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Took cat in pretended to care. Did blood work with expectation of putting together a plan to cure cat.

Nope took $475. No plan nothing call about cat not doing well. Needless to say they don’t care!

FYI when took cat for initial exam they dropped off exam table. Good thing I sitting next to it I caught cat.

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Rosa Z Jyg
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Was passing behind Pantano Animal Clinic with a friend of mine, kind of late, returning to my apartment.

Lo and behold, behind the Pantano Animal Clinic I found a cat sized hav-a-heart live trap (empty).

Suspicious Red Flag 1:

Now don't pull my leg or cat tail, this arouses suspicion. What are they up to we thought, did a client lose a cat there? Or are they cat nappers supplementing their income in these ways, possibly trafficking in cats to various laboratories, and what not. Who knows? Right? Maybe they are also behind all the missing cats and dogs in the neighborhood, the advertising and signs you can see up and down Sarnoff Drive, and Kenyon Drive consistently. I mean I don't think there are that many coyotes around, you know, they would be too fat to come in to town after that feast. There is more to the story also, like the times of night they go cat fishing, and the bait they use, quite possibly...

Then Get This! Red Flag 2:

Me and my girlfriend were coming back from Jesse Owens park one day, and a lady and a girl in a nice SUV, were trying to coax a Shih Tzu into their car on Sarnoff just south of Kenyon Drive, and having seen the chubby little fellow on a number of occasions, I new something was up, they did not own him. The owner came out, and the lady took off, (probably heading over to Pantano Animal Clinic with the bad news, no U of A lab pick up today, sorry doc.

I'm speculating, but possibly this group (Pantano Animal Clinic) has been corrupted by their love of unjust gain and power over weaker species, I know from others, they don't exactly care so much about dieing pets, and will try to talk you into $500 dental work on cats that have less than a week to live, now that IS NOT a speculation.

Then This! Red Flag 3:

Well, another strange event, was a guy in a truck trying to sucker this wily German Sheppard into his truck, also on Sarnoff, and funny, across the street from the Shih Tzu's house (817 S. Sarnoff or so). The dog smelled trouble, and barked at the guy till he split. I know where the dog lives, he is a great jumper and climber, and I know that guy does not live in the house, plus he was calling him by the wrong name. Maybe another guy who lost his Pantano Animal Clinic commission? Who knows?

Like curious George, I ask you, is this connected to that little pet shack called Pantano Animal Clinic?

I have thought about this for a while, and asked others about these guys, and they smell fishy, greedy, and possibly self justified in profiting of these kinds of operations, and really, I don't put it past the corruptive power of greed and money grasping, as you may have seen cause a lot of people to cause pain and other things to others for personal selfish gain. Ironically, are these guys the predators? I almost laugh, at the irony, but it's not funny.

This is getting ridiculous! Red Flag 4:

The other strange thing, was there are no cat traps in the daytime, this is a clandestine midnight activity, a maneuver in my opinion, to avoid suspicion. You got it, you'll only see traps in the dark, and I wonder if they are sticking them out in the desert around the place?

Luring? Red Flag 5:

What was even stranger though, was I made a mental note, and decided to keep an eye on the place now and then, and one day, in the day time, I passed behind Pantano Animal Clinic on 22nd and Sarnoff, and in the back, by a desert lot behind their place, under a nice shady Rhus lancea tree, I saw a bunch of cats hanging out, and munching down, like a big picnic! I thought what in the? As I looked, Pantano Animal Clinic had bowls of food and water back there, and it almost fooled me. This is just too much!

Do these guys, veterinarians, doctors, feed stray cats out of the kindness of their own heart? Or are they luring in four footed $20, $40, $60, $80, and $100 dollar bills whom they sucker and kitnap for illicit purposes and possible lab trafficking? Do I put it beyond the self justification that these dog doctors may be capable of?

I realize it is a speculation, and I have not witnessed it outright, but truly, I have seen enough red flags to wonder should the police be notified? Should the Tucson City Attorney be contacted? Should the Pima County Attorney have a looksy around that joint? What about the Governor?

