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We cannot find anyone to talk to about returning an item. It was the wrong size, but the quality was excellent. I think the company is overwhelmed and needs to either get smaller or solve some of their pressing concerns. We would love to have a call back.
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User's recommendation: Difficult to order, quality is excellent, but we are having difficulty in returning an item. We wish them the very best. Business is difficult.

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Art for Your Home Not Museums

Mar 7, 2022

Art at home can add a special touch to interior design. In this video interview with Leonid Afremov Studio, we talk about art and the world-known artist, Leonid Afremov. Learn more about the unique technique that makes his paintings so special and how the studio is still in business.

David Afremov
David Afremov

David Afremov is a co-founder of Leonid Afremov Studio, where you can order original oil paintings, canvas, and giclee from the world-renowned artist Leonid Afremov.