Mrs G Lal
map-marker Scottsdale, Arizona

Paris my *** !

Just moved here and definitly won’t return to this pretentious place for my next pair of eye glasses. I don’t know who Paris Optique think they are but their customer service sucks. I would like to notify their head quarters if any of their rude employees behaviors and ridiculous service charges, anyone has a phone # or email link to report such thing please ?
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Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy
map-marker Dallas, Texas

They are unreasonable and hide behind their "no refund" policy.

The glasses didn't work yet they fought us every step of the way. We finally had to file a claim with our credit card company. We went to our optician twice to determine why these lenses weren't working. Both times, they were found to be measured improperly. We offered to send the lenses back and keep the frames. Still, Paris Optique refused to budge. They are helpful and friendly through the buying process, but good luck if you have any issues after they receive your money. They are unreasonable and use the "no refund" policy to protect themselves from shoddy workmanship.
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Their store in San Tan mall closed , their customer service especially in Chandler Mall Sucks , they will give you all kind of excuses to circumvent any customer service issues , I purchased very expensive frame parts which come with a year warranty from manufacturer , their parts break before even a year and upon asking replacement which they guarantee at the time of purchase is totally baseless.

You will better off going with major nation chain stores at least you can go anywhere to any store and you will know at least they will be there , not try to give you run around with baseless excuses and rude behaviors

Do not do business with these guys


Same thing happened to me. They suggest you purchase the frames there, you get the lens made there.

I ended up purchasing a very very expensive pair of frames and almost came to about $1,000 when all done. About a year and a week went by my glasses broke split right on the nose part. I called to see what they could do and since I was a week over they couldn't even help me with anything not even a discount with another pair of frames. They come up with all sorts of excuses why they can't honor anything.

The funny thing is they talked me into this insurance, obviously that was a waste of money and that was garbage.

Do not go to the store and purchase any frames. I will admit they had a good selection of frames but they're all garbage and plastic don't do it.

I bought mine from Arrowhead I don't think they're there anymore.

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map-marker Phoenix, Arizona

Insulted me in front of my 9 year old cousin and more...

I bought a pair of Judith Leiber sunglasses(485.00$) from Paris Optique at Scottsdale Fashion Square. For which i had already paid some amount back in April for holding it for me. I went to visit my family in Pakistan and when i came back i went to get those shades because i really loved them. Next day i got some serious personal and family issues and i couldn't afford those sunglasses under those circumstances. Exactly after 24 hours i went to return those shades which i didn't even wear it once. The sales person there named Christopher said i can't return it, he will only give me store credit for that. I told him i am going through some stuff and i can't afford it. He was really rude. I asked him if i can speak with his manager, he replied by saying they don't have manager and wouldn't tell me about anyone of bigger authority than him. I asked if they have anything like Human Resources, finally he told me that they have owner, when i asked if i can talk to him. Another sales girl came saying she is owner's daughter. I told her that when put money for holding these sunglasses back in april i asked the sales girl named Violette helping me at that time about the policy for return, she told me that i can return within certain amount of days. But this girl and guy they both said that she didn't say anything like that because they all know company policy. My aunt she was with me there back in april and yesterday too and she was a witness of what that girl violette said to me and how these people were talking to me yesterday. They said when i signed that receipt paper it is written there about there policies...I mean were they asking not to trust what that girl violette was saying and go through all that written stuff....This girl said that she is violette's sister and she knows that she wouldn't say anything like that and when they ask you to sign that paper they tell you everything about what's written there and there policies. I told her neither her sister violette and the guy named Christopher who sold me those sunglasses day before even mentioned anything about that.. he was standing right there and i asked her to ask him whether he told me anything about policies and stuff...that guy lied on my face saying he doesn't remember...can you believe that..he remembers every thing else and he called my aunt liar.... my cousins of age 9 and 11 were there...when i finally said that i just want to talk to the owner...That girl claiming to be owner's daughter said that she is giving me two options either i just leave or she is going to call security to kick us out.... No one has ever insulted me like that...she had no right to insult me and my aunt in front of her younger cousin got so scared she started crying just as we got out from that shop...we are not accustomed to this kind of rude behaviour and being was like i wasn't the one as customer who paid for those glasses but they were the one paying us money for just standing there. I had worked in retail and i know how to give best customer service within your company's policies.....I wanted to talk to the owner about that and if he would have said that can't do that i would have understand and be satisfied that i talked to someone with authority....I am never ever going to step in that store where they don't have respect for people...let alone their customers....
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Your sick lady!! can't expect a refund just like that at most stores!