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They Are Scams.. Just a little warning

I am an ex OwnerWiz employee and I am going to give you the run down on how everything really works before you waste your MONEY!!! So, First I am just going tell you their process... First Step: Most clients call in bc they may have either received email or saw posting on Craigslist. So, we are suppose to pitch them from there. Script: We are a Rent2Own program that help people with credit issues get into a home. You may have been turned down by a bank or cant qualify for a morgage. So, we allow you to live in the home and work on your credit at the same time.. (NIce Script. Isnt it!!! lol). Once we get the spill out the way then we will ask follow up questions. There main question is, How much money do you have set to the side for moving into the home? (Dont answer it, its a trap!!! ) So, we would tell you that you definently qualify bc you have steady income and as long as you would be willing to work on your credit then you will be fine. There main focus in this step is strictly trying to get you in some type of credit program. Either Lexington Law or Leading Edge Financial LEF!) Once they have gotten you set up in Credit Repair or Credit management ( If you tell them at the beginning that you have no money set to the side for moving into the home.. Then they will send you to Lexington Law and if you do have money set to the side then thats when the will pitch you credit management with Leading Edge Financial( Which in my opinion really works!!! The Credit managment) They Will tell you that they cant work with you until you are in one of the two.. Which is a lie... Both are approximately 100.00 a month and you have to be in Credit managment the full lease and the Call center Manager Kere Green will tell you that He will budget in the credit management so it will even out at the end.. LIE!!! and They Will tell you that Credit management is apart of your lease terms.. Another Lie !!! This homeowner Know nothing about Ownerwiz!!! Second Step: Once you are signed up with Credit management then they will move on to getting you Registered to a premium customer. (honestly, i dont see anything premium about it ) This is 109.95. And this is just for you to build your profile so you can create a home resume. Something that you basically can do on your own if you are computer literate and know how to create a resume. So, why pay for someone else to do it for you. They will tell you that their Company Name is attached to the resume which means nothing, bc like i said earlier The homeowners dont know anything about OWNERWIZ!!.. They also will tell you that this is a One time Fee and you will not have to pay anything else(Another Lie) Third Step: Once they have got you into credit management and and signed you up for the Home Resume.. Then this is where they get down to the Shady things. This is when you actually get into the Rent to Own Program. Will ask you some follow up questions. Like, How many bedrooms you want and What type of home would you like?? Not that they really care, they are working up to pitching RTO.. Now, there are 3 packages for RTO. (i will give you the approximate amount of the packages bc i dont know the exact number. ) {3-4 houses= $995.00, 6-7 houses=1500.00, 10 houses= $2000.00 } Now these are the different packages for being in the program. This doesn't go towards the home or moving into the home.. Bc, Kere( the manager ) will tell you that this is to get into the program and that this goes towards the moving in expenses of the home.. (LIES!!!!!) Then, They will tell you that you will be assigned to a liason that will be helping you throughout the process and will handle everyhing as far as getting into the home.. Do not believe this People!!!! They have one person that call the homeowners and just ask them maybe three questions.. (1. do you own the home at _______? 2) would you be willing to do a rent to own lease ? 3) Can we give the person your number so that they can set up a time to view the home.. When you go view the homes. These homeowners no nothing about you. All they know is that you want to Rent2Own their home?? === I started out as just a Registration Agent. I would get customers into some type of credit repair or management and register for HR.. Then my job changed from that to Doing everything.. (Rto and all). Before, I started doing everything. I actually thought that this was something that actually helped customers. NOw that I really Know how they do things I dont want any parts of it.. It was a very sweet lady that signed up in the program and she had to have been every bit of 60 or 70 years old and she wanted to to be in a home by February 01. 2014. She went through all the steps. Signed up with credit management, Registered to be a premium customer, and sold her an RTO as well.. She, paid her money for RTO and thinking she was about to be in a home soon. So, her "so call Liason" would send her homes and she did not want it and it wasnt up to her standards. So, the person that handles RTO told her that they have been more than courteous. They sent her four homes and thats what commitment states is that they will give you four homes and thats it.. Long story short this lady is out of 995.00 and still is not in a home... its not right at all and this broke my heart. bc, yes she did pay for 4 homes but it should still be something that she wants. I feel like that anyone that can stay and work in that place knowing everything that goes on and how they scam people, they have know heart and they are going straight to ***.. Another thing that you guys need to watch out for is when you go online and try and register with a free 3 day trial. The terms and conditions states that after 3 days you will be charged $39.00 which is not OwnerWiz's fault bc people should read things before they agree to it and it states that it will charge you after 3 days. But, what it doesnt say is they wil charge your card right away and then when you call in to want to cancel it. They will get you over to The manager and he will not answer the phone to maybe a week or 2 later and then its to late to cancel your subscription.. Im not upset with the company or anything. The owners are very sweet and I like them. But, right is right and wrong is wrong and I can not sit up and continue to let them do these things to innocent people and not say anything.. its Wrong!!! So, if you are looking to be apart of Ownerwiz you better have 99.00 for credit management(monthly). 109.00 for Home resume, and 900.00, 1500, 2000 for RTO and then the outcome is not being in a home.. And, i promise this is not a get back thing that i am doing.. I just feel like people should know what they are walking into. And, when people call in about the bad reviews on the site... The manager like to tell people CocaCola have bad reviews. Yea, but i can gurantee you Coca Cola is not doing what you all or doing. I'm just telling you what I know... So, its up to you know to go forth with the program. !!! if i were you, i would leave it alone!!!!
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Thank you sir!


i am an ex employee as well and the owners know EXACTLY what they are doing. Sweet my *** They are the WORST ppl ever and they will pay reap what they sow.

And the Manager Kere G., he changes his name when he answers the phone so you don't know it's him.

He is going straight to *** cause he was the main one lying to people, stealing commissions from the staff and then would walk around the office bragging about how he got money from someone and would laugh at their situation.


Thank you for your help anything that seems to good to be true always Isnt


True story


screw ownerwiz and credit repair lexington law all you need is the credit management leading edge, they will get your credit in a position to where you can get a home anywhere, 99.95 a month cancel anytime, that is all anyone needs to get a home

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christine n Dws
map-marker Tampa, Florida

Ownerwiz gotmeto believe they would help me get a house

ownerwiz told me they could help me rent to own a house they say on website dont pay till in your home set you up with investers to buy the house you want then they get you to pay 39.95 a month cause this will make the prosses faster I paid 329.00 alltogether and wasnt shown one single house And was double charged 4 times I kept complaining but no results or change in bieng shown any houses I wrote bbb and ownerwiz lied and said I only payed 80.00 but i have proff from my bank
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Christine thank you so much for posting this comment. I was considering using Ownerwiz but like 'Concerned' I was seeing a few redflags and decided to dig a little and luckily came across your comment. Christine did you ever find a reputable site to browse rent to own properties?


I thought about using ownerwiz to help with the process of home ownership now that I have credit issues. I've realized so many red flags that convinced me using their services would be a bad idea.

The first thing they tried to get me to do is purchase copies of my credit report and pay for credit monitoring services for $100 a month, even though their website states they won't collect any money until you get into a house. Before I made a decision, I decided to search the web of success stories or complaints and I found a few complaints and no stories of success.

I did see them on the BBB website as NOT being affiliated with them and yet the ownerwiz site clearly posts being affiliated with the BBB. NOT Good!!

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so who did u use to get a home


ownerWiz is scam and fraud, hands down! Sorry this happened to you.

How come they are lawfully able to continue scamming? Someone should investigate them, seriously.

They need auditing. bet funds are laundered overseas.

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