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I want to warm people before they move here

Park Place at Expo - I want to warm people before they move here
This apartment us the worst apartment I have ever lived in. They never fix anything. My garbage disposal broke and it made this nasty water build up in the sink and I can't use it. I have been trying to get them to fix it for 6 days now. Please don't move here!
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Preferred solution: My sink fixed

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"I'm a Huge Proponent of Building a Home" Ty Wilde About Real Estate Industry

Sep 15, 2020

To help every potential homeowner find answers to their most important real estate questions, we’ve invited Ty Wilde Realtor & New Home Construction Specialist. In this video interview, we asked Ty to share his vast experience and give expert advice on whether to build a house or buy a house, what’s the best time to buy a house, what to consider during the house inspection, and more.

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Ty Wilde
Ty Wilde

Ty Wilde is the Utah Realtor and New Home Construction Specialist with over 15 years of experience. He helps people to go through the process of buying or selling a home.