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Having grown up in Hawaii where real Chinese food is served at all restaurants, it's unbelievable that this outfit claims to have original Chinese food. My wife loves this place, me I hate it. Chow mien has no meat in it and it is filled with cabbage as fillers, bad. Beijing Beef will break your teeth if you're a senior citizen. Tofu-Eggplant is so burnt and saturated with shoyu your blood pressure will kill you. The cost is pretty high for...
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Anonymous Their website refers to their menu as American Chinese food. I don't know of anyone who considers Panda Express real Chinese. Of course Vancouver is going to have real Chine...

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You as a company need to let your customers know that all of your food is made in chicken oil and that none of your food is vegetarian. Even your vegetables contain meat. You cannot sell people food that should be completely meat free and not let them know. I being a vegetarian myself almost bought the chow mein and vegetables from your store today, only to be told that they contain meat when overhearing that I am a vegetarian. I strongly...
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