few months before her return to UTSW NCI-CC and her Discovery of this salacious situation. Initially, Patti was referred to the UTSW NCI-CC Head of Anesthesiology and Pain Management to see if there was some way to circumvent and try to work together from within. Immediately, he wrote into the Record that Patti had NO previous Medical Issues, Myalgia of the Left Buttock (as the source of her pain) and Emotional Problem, Unknown. Then, up among other things, he recommended a new program that their Department was starting: Group Physical Therapy, Group Talk Therapy and One on One Therapy. Lots of opportunity to get a lot of "whatever they wanted" on the record. That Saturday, I had Imaging. We discovered two(2) new tumors at L5 & L2 via CT and MRI. Just not sure tossing medicine balls with new friends was the answer to my particular dilemma.
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Public Retraction & Apology

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Myrah Bur
map-marker Dallas, Texas

Gerald Matchett, MD ~ after I won AGAINST him for characterizing me, "We know that you are a DRUG DEALER", because he ran the WRONG TEST on my Urinalysis. He LIED to UTSW & has destroyed my Stage IV

8/6/2014 - by PATTI OLDHAM WYNNE (Negative) Gerald A. Matchett, MD destroyed my reputation and my doctors' at UTSW ability to manage my Case in total. UTSW is where I was diagnosed with Stage IV Leiomyosarcoma in 2009 (yet I had to go to Parkland on SS-Disability for fifteen (15) months where Dr. Matchett was found by Parkland's CII Board to have run the wrong test to determine the presence of the Opioids that Dr. Matchett prescribed). With pettiness and lack of integrity, Gerald A. Matchett, MD lied about such findings to UTSW when he got his job there. After having his minion, John Alexander, MD kick me out of the Pain Clinic and said, "We know that you are a drug dealer." Subsequently, I provided a hair analysis with proper Chain of Custody via Qwest Diagnostics to the Dean of Anesthesiolgy at the UTSW Medical School, Charles Whitten, MD and via my Formal Complaint to Parkland Memorial Hospital during which I prevailed. After all, including my Meds never missing a beat...Gerald A. Matchett, MD reported to UTSW, in response to why he was on the losing end of a Formal Complaint at his previous job, that I was a "drug trafficker". UTSW wrote it down as fact, although it has been proven false time and again (including via their co-CEO, Joan Schiller, MD when she was Head of Oncology Department. Their Head of Sarcoma, Sarisha Karri, MD ran the wrong blood test when Proxy to my Fellowship Resident, while toying with the resulting 86 on Pain Management & Anesthesiology on my UTSW file, from Gerald A . Matchett, MD false reporting. Gerald A. Matchett, MD, as one can see from how concerned he is with the various posings in his Google images, is a phony. Google his name for more stories on even sadder cases of his screwing up sick people's records with permanent false reports with(out) respect to the drugs that he prescribes. Just recently, and with curious specific education accordingly, he has added "cancer" as a specialty. Don't let this narcissist happen to you. To this day, UTSW has me proclaimed a "drug trafficker" every time I go for Chemotherapy et al cancer treatment at their NCI-CC hospital. Of course, they have to make up other stuff to offset that. So forever, I am having to file with the UTSW HIPPA office to correct misnomers that slip on to my record to balance their claim that I am a "drug trafficker", even though they factually know, as it has on numerous occasions been proven otherwise, that I am not. Gerald Matchett, MD put that item on my medical record for his own purposes ~ getting his job at UTSW without concern for anyone else and effectively lied ON the RECORD and for spite...because I PREVAILED against him, Gerald A. Matchett, MD & his minion who took over for him, John Alexander, MD (along with the Pain Clinic's Manager) with a FORMAL COMPLAINT at Parkland Memorial Hospital; their Pain Clinic, during his transition, in the Summer of 2012. Sadly, every RN and receptionist does not know the truth when they see the big red warning light on my Page. Thankfully, my doctors of all of these years encourage me not to worry about it; that they know the truth. They have even had to keep me from being thrown out at the unsuccessful insistence of the Head of ...guess? Pain Management and Anesthesiology, a Department from which I am 86'd. Blocked (86'd) as a result of Gerald A. Matchett, MD's unnecessary lying. Once again, guess it was getting a little too close for comfort...me, still being alive and all.
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Glad to hear we are not the only ones against Gerald A. Matchett (I refuse to call him a doctor).