Maybe someone should, because I'll bet Pantano Animal Clinic won't, answer these plainly, possibly sinister things, that this place pulls way in the back, or under cover of the night.

What else are the doing? Selling dogs to labs too? Speculation? Assumption? I don't trust these guys or the crafty little crap I think they are up to possibly. How much extra income can you pull in doing this stuff? $200 or $300 a week? Are they actually euthanizing your pet, or are they selling him/her at a lab swap meet, with a bunch of other shady, conscienceless vermin?

Hhmmmmm, it's a speculation, and maybe you can join me in asking around, especially the neighborhood around 22nd Street and Sarnoff, to Broadway Boulevard and Sarnoff, and Camino Seco to Pantano.

Again, why trap animals behind the place? Sticking out traps after 10 pm, and pulling in the cat booty, and who knows what else before sunrise? The thing is, Pantano Animal Clinic KNOWS I AM NOT LYING.

Ask them:

Pantano Animal Clinic and (Possible Cat Napping Racketeers), who knows?

8333 East 22nd Street

Tucson, AZ

(520) 885-****

Pima County Attorney

32 North Stone Avenue

Tucson, AZ

(520) 740-****

Tucson City Attorney's Office?

255 West Alameda Street

Tucson, AZ

(520) 791-****

Tucson Police Department-Detectives?

270 South Stone Avenue

Tucson, AZ

(520) 791-****

Finally, some one is asking the question, is Pantano Animal Clinic a bunch-a-rats (sorry rodents, for the insult) or not???

I'll be pursuing this, and hope you do too. Either way, it's sneaky, and suspicious. Just love the usefulness of the Internet!


Google Map of Pantano Animal Clinic Hub of Operations

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U r clearly a whack.

Trapping and feeding feral cats so that they can be spayed and neutered has been a quest of many vet clinics for many years. Cats are nocturnal so night time makes sense. Duh.

Taking strays and loose dogs off the car-laden street and sheltering them til the owner is contacted also a nice move.

Get a life Mr paranoid.


Are you out of your mind? Sorry - that was a *** question,as you most definitely appear to be!

Take all that negative energy and put it somewhere special. The doctors at Pantano Animal Clinic are wonderful people who dedicate their lives to the care of animals. Period. Who are you to write such trash about them and expect people to believe you.

You sound like you are a disgruntled, mean-spirited human. Go pick on someone else and leave Pantano Animal Clinic alone!


Oh my gosh get a life 1) First wild cats or cats in general move at night. 2) it is not safe to trap in the summer during the day Duh!

3) oh yea nothing like a parasitic disease ridden cat to sell. Wow sounds like somebody is smoking something yummy.


I know of no group more deicated to animals than the Dr.'s and staff at Pantano Animal Clinic. In fact why don't you look up the Dr's and see for your self their work in the community, including the Humaine Society and rescue groups. Or maybe you should just go get your meds refilled...


former emploee???? discruntled????


Well, it is kind of suspicious that they are only trapping animals at night. If they were up to only good, why wouldn't they do it all the time (getting even more animals fixed in the process) instead of hiding it at night? Not saying I agree, but just that little bit seems odd.


They obviously love animals. You are an ***.


Trap Neuter Return or TNR ***. If you are so concerned that something horrible is going on why are you posting here, call Pima co.

animal care or Pima Co Sheriff dept. or Tucson PD or Animal Cruelty task force of Southern Az. Take some video and give to law enforcement or put in on youtube. Feral cats are all over Tucson.

TNR is the only way to stop it. Please spay and neuter your pets.


man, are you on crack or what? PAC does great work for both their clients and non-profits, too.

i agree with walter...

get a life! too bad i'm not a lawyer, i'd slander-sue you for them pro bono then get TPD to go check out the stash you've got up your nose and in your house.


Dude yur *** nuts... meow, meow, me...OWWWWWWW! I like cat, especially from panda express, lol :upset

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