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Poor customer service

Ozitech was advertised on tv. I called them for a knife sharpener and they were having 2 for one sale. However when you get on the automatd order phone they have, they try to sell you every product imaginable and if you reply "no" to the automated service, it actually comes back to argue with you to get you to change your mind and goes over the enire product they are additionally trying to sell you. After 10 minutes on the line with this annoying "sales pitch" I hung up and tried to call back to cancel entire order. It only had access to ordering on this line. I found them by internet, sent in a request to cancel and was told what information to email back. I did so, but 7 days later received an email saying the sharpeners had been shipped. I called them and they are insisting I pay for shipping back these products I have already cancelled!!
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phillip l Jsn
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I ordered one on the 20th of November. It is now the 2nd of December. I sent an e-mail to their custormer service site and no answer. I have no answer, no product and they have my 45 bucks. This is intolerable. As a society we have lost our sovereignty, all of the customer service for most companies is done in India and you can not understand anything they say. Please help fight this and cancel all of your accounts that you have with any company that has customer service in India. The only way that we as consumers can win, is to fight with our pocket books!
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Because you said to, I have canceled all accounts with companies with customer service based in India. I've noticed an immediate improvement in my sovereignty, and customer service in general. Thanks for the great suggestion!