Sherry M Zyf

I was lied to and they refused keep their word or return my money

I booked a 7 day art workshop with this company. At the airport to check my bag, I was told my flight was cancelled due to weather. I could not get a flight out for 2 or more days, making me 3 or more days late for the workshop. While still at the airport I called the workshop and they suggested I reschedule and come to a fall workshop, no problem. I said "great!". When I emailed them a couple of days later to book a different workshop, I got a curt email response saying I could not transfer my reservation due to the short notice. The only reason I could not be there as scheduled was due to weather, outside of my control. And I still would have gone if they had not suggested I wait until fall. I wrote again asking for a refund or new slot, but have gotten no response. There is absolutely nothing on their website or booking form about refunds or cancellations at all. I feel I was deliberatly misled and cheated so they could keep my money.
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  • Deliberately misleading to customers

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Do not give them your money unless you are on their front porch.