Once they get your money, they dont care anymore

Bought a home from Pacific Communities in Lancaster. I bought in Phase 5. House was in framing stage when I bought it over 6 months ago. They kept promising us we would be in before Christmas. We ordered furniture, refrigerator, scheduled a painter, scheduled movers all on what they kept telling us. We would go to the house almost every other day and to see the progress... then I would go to the sales office and ask why there is NO progress. We would get the same answer. "don't worry, construction says we are on schedule. Now with 1 week until they told us we would close on the house I get an email from them saying, "sorry, but the flooring contractor says they will start the flooring in two weeks and we are trying to get the landscaping done." "it looks like maybe Dec 30th". UGGGGGGG!!!!!!! So now I have to tell my kids we will not be in the new house before Christmas. All thru the building of our house and the phase before ours they keep telling us about how much trouble they are having with their SubContractors. The phase before us was over 3 months late. 3 months!!!! We talked to some of the owners in that phase and they tell us that the builder kept blaming the city and Edison. But if you looked at the progress of the building of the houses, No concrete, no landscaping, and the interiors of the houses were not finished. So how can you blame the city for that?????? Well in my opinion it looks like their subs run the job, and do what they want and when they want. I can say that because I use to run multi million dollar construction projects and I know how to handle subs. Pacific Communities does not. I understand having delays, but they do nothing to make that time up. We go out to the house around 3:30 - 4:00 and the place looks like a ghost town. No work being done. Well if your that far behind schedule that keep workers there, pay the OT for them and make up some time. NOT PACIFIC COMMUNITIES. They don't care. Oh well, I guess as long as they are in their homes having a nice Christmas with their families that is all that really matters. UPDATE: Moved in, not in Dec but beginning of Jan. During our walk thru the house looked like ***!!! They kind of sorta cleaned. But we looked past that. We had write ups. (ie: windows don’t close or open right, a recessed light was missing, tile grout all over the floor, doors rubbing, etc…) They send their customer service guy over to take care of some little things. Then he tells us we need to call the contractors/manufactures to get the other stuff fixed. So we need to do their job. So we are in the house for a month and a half, and the drywall ceiling is cracking at a lot of the seams. We wrote it up. They sent 2 guys over and tell my wife that they are not fixing it. That standards say anything under 3/32” is acceptable. They also told her that since we repainted the interior with a paint with a sheen that is why we can see the cracks. What BS!!!!! If I had to do it all over again, NO, I would not buy from Pacific Community Builders. UPDATE, UPDATE: I Submitted a service request to get our microwave fixed. the onsite customer service guy tells us we need to contact General Electric and schedule them ourselves. We did. See the time frame and comments below. > End of Feb I put a service request in to have our microwave looked at. > (making weird noise and not heating consistently) Customer service guy > Santiago told us to call GE and schedule. (In the few houses that I > have owned I have never had to call the vender or sub-contractor to > get things fixed. But....) > 3/6 - GE comes out and fixes the noise problem. The second problem he said the microwave was damaged during installation and that might be the cause of the heating problem. He said it was not GE's to fix due to the fact it was installed by others. > I told Santiago this and he said it was theirs and I needed to call them back to get it fixed. So I did. > 3/14 - GE came back out and said the same thing. Not theirs to fix or replace. I relayed that info to Santiago. He said he would look into it. > 3/17 - I asked if there was any progress. Santiago says he is working on it > 3/22 - Santiago scheduled GE to come out on this day. They showed up with the thought that they are installing a new microwave provided by Pacific Communities. And of course Pacific Communities did not provide a new one. They left without doing anything. Again I relayed this info to Santiago. > 4/6 - I asked about the status on the microwave > 4/8 - Santiago tells me that I need to call GE. I referred him to previous text messages and reminded him that GE has come out and they say it is not theirs. > 4/8 - Santiago replies to me saying he came out and checked it and it is fine. I told him it is not fine and needs to be fixed. If it was fine, why would I be pushing this issue. He told me to call GE again. > 4/11 - Santiago asked for the model and serial numbers for the microwave. > 4/17 - Santiago tells us that GE is scheduled for the 19th. I asked what will they be doing? Are they going to replace it? He response: "I don't know, I just emailed them the information and your concerns" My response was , "wow" > 4/19 - GE came back out again and said the same exact thing. Microwave damaged during installation and it is not theirs to replace or to fix. I relayed this to Santiago and have not heard back from him since. Almost 3 weeks ago!!!! I emailed the Vice President of Sales and was referred back to the onsite personnel. still not resolved. They just don't care. Once they get your money you are nothing to them. Take a look at the crack in the drywall ceiling. Industry standards they tell us. Oh, here is another "great" issue with them: . Last Friday I had a friend over to my home and since my home is on a dead end there is not much room for parking on the street. He parked in the driveway next door to me because there was an "available" sign in the window so he knew no one lived there. He needed to get something out of his car and as he was coming back into my home he heard a man yelling at him. It was the Assistant Superintendent, Stewart. Instead of Stewart asking nicely for my friend to move his car, he started yelling that you don't own that house and you cant park there so move it or I will have it towed. I heard the yelling and came out. Stewart came right up to me and started yelling at me that I took down the caution tape they put up at the driveways. I tried to explain to him that the wind is breaking the tape and he called me a liar and said he had photo proof it was me. I asked him to show me the pics and he said he did not have to show me anything. As he was walking away he called his boss and started saying that we were yelling at him. I asked to talk to the person on the phone and he told me no and if I keep taking down the caution tape I would pay the price. Nice huh? that is how Pacific Communities Builders' treat the homeowners.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Tucson, Arizona

Short Review on August&nbs-04:00;13,&nbs-04:00;2016

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The park we were promised in 2007 is still not built. Model homes are now 9 years old! What is wrong with this dysfunctional builder!?
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map-marker Palmdale, California

Pacific Communities Builder - Home Construction Review from Palmdale, California

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The home I live in was built so cheap. All the walls through out the house are thin. You have to be very careful not bump the walls because you can easily put *** in them. The cabinets are cheap. And the color on the cabinets is coming off and turning white. When it gets wind gets high the doors rattle and the house sounds like it's going to fall apart. I give this builder an F grade for building and designing homes.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality
Sandra B Spx
map-marker Los Angeles, California

Built a house that cannot be lived in.

PACIFIC COMMUNITIES BUILDERS builds shoddy houses. Our house has mold, the two floors aren't tied together, our windows leak, our doors leak water and air, our dual pane windows have dirt in between the panes, garage floor consistently has water on it,our classaction lawsuit got us $6900. and our repairs are $133k. This builder does not care how he hurts people, obviously our attorney didn't either. Out of 111 homes the original lawsuit had over 70 homes when it finally settled only 39 were left. Out attorney totally screwed us and so did the builder. Thanks alot
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This is in response to Countrylvr,

You too. So many problems with my house. Faulty plumbing throughout the house. First thing to go was the faucet in the bathtub of the master bath. I went to take a shower for work one morning and couldn't turn on the faucet. It would not budge, so I began using the hall bathroom. My house was only seven years old at that time. Since then the valves for the underground sprinkler system went bad, so my front lawn is dead. The kitchen sink began backing up and I hardly ever cook. The in-sink garbage disposal stopped working and then the toilet in the master bath developed a leak, not a drip-drip, but *** water like a waterfall. It flooded half the house and mold grew. by the way, I hadn't used that toilet since I began using the hall bath to shower. All that occurred before the house was even 10 years old. And I had the same builder as you.

Many other problems with the construction too.

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