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Horrible experience

I am a former employee who was fired last year from the Starkville MS store. There is such a huge turn over in that store. The manager in that store doesn't do her job. Spends most of her time in the office then on the floor while the rest of of would pretty much run the front of the store. I was really upset when I got fired, but it was all for the best. I have a better job now. My advice, think twice before working for them.
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  • Rude employees
  • Not enough hours
  • Favoritism

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution


I thought about working there. Notice they have different people there now.

The ones who used to work there were really nice. I don't shop there like I used to anymore.

The workers aren't very sociable either. So sad because it was a good organization


It was fine in the beginning, but a lot of two-faced people there. The supervisor would talk negatively about every employee in the store, then play victim.

Too much favoritism there. I'm so glad to be out of such a negative environment. Several employees that either quit or got fired are so much better off. Getting paid $8 to do so much work is not worth the pay.

Seriously think twice about working there. People wonder why there's such a huge turnover there.

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