map-marker Palm Springs, California

Assulted and Beatined by Palm Springs Police and Indio Jail Officers

My complaint is towards the Palm Springs Police on behalf of my boyfriend who is now and has been in county jail since April 15, 2013. And due to him braking parole due to family issues.

I rented a room at the Motel 6 on Palm Canyon Dr. South for one day and night on April 14 to the 15,2013, just so we could have a moment to ourselves. On the April 15, 2013 I asked him to stay in the room until I returned with breakfast. I was only gone for 45 minutes, when I came back my boyfriend decided to have a little be to drink and that I didn't know he had it in the room, I then came and he was acting different from earlier.

I tried to talk to him but all he said was that they were after him, I asked him who and he said the Palm Springs Police wanted him. I thought it was due to him braking parole, but he said that they wanted to hurt him and he then ran outside. When he never came back to the room, I went and check out and started calling the hospital and the Palm Springs Police Station and gave he full name, they told me that they didn't have anyone by that name.So I kept calling for 2 days and I found out that he was arrested in Palm Springs and they also said he was arrested in Indio to, but how could that be he can't be arrested in two different cities at the same date and time. So when I was able to see him which it was 5 days after his so called arrest.

He then told and showed me what the Palm Springs Police did to him, they tasked him 3 times by 3 different officer which was a total of 210 volts went through his body which gave him a serious heart attack they then finally call 9 1 1 but he was flat lined for 10 minutes before they were able to bring him back he then was taken to you guessed it Desert Regional Hospital were they took MRIs, Cats can and Xrays of his head and heart,mind you he was only 31 yyes old when it happened, he even showed me all the bruises on his chest, back and legs were the Palm Springs Police assaulted and beat him up. He's trying to fight this on his own but when he gets a good clue or evitends on them they wind up moving him to another county jail. So far he's been to all of them in Riverside County and even Murrieta Can. I am looking for a great lawyer to help him sue and win these cases.

And maybe you'll be able to help him and me with all of this *** *** that they think they can getaway with this. I'm hoping that you will reply to my email about these issues.

Thank you for reading this email I sent you. My email is as follows Nash.stacyrpc@***.com

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Spelling things wrong doesn't give anyone the right to beat one a person. Do you know how many people can't read.

Drugs don't make people ***. Our schools are failing.

Your kids or you had to work cause your parents died.

You should punish them.

Go f. off.


It sounds like you both need help, but not the kind you are requesting, what ever that is. You desperately need help with your grammar and spelling.

As far as that goes you need help with picking out decent boyfriends. Exactly what does breaking parole have to do with family issues? If he was using the brain the good Lord gave him he would have known that breaking parole wasn't a good thing to do, no matter what the reason was. Also if he was half way intelligent, he would have known he shouldn't be drinking anything alcoholic, or should't leave the room.

How did he get the beer in the first place. Cops can taze a person more than one time, if one doesn't do it. How do you know he didn't do the bruises himself, for sympathy.

When he said he had been arrested twice, it could be he was arrested at the location where you and he were, and then he could have had a warrant out on him from the other location. The best help I can give you is to get out of that dysfunctional relationship.


I have one question: did the police have the word 'SPELLING' on the back of their shirts?


Sounds like he did more than just have some alcohol...why are you asking readers here to contact you to help you??? How are any of us suppose to help you? Surely you aren't asking for money?!

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map-marker Clarksburg, West Virginia

Palm Springs Police Ineffective, Corrupt

Many strange, even bizarre things have been occurring at my home and to my business for the past year or longer.

I've tried to get help from the Palm Springs Police Department, but always get nothing in return. Once, after someone stole my phone, hit me and threw me into the front windows of my home, shattering the glass and then took off, I called 911 from another phone and waited for officers to arrive, as the 911 operator told me they would be doing soon.

They NEVER arrived, I waited at least 25 minutes, which is an outrage.

So I drove to the police department to complain and was ignored for several minutes. Once an officer got up from her desk to talk with me, she was short, rude and unhelpful.

Another time, I was told I would have to first call dispatch before Palm Springs Police would begin any kind of an investigation. I did and eventually, Officer Cassie arrived. My sweet chocolate lab greeted her and barked twice, to which Officer Cassie replied: "You better get a hold of your dog before I have to shoot her!"

What in the world just came out of this woman's mouth, I was thinking.

I've been tackled to the ground, handcuffed with brutal force, wrestled and shoved into the back of a squad car without any clothing on, completely naked, and taken to Desert Regional Medical Center where I was injected with various unknown drugs, sedated and unconscious for 48-72 hours.