(Actually I should say I am sorry to hear that we are not the only ones). They are real good about lying, labeling people and running the wrong test. Gerald A. Matchett told my wife she was on the DEA watch list.

For what? Because a doctor from Baylor hospital went on vacation and had another doctor write her a prescription. Gerald A. Matchett said she was Doctor shopping.

I say let's get a lawsuit against him. He took years away from our lives.

Lossie Emt
map-marker Dallas, Texas

Dr. Shaina Drummond, MD ; Parkland Pain Clinic

Updated by user May 30, 2013

Updated today 5-30-2013.

Dr. Drummond was dead *** wrong.

We had another doctor administer another Urine Test on my wife and it came back negative for Dilauded! Just like we knew it would so the new test is being entered into the medical charts. We literally begged Dr. Drummond to retake the urine test and she said she was "not concerned about it" well we knew they had messed up the test and to the people reading this that thinks 'so what it's just a test' Please understand it's not 'just a test' it is your reputation, it is a medical record that says the urine tested positive for a heavy narcotic that she did not have a prescription for!

The doctor that did the test is a doctor that stood up for us in the meeting we had at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. I'm not going to mention his name because I don't want his name to flag a keyword for pissed consumer even though it would not be anything bad about him. I pray that people stand up for your rights! If you know a test is wrong let others know.

These Doctors have got to be held accountable when dealing with your permanent medical records. My wife has ongoing medical issues so her medical records must be accurate. If it were my test I really would not care because I go to the doctor once a year, but for a loved one that has long term care that screw up follows them! I wish I could get channel 5 to investigate our story...

It's not just this test it is also a doctor named Gerald Matchett who is now at UTSW in Dallas that said my wife needed detox after meeting and talking to her for less than (10) minutes... he determined that, of course before he walked into the room just because they could not find the exact cause of her upper right quadrant stomach pain. Which was determined to be an obstructed bile duct.

If anyone reads this that has any Ideas on how I can get her more help, or get channel 5 to talk to me PLEASE email me at: JoeEspisito@***.com your help would be so very appreciated! We are just normal 40 year old American Citizens that have been married for 24 years and she needs help with a system that is broken.

Original review May 24, 2013
My other post was cut off Halfway thru so here it is again! Dr. Shaina Drummond, MD ; Parkland Pain Clinic. You will find this skinny, blond so called doctor to be real full of herself! She took over for another pain doctor that my wife was seeing until my wife could have surgery on an obstructed bile duct. The pain level on this condition was explained to me as mimicking Pancreatic cancer, but without the cancer. So Dr. Drummond sasses into the room on our first visit and tells my wife she is taking her off her pain medicine, which was only 3 5mg. hydrocodone per day. Partly because of Dr. Matchetts notes (google his name too he was the start of the issues) and partly because she does not believe in pain medicine unless it is for cancer patients. Now let me say this. The surgery to correct the problem was only 3 months away. I asked it it was premature? I mean the whole part of the pain clinic was to keep her comfortable until surgery! Dr. Drummond responded " well, it's my call and this is what I am going to do if you dont like it go to another hospital and get a second opinion!" So without insurance, that was out we would just go as long as possible and if the E.R. had to be visited then it would just have to. Now on the last appointment for the pain clinic Dr. Drummond tells us my wifes last urine sample contained no hydrocodone but did contain dilaudid (a powerful narcotic) we told her it was wrong, that had to be a mix up on the urine! Dr. Drummond laughed at the fact they could have mixed it up! She said " It doesn't concern her" well it concerns us! This is her Medical Record. Anyway we were able to get a grievance meeting 2 days ago with head doctors over the G.I. clinic and 2 MD's that had treated my wife spoke up in her behalf. Everyone genuinely seemed concerned about the botched test and about Dr. Drummond saying "we are not going to tell anyone" "don't worry about it" In my opinion she is a self centered arrogant Doctor that needs retrained or actually fired, I don't think you can train a doctor to have common sense and compassion. I will update more after we get word from the meeting we had. If you have Dr. Drummond do yourself a favor, print this show it to parkland and say "I need a doctor with common sense" one that is not on a POWER trip!
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in my opinion Dr Drummond is an excellent careful compassionate wonderful doctor she has always treated me with kindness and takes extra time to explain procedures she had genuine concern for me and has eased my pain So glad I finally found a doctor who takes the time to listen and genuinely care. I highly recommend her she has a good sense of humor too and makes me feel at ease.

