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John Debrigida is now operating as JD Contracting/JD Family Contracting. DO NOT USE this man. He scammed me so I went to the police and was very fortunate that I got my money back, but my neighbor is out a ton of money. Always check before you sign on the dotted line. I truly feel sorry for his children
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Updated by user Mar 17, 2011

BEWARE OF JOHN DEBRIGIDA/OUTDOOR DREAM SPACES/ DREAM SCAPES Mr. John Debrigida lost his house in hereford pa (jade lane)through foreclosure.

He is now operating as DREAM SCAPES according to one of the comments below.


Original review Sep 25, 2010
I hired Outdoor dream spaces (owner John Debrigida of Hereford/ East Greenville, Pa) in Novembert 2009 to build my deck. I gave him a $2500 deposit and another $3000 a month later to purchase the material for my deck. This contructor only did the footers and even pretended I have a scheduled appointment with the township. I called LTL consultants and upper hanover township b/c at this time I stopped trusting him and he constantly coming up with excuses even informing me that his wife passed away, which I later found not to be true. I took him to court and won $8186 judgement against him by default b/c he was not man enough to face me in court, especially after finding out that township officials will be at the hearing. I filed a complaint against him to the Attorney General's office and to BBB. Mr. Debrigida and his business has a rating of F at BBB's website and he never replied to any complaints. He had numerous cases in the passed, which includes writing checks with no suffient fund and writing checks from a closed account. He also took another homeowner's deposit and did not pay voluntarily until the sheriff was called to employ order of execution on his property. It's a shame that this is how this contructor provides for his three ripping people off. Do not do business with Mr. John Debrigida despite his competitive quotes. He will keep telling you things that's never going to happen. This guy is not a contructor but a ***-artist. He has more complaints at and at
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He is the coach of the Royersford Rattlers baseball team in which he states he owns. I also heard he coaches a little league team in Conshohocken.

He is back in business as JD contracting so if you know any supply houses please inform them of his past not paying for materials he received. Also he is always at the boathouse on Wednesdays in Conshohocken.


He is a total piece of *** We still have not received restitution after all these years. Why is he not in prison?

He is a career criminal and will never change.

I will be going to the court house and filing the necessary forms to have him arrested. If anyone has an address or phone number we would greatly appreciate it.

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He now operates as jd construction. He lives in East Greenville.

He has a facebook account for his business. He has an office somewhere in East Greenville.


he lives at 137 sutcliff ln conshohocken pa 19428


The point of my last post was not to blame anyone for john's actions, the post was in response to 900 decker lane's attempt to "shut me up". NO ONE is to blame for john's action but himself.

AND no one ever said that the people who he stole from were not victims. If you look back in the thread I said unless he ripped you off, the ONLY PEOPLE THAT SHOULD BE POSTING ARE THE PEOPLE HE STOLE FROM. no one cares about anyone else's opinions. The victims are the real people hurt by him, but his family becomes part of the casualties as well.

My point was to maybe take into consideration that his family is suffering and has been irriversably broken by his criminal and selfish actions.

P.s. ur right, everyone was fooled by him, including his family.

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You must be crazy to think that only people that should be posting are the people he stole from. I guess victims' family should not be posting here as well because your criminal brother did not steal their money.

If that is the case, then why do you keep posting here. You are just his sister and you did not steal their money. Maybe you should not be posting here as well. People will not look him up online if he did not do anything to them or did not know anybody who were victimized by your criminal brother.

People are entitled to their opinions just like you posting your opinions here. You are a hypocrite for criticizing people for the same thing you are doing. For victims of John Debrigida and for his future victims, please do not hesitate to contact your District Attorney's Office. The point is this: John Debrigida is a criminal, you now have a brother who is a criminal, and his mug shot will always be online for everyone to view.

The word "selfish" to describe John Pasquale Debrigida is an understatement. His greed got the best of him not his selfishness.

He is a scambug. Nice to hear he spent five days in jail just before Christmas.

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Do you speak with your brother? If so, could you please ask him to call me as, apparently, I was foolish enough to give him a down payment on a siding job and now he will not return any of my calls or emails.

I am sorry that I was unaware of John's past and only wish he would stand behind his commitment. This is a very disappointing circumstances.

Any help would be appreciated before I pursue any legal matter. Thanks Buck

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Sounds familiar. I was a victim myself.

This guy lives in East Greenville (main street).

You can find his address on Montgomery County's website. Good luck.


I don't think you should blame 900 Decker Lane. It is your own brother who tarnished the name your parents and grandparents worked hard to be proud of.

Stopped blaming the victims of John Debrigida because if he did not victimized those people then they have nothing to write about him. If you blame the victims, then why not blame the reporters who posted the articles online. Better yet why don't you blame the websites that posted his mugshots online or the district attorney who prosecuted him. 900 Decker Lane did not say in his thread that John's family (parents/grandparents, etc) knows what he was doing.

His post was based on facts. It's funny how you acted like you knew everything on your post dated on April 08, 2011. As you stated, you had to comment b/c of the ridiculousness of this entire thread. I guessed its not ridiculous anymore once you found out the truth.

Criminal was right, you were either *** or completely fooled by your brother John. It seems to me you are very selfish individual and only thinking about the name of your family. Did you ever think of the family of his victims? Did you ever think how John's actions affected their family financially and how their hard earned money was stolen from them b/c of Scam bug like John who wants quick and easy money.

It's just a matter of time before he does it again because it's his NATURE. Next time he will be spending more time in jail. Under first amendment people not only have the right for freedom of speech but we also have the right to be anonymous. Just because someone wants to be anonymous does not mean what they are saying are lies.

How do we know your real name is really Melissa Debrigida? As you can see the nickname on this post is also Melissa Debrigida but it is not written by you. Hope you get the point. You can say whatever you want.

Nobody is telling you to shut up.

You can say whatever it is you want to say b/c its your right but the point is everything that 900 decker lane said is the truth and nothing but the truth and the news article is consistant with what the original author said. Blame your brother John for ruining your family's name and stopped pointing the finger on 900 Decker Lane b/c the article and John's mugshot is all over the web even before he/she wrote his/her post.


Not sure who 900 Decker lane is, and not sure why they can't post with their real name if they really believe in what they stand for. Let me get something straight here...

NO ONE in my family knew what was going on and certainly didn't think what he did was okay. My point was that by blasting his name all over the Internet didn't hurt him, it hurt his family who are hard working good people. It tarnished a name that my parents and grand parents worked hard to be proud of.

So if 900 Decker lane wants to shut me up... BRING IT!!!

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