When I woke up from what I was told was a "51-50," or an involuntary psychiatric hospitalization and evaluation, they returned my belongings and I got out of there as quickly as I could. The incident was frightening, but worst of all, there was never any real psychiatric evaluation that might have been helpful somehow. It was pure intimidation, harassment, physical and verbal abusive, and excessive force used by Palm Springs Police and paramedics. I hope no one ever has to endure such a needless and yet psychologically traumatizing event but knowing how police operate in Palm Springs, it's happened to many others. I'd love to hear about similar horror stories from others. Perhaps we would have more success with a class action lawsuit if we banded together to raise attention to our cause and try to prevent this from occurring to anymore innocent people. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty in this city and throughout the nation? Sadly, the Patriot Act has been a terrorist attack on our nation's own citizens and our fundamental civil rights. Remember what our founding fathers fought for?

I'm afraid too many Americans don't even know what those basic principles were and should still be today: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

It's time to fight back, for the average American to demand our rights be restored and the so-called "Patriot Act" be repealed and replaced with legislation that will forever protect our civil rights for every American, including gays and lesbians and other minorities who are not yet included in the minority classifications listed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and our Federal Government.

We the people are our government. When will we wake up to this and fight back? If you agree, please write me: kr773@***.com. I'm willing to spearhead a class action lawsuit with Palm Springs Police named as the defendant.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Those words from Margaret Mead ring true more than ever today. If you have what it takes to be committed to making such a necessary change in our community, I want to hear from you!

--Kevin Roy, Owner & President of Vacation Rental Homes by Kevin Roy, and very concerned resident and citizen of the beautiful city of Palm Springs, California.

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Please Call johnbryanbeadel. 951343**** disabledmental.

Physical. Heart. And mMarch 8 cops episode. U must watch.

They. Knew I was disabled. Desert Regonal helped absolutely. Then banning no meds ten days.

Sheriff with judge order said *** order. Finally. Public defender indio never did help. Disturbing peace.

From attack on me an service dog. All while accuser high and allowed to be. But FBI Hud payments. To units known.

Drug violence and city allowed. Serious flood of unit three times heavy fines taking slumlords. Words Hud took my voucher with all this blamed on me.

Now. Let's join 951343****


My nephew, a 22 yr old US Marine who just came back from Afghanistan was shot (multiple times) and killed by Palm Springs CA police inside a parking structure. He was unarmed.

To discredit him, they added that they've found stolen card on his possesion which is totally irrelevant to how the confrontation started. The family grieves for the lost of this wonderful young man.


My nephew, a 22 yr old US Marine who just came back from Afghanistan was shot (multiple times) and killed by Palm Springs CA police inside a parking structure. He was unarmed.

To discredit him, they added that they've found stolen card on his possesion which is totally irrelevant to how the confrontation started. The family grieves for the lost of this wonderful young man.


Sounds to me like you are both just plain nuts!


I would get a copy of the medical records, and see if a personal injury attorney can pursue the involuntary use of drugs or you can see if the person who ordered the drug wrote any evaluation of you. Holding you for 48-72 hours is one thing, but injections of substances that may have been something you could have been allergic to, and I assume they didnt inquire if you were on any other meds, which also might have had a worse effect.

Wait until you get the Ambulance bill. I had an allergic reaction to a medication, and I was driven 3 miles ( i live about 60 miles or so from you) and it cost $2500 since it was a drug related they automatically sent me as a 5150 I had my sig other ( at the time) call my own doctor. They need 2 medical opinions to release. Only one doctor was on at a time, I demanded they release me upon both Dr saying it wasnt an overdose , it was a reaction.

I have no memory of what took place. But I was placed into a room with a bed with disgusting dirty , and I mean REALLY dirty sheets.. yuck. At least I was in a room, there were like 12 people sitting in chairs and noise etc.

That was the most traumatic thing ever. They do treat you like you are a piece of Anyway the $2500 was for 3 miles, then the 12 miles to the county hospital was another $2500. I was unemployed and have financial abuse that has left me with nothing, and no welfare available. The only things on my credit report are now collections for the ambulance and the ER and the labs etc.

Its ridiculous.

$5000 I was unconscious , but stable, I was not in any life threatening situation once the first hospital saw what the meds were and they were perscribed. I could have had my ex drive me to the county hospital if i would have know the ride would be $2500 more...

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