Shirley Hhq

I am black and have never felt like she was a racist. Always been nice and takes time to talk to you when lots of other doctors just rush in and out.

Tells it like it is and tries different ways to treat pain. She also recommended I see a counselor for my depression and it has helped me a lot.

Good doc in my opinion. It does take a while to get in to see her though.


RACIST, uses the N-word freely in both her professional and personal interactions


Notice how the three good comments about Drummond were all posted on 11/15/13. Wow, looks suspicious to me. Just a handful of readers and all of a sudden 3 separate people just happen to be looking up this 1 doctor on the same day.


Sounds like the above speaking person needs to tone down his comments about competent Doctors and seek professional mental health!


Dr. Drummond is the most qualified,competent doctor I have ever visited.

She brought me great pain relief to my back and neck immediately.

She is very caring,knowledgeable and I would and dorefer her to everyone.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-742963

Strongly agree with positive feedback about Dr. Drummond :)


fastgranny that may be wonderful for you. However, I just came back from spending all day at Parkland.

My wifes 6th floor G.I. appointment showed no stones in the bile duct. The G.I. doctor feels it is nerve pain.

She was hurting so bad she was trembling after the procedure so they had to keep her on the bed and take her through Emergency. This is ongoing for 2 years. (2 hydrocodone per day is not popping pills all day) plus. knee / back can be rehabilitated.

Nerve damage can not. Because of Drummond my wife spent 6 hours in the E.R. Every E.R. doctor and G.I.

specialist agree. She put her personal beliefs in front of my wifes needs. Now G.I and the E.R had to put in another referral for the pain clinic. If she was very nice then she must have got zero questions from you.

Questions are what upset her. Truth is comparing your treatment to my wife's is comparing apples to oranges. The shots you spoke of in your back, may work great for you. My wife is allergic to prednisone.

They did the shots anyway and did not block the pain but did help a slipped disk. The prednisone swelled her lips and cheeks up double, her heart raced for 2 days and she ran 101(f) fever.

She is allergic to more things then most people are but she tried then to be compliant with the doctors. It got her no where.

Jawon Vsb

I disagree with this poster. I went to Dr.

Drummond for treatment of my knee and back pain. She was very nice and took the time to explain my condition. The resident who worked with her also was very thorough. I then got some shots in my knees, which helped me walk much better.

I like the fact she does not just give me a prescription for pain medications and walk out the door. She explained other treatment options for pain other than popping pain pills all day. I don't want to get addicted to those things. Hoping to have some shots in my back next.

I will definitely return even though it is hard to get in to see her.

reply icon Replying to comment of Jawon Vsb

We most thoroughly agree with the positive opinion about Dr. Drummond and appreciate having Dr.

Drummond take the time to explain procedures to us.

She is highly qualified and we trust her judgment. She is very professional and has a gentle touch.